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  1. torinouk

    good bye Wheeler dealers says Ed china!!!

    I used to like the early shows of Wheeler Dealers when they seemed to show more of the mechanical side of things, and were on small budgets. Lost its charm when they moved to the States.
  2. torinouk

    MGBD Parts & Services

    I've used Mark Gray and Wins and found them to be both very helpful and quick. I wouldn't use the other one again as they sent me some incomplete, sub standard parts and never got back to my emails.
  3. torinouk

    Asking for photos & a few questions - comparison of 14" and 15" rostyles (+alternatives)

    My 2000 has 15in P5 Rostyles. Tyres are 195/60/15 and fitted fine without any modification.
  4. torinouk

    greetings from Sedona, AZ

    Fantastic pictures Steve, lovely looking car. I visited Sedona a few years back and loved the stunning rocky landscapes.
  5. torinouk

    2000 Drivetrain noises

    Just an update... I replaced the rubber mount. The old one was rather worn and mushy. However this wasn't the source of the noise. I later discovered a worn halfshaft UJ. One of the prongs on the spider had lost all it's needle bearings! Got a new UJ from Wins and all good now.
  6. torinouk

    2000 Drivetrain noises

    Thanks guys, I've just ordered a new mount so hopefully that will cure the nasty noises!
  7. torinouk

    2000 Drivetrain noises

    My 73 2000 has developed some nasty noises which I beleive are coming from somewhere along the drivetrain. It's fine when idling and at speed but seems to occur when taking up drive. I was thinking it could be propshaft or UJs, but first thought I'd get some opinions here on the flexible rubber...
  8. torinouk

    Sad News

    That is sad news, I never met him but have read many of his posts here. He came across as a real enthusiast and will be missed.
  9. torinouk

    Carb Question?

    I've noticed a slight bit of hesitation on my 2000sc engine the last couple of days, so I thought I would check the carb dashpot to see if it needs topping up. I unscrewed the cap to find it empty! I use the car daily and had only topped it up about 3 weeks ago. I know these do need to be...
  10. torinouk

    Sweeney Tribute Video

    I like Ray Winstone, but that Sweeney film he did was crap.
  11. torinouk

    Does Anyone Know What This Is?

    Yep a Fiat 130 coupe. I remember seeing it in The Sweeney... the episode is called 'Trojan Bus' with Patrick Mower and George Layton playing the Australian art theives.
  12. torinouk

    TC on Wires

    Just noticed this on ebay. Series One 1967 P6 Rover 2000 TC Looks tidy and the wire wheels set it off well.
  13. torinouk

    looking for a car i used to own

    I like your 90's photo, it was about that time that I bought my first P6. Interesting to see that your old car was in 'Anna Lee'. Will have to look out for it if it gets repeated again. I love watching old tv shows and looking at the cars. I wonder if anyone here has a P6 that was in 'The Sweeney'.
  14. torinouk

    Engine Side Plates

    Yes I think your wise to fit a new one. My old ones looked sound enough but I didn't want to have to do the job again in the near future. It's a right pain removing and refitting some of those small bolts!
  15. torinouk

    If you didn't have a Rover . . . ?

    My Rover 2000 is my daily which I love driving, but I'm also a big fan of Yank Muscle cars and own this 1973 Camaro Z28. Quite fancy a white Dodge Challenger like the one in 'Vanishing Point'
  16. torinouk

    Engine Side Plates

    I wouldn't bother repairing that side plate. You can still buy new ones. I bought an off side one from Geoff at Wins a couple of years ago and it fits fine with no problems. Recently bought and fitted a near side one from him and again all looks good.
  17. torinouk

    Loss of Power Under Load

    Yes I second checking the valve clearances. When you've got them set up right you'll certainly notice the difference. Make sure you check them when the engine is stone cold.
  18. torinouk

    Blue '73 2000

    Thanks Harvey, I'll leave them be then. :)
  19. torinouk

    Blue '73 2000

    It's been a while since I posted anything here so here's the latest... About 2 months ago the Rover's Head Gasket blew and just prior to that wasn't running all that well. So I ordered a new Head Gasket set and set about removing the head. On removal I noticed that the waterways of the head had...
  20. torinouk

    California Rover 2000TC

    I was watching an old episode of 'The Incredible Hulk' earlier and look what was in a traffic jam!!
  21. torinouk

    Petrol sign

    Nice picture. I can remember my Dad filling up at the National Garages back in the 70s. I think it was the National Garages that gave away free Smurfs when you filled up! :D
  22. torinouk

    Only for the brave!

    Love those whitewall tyres! :lol:
  23. torinouk

    Convertible P6

    Yes the doors were standard length and it had different front seats. I believe the prototype made in the 60's had the B pillars positioned further back to accommodate longer doors. I should imagine a lot of work would be involved to recreate that.
  24. torinouk

    Convertible P6

    I went to a Classic Car Show at The Raystede Animal Centre, East Sussex today. Although the weather wasn't great there were some interesting cars that turned up, including a Convertible P6! This nice 3500 was also there. :)