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  1. machman767

    Bent coppers TV programme

    Watched episode one last night and spotted this, looks like a very late car, anyone got any info?
  2. machman767


    My daughter finally sent me a photo of some coasters she was given by her ex boyfriends uncle, no other info on where they came from, anyone have any ideas? Mick
  3. machman767

    Warning light

    Hi, all, just moved the car out of the garage and noticed the warning light on the dashboard wasn’t lit. Hand brake was on (honest!:p) and there is plenty of fluid in the reservoir, any suggestions? Mick
  4. machman767

    New MOT rules query

    Hi, all, I've a query re the new rules. MOT expired on the 15th, tax is due 1st August, already registered as Historic, not had MOT done due to holidays. Am I ok to use it before I take it for test? Mick
  5. machman767

    Saturday meeting, Old Town Kissimmee Florida

    Hi, all, my wife and I are heading out to Florida on Saturday for our hols, just wondering if any of our US brethren ever take their cars to this weekly event, I haven’t yet had chance to look at a NADA model and our hotel is pretty close to Old Town, be good to meet up. Mick
  6. machman767

    Self levelling?

    Hi, all, a number of years ago I had a nice 827Si that had self levelling shocks on the rear suspension, the ride was sublime, is it possible to fit them onto the P6? Just curious..... Mick
  7. machman767


    Took Charlotte for her annual health check, passed with no advisories so very pleased. Anyone heading for either the Cleveleys (11 June), Burnley (25 June) or Preston (12 August) shows come and find me and say hello, need to get some mileage under her belt! Mick
  8. machman767

    Temperature query

    Hi, all, had a ride to the show today in Astley Park in Chorley, on the way home the temp gauge went right up to the top of the green section before settling back down. I replaced the rad and hoses before the gearbox was repaired and filled the coolent as per spec, could it be an airlock...
  9. machman767


    Hi, all, Has anyone got a pair of horns they can part with, I'd already taken one off (right side, from drivers seat) that was duff, now other ones packed up. Only got car back on Friday after gearbox rebuild!:mad: Thanks, Mick
  10. machman767

    Steering wheel removal

    Now I've got a functioning car again, I'm looking at moving the steering wheel, so it's "level" in the straight ahead position, right sides about 20 past, left 10 to. Loosened off the nut but no way does it seem to want to move, any suggestions? It's a PAS wheel. Ta, Mick
  11. machman767

    Radiator removal

    Hi, all, I'm trying to get my radiator off prior to exchanging it at Wadhams next week, managed to disconnect everything except the pipes for the transmission cooler, any helpful tips, advice? Cheers, Mick
  12. machman767

    Overrider bolts

    Hi, all, Looking to replace the rear overrides, can't seem to find the bolts, can anyone let me know the sizes, and where is best to get some from? Thanks in advance. Mick
  13. machman767

    Black Cloth seats with ET's

    Hi, all, I've a set of black cloth seats with ET's in good condition, fairly sure my car needs a new radiator so I'm looking for around £150 ono to cover that expense, will need to be collected from Preston. Slight issue with one of the mounting points for the armrest, see photo. Mick
  14. machman767

    Exhaust question

    Hi, all, Just wondering if a twin tailpipe system was ever developed for the V8, years ago my dad had a Vauxhall Ventora FD, looked good on cold mornings smoking from both pipes. Just wish the guy in the drivers seat hadn't smoked as much! Mick
  15. machman767


    Spending this week in Aberystwyth working, spotted this 3500S passing railway station on way to have some dinner tonight, looked and sounded very well. Anyone's on here? Mick
  16. machman767

    Auto box problem

    Hi, all, As it's been a nice day here in the north west decided to take Charlotte out for a run before tucking her up for the winter, all went well round Lytham and Blackpool until we turned onto the docks in Preston and we heard a screeching sound. Carried on with no problems until we reached...
  17. machman767

    Heater not blowing

    And now a new problem! For some reason I cannot get the heater to blow air into the car, the fan works as it should and the leavers move around correctly, the issue seems to be the main valve flap that stays resolutely closed. If I open it by hand, moving the linkage anti clockwise it works, can...
  18. machman767

    Boot seal

    Hi, all, just received a new on body boot seal from Wadhams, for some reason it's missing on mine, been cut where the strips are pop riveted in, any suggestions on how to approach fitting it, any top tips? Thanks in advance. Mick
  19. machman767

    Boot mount kit question

    Hi, all, latest question! I've just got the support bracket for the boot kit (thanks, Clive :)), had a look at it and there appears to be a couple of holes already drilled in the base unit, although not big enough, as per the photo, do they look about right positioning wise? For some reason...
  20. machman767

    YP Castle Howard 19 June

    Just got back from Castle Howard, good selection of classics but only two Rover, a red SD1 Vitesse and a very nice P5, where were the P6's? I know the club is on its Ireland trip but I thought a couple may have made the show. Didn't go in mine as I think it just needs a final fettle before I go...
  21. machman767

    Adhesive for boot trim

    Hi, all, due to pick car up today after its MOT, as a precaution I stripped all the rubber mats and carpets out of the boot, can anyone advise what adhesive to use to stick it back? Mick
  22. machman767

    Birthday cake

    Hi, all, today has been a somewhat landmark birthday for me, just been given a cake from my lovely wife. For once I was lost for words! Mick
  23. machman767

    Cleaning Ambla seats

    Now that the engine finally seems to be sorted, its time to turn my attention to cleaning the interior, as far as I'm aware its Ambla, although I'd have said leather. Can anybody suggest the best way to clean the seats and the door cards? Mick
  24. machman767

    Door lock swap?

    Afternoon, is it possible to swap the front door locks from side to side? Arthuy has very kindly supplied a key to fit the boot, petrol and passenger door so I would like to move the "odd" drivers lock to the other side. Ta, Mick
  25. machman767

    Backfiring & lack of revs

    Hi, all, I was hoping to spend the day trying to get MVD307P running some bit like, problem I'm having is she doesn't want to rev beyond 2000 - 2500 without backfiring and cutting out. When it last ran reasonably well I managed to get the timing bob on, any suggestions? And, if there is any one...