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  1. Tom W

    2 x 6 Cylinder Rover 100 Engines going begging in Essex

    Have you tried listing them on Land Rover Series 6 cylinder Facebook groups? The P4 engine and Land Rover engines are very similar. Some of the P4 engines, those with twin carbs, or the Weslake heads offer a useful upgrade over the Land Rover originals. I’ve posted the link to the one I’m in.
  2. Tom W

    2200tc rough idling when hot

    That’s a good point. We’ve just switched to E10 for regular unleaded. I prefer to use super unleaded which has stayed at 5% ethanol, along with an additive, as I’m not sure how ethanol proof the original fuel system is. However on Friday, due to the current fuel shortage, I had to use regular...
  3. Tom W

    2200tc rough idling when hot

    Hi all, My 2200tc normally runs very well, both from cold and at operating temperature. However, if I get stuck in traffic on a warm day, the idle speed drops and becomes very lumpy. The temperature gauge doesn’t move much when it gets warm, it goes from just below half way where it normally...
  4. Tom W

    another new member!

    It must be one of the last Mexico brown cars. P reg was 1975-1976 I think, and Mexico was available until October 1975. There is a 3 month overlap assuming it was ordered and registered straight away, or maybe it sat around at the dealership before being registered. When was it registered? The...
  5. Tom W

    another new member!

    That looks nice, same year, colour and interior as mine. As a P reg, I expect it’s Brazilia brown, not Mexico brown.
  6. Tom W

    Heat always on

    Correct, the heater matrix is always connected. The temperature lever controls flaps that either direct air over matrix or bypass it depending on whether you want hot or cold air. The insulating strips on the flaps do fail, but the usual symptom of that is no heat, not heating always on. Maybe...
  7. Tom W

    Rover P6

    I have a 2200TC and I don’t find it underpowered. It’s plenty quick enough to use in any traffic. The only downside compared to the V8 is the engine note isn’t as charismatic. I’ve not tried a single carb car, or a 2 litre, but I can’t imagine they’re much slower.
  8. Tom W

    Road noise at front

    I’ve always thought the bulkhead road noise on my car was excessive. I’m convinced it’s tyres, as on the right tarmac it goes quiet. I’ve already replaced the wheel bearings with Timken and it made no difference.
  9. Tom W

    Bonnet release

    I’m a fan of Edd China’s stuff, but I did wonder what he was doing with that bonnet release. From what I remember, the latch mounts from beneath, so even if the bolts do come undone, then the you still can’t open the bonnet without separating the latch from the pin as the latch won’t pass...
  10. Tom W

    fluid loss

    Few years back now, but I had my original rear calipers re-sleeved and refurbished by Past Parts. Very good service.
  11. Tom W

    Oil in steering damper

    What’s the reason for the workshop manual saying the relay shouldn’t be dismantled? This video shows there’s nothing too complex inside, although maybe not a lot in there to replace either. Maybe they were just sealed for life for the lifespan Rover were interested in the cars? Like a modern...
  12. Tom W

    Seized clutch. Any long term damage?

    I had to use reverse. The storage is down a long thin drive, with the garage at the end and the car parked nose in.
  13. Tom W

    Seized clutch. Any long term damage?

    Thanks. I’m not sure the method of freeing it off is too kind, but it was needs must this time. I think a breaker bar on the crank pulley nut, whilst an assistant is standing on the brakes would be gentler.
  14. Tom W

    Seized clutch. Any long term damage?

    I came to use my P6 for the first time in about 6 months yesterday. The car hasn’t been started for about 4 months. Shameful I know, but storing the car away from home, winter, and lockdown restrictions all conspire. I was alarmed to find the clutch had seized. Fortunately I was able to free it...
  15. Tom W

    Interior colouring

    Be sure to thoroughly dry each layer before applying the next. I made this mistake (don’t own a hairdryer), and although it appeared dry, it’s not quite right. The other mistake I might have made was applying the coats slightly too thick. The finish looks good, but on warm days, the finish gets...
  16. Tom W

    1968 2000 TC Restoration Project

    This is inspirational work
  17. Tom W

    Steering relay

    Interesting to see what’s inside. My workshop manual suggests it is sealed for life, but it doesn’t look that complex.
  18. Tom W

    First start after rebuild

    Very thorough. How easy was it to get all the bits for the 4 cyl?
  19. Tom W

    Only 1500 revs

    Do you have a workshop manual? The procedure and dimensions are in there.
  20. Tom W

    Only 1500 revs

    When you skim the heads, you change the preload on the lifters. You need to check it’s still in tolerance, and if not, shim under the rocker pedestals to suit. If you’ve taken too much off, you may have valves that don’t seat at all.
  21. Tom W

    Servo parts

    It’s not hard to change, but as it’s the brakes you need to be competent and confident in what you’re doing. The bit your buying is most of the reaction valve. The only other bits to it are the metal back plate and the plastic plunger the diaphragm fits onto. I think the plunger is available as...
  22. Tom W

    Servo parts

    The spring and filter don’t appear as loose items on the exploded diagram as it’s not necessary to dismantle the reaction valve. If it goes wrong, you replace the whole thing, along with the diaphragm.
  23. Tom W

    Servo parts

    The filter is inside the cap you’re missing, as is the spring. It looks like the filter is included on that image. The spring should be included too. Don’t use any old spring, it’s weight is important to get the servo to operate correctly.
  24. Tom W

    Servo parts

    Yes, you’re missing the spring, and the cap and filter. You probably can’t get the missing bits on their own, but the whole thing is called the reaction valve, or servo air valve, and is available. I think the same one was also used on 60s Jaguars. It looks the same. That might give you some...
  25. Tom W

    Car transport

    They’re based in Northamptonshire, so maybe a bit out of your way. They do a good job though.