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  1. rafrover

    Help in replacing gearbox mount

    Hi guys...after 6 months of very happy motoring with my P6 I had to send it to WoF yesterday and it failed due to worn out gearbox mount. I have ordered on from Scott Old Rubber in OZ but wondering if I can take on this project. Firstly is it hard? And secondly where is this mount? Are there two...
  2. rafrover

    Reduction in RPM while idling

    Hi guys, another weird symptom has came up. Engine will stall after driving for 20mins or so while idling. As you can imagine it's not quite ideal as it happens at traffic light stops and other junctions and it is dangerous. It cruises well and drives well but after a while and I think at a...
  3. rafrover

    Radio help part deux

    Anyone has taken the radio out? Cant seem to find much info on it. And anyone tried to install Aux or 3.5mm jack to play mp3 players?
  4. rafrover

    Radio help

    Any has any idea why I cant seem to insert the volume knob back on? It just does not have enough grip to turn on the radio. Thx u.
  5. rafrover

    New tacho & correct RPM

    Hi guys, very pleased with myself...being a complete novice I managed to swap out my Smith tacho which is no longer working with a brand called Veethree. Don't know if it's any good but it's what I can get from local auction site, Trademe. After reading from this forum and joining the 2 white...
  6. rafrover

    Just cant get enough

  7. rafrover

    Fuse box

    Hi guys from the time i got the car, the fuse box was somerhing I never paid attention to. That is until the lights started to play tricks on me and Al helped to sort it out. I then got very interested in the job of the fuse box and read the Haynes manual. There are 4 fuses, 35, 35, 15 and 2amp...
  8. rafrover

    Replacing shocks on V8

    Hi guys...been doing some googling for a replacement shocks for 1970 V8 but they seem elusive. I need to replace all four and with something not too expensive and reliable. Any links appreciated.
  9. rafrover

    Fuel gauge not moving

    Probably been asked before but can't find exact symptom. Based on Hanes manual, only thing I can do is to check the fuel sender wires which I did and both are attached. Tried to clean the fuse 3/4 both the top and the bottom cables but still nothing. What else can I do? It was working well...
  10. rafrover

    She's back and thank you...

    She's had several issues over the past months...stuff that were mostly beyond me. Sent her to Al last week and today I picked her up. She's all good to go. Al even gave her the 2 badges she had been without for years. She is running all so smoothly now with fuel tank all cleaned up, reserve tap...
  11. rafrover

    Best spark plug & leads for V8

    For some reason, I am obsessed with spark plug leads. What would be the best leads for our V8? Pertronix or MSD or Bosch? Any online links for me to buy? Also, what spark plugs are right for 1970 V8? Does all plugs fit the same for every engine or not? I just changed the ignition lead to...
  12. rafrover

    Strange signal lights

    Something's strange is happening...when i turned the signal to the left, my fog light flashes. All wiring looks in order. But when I pull or yank the 3 wires out a little bit towards the water wiper bottle, red, green and black only then the signal light, at the bottom, flashes. Any idea why?
  13. rafrover

    Ignition light going off and on while driving

    Happened yesterday where the ignition light came on and off while I was on the motorway driving at maybe 80km/h. It did this for less then a minute. Can't seem to find someone else having this issue so that I can learn from it but posting it up here for any thoughts.
  14. rafrover

    Fuel gauge and speedo cable

    Hi guys..a couple of issues to get sorted. I have had the BW35 reconditioned. However my speedor and trip meter does not work. I had tried to loosen the cable at the gearbox but not sure if I have to loosen is alot of if I am doing it correctly. The other issue is the fuel gauge shows slightly...
  15. rafrover

    Heater hoses - where to find

    Anothe painful part of the project. Can't find the exact size and bent. Any alternative to recommend and better if they are available in NZ.
  16. rafrover

    Leaking fuel line

    Totally lost as to what I can do to fix this problem. I have a bypass line from the fuel tank to an electrical pump that feeds to the carbs. The car is driving and all is good. The new line replaced the yellow/red line which I presume is the reserve line. The reserve line is just hanging from...
  17. rafrover

    Starter motor not working

    Hi guys, hoping to get some help on where I can source the armature and field coil for he 1970 3500 p6. I have stripped it down with the help of my mate and replaced the solenoid but we just can't seem to get the car started. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  18. rafrover

    1970 V8 - Alive but limping for now...

    It was one of those nights...with eyes glued on the phone browsing for a partner on a local dating site, TradeMe. I've put bids on potential partners many a times but never won one. And then I saw this: I put a bid and went to bed. 3 days later, I am proud owner of a 1970 Rover P6. I was...
  19. rafrover

    No power to the engine. Could it be the carbs?

    Hi guys, good to see such an active forum. I just bought a 1970 Auto with a very interesting history. It was owned by a British diplomat in Singapore in the 70s before it was shipped back to UK. It has had anti rust work on it and re-leather and respray done in 2000. It was then shipped to NZ...