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    High/low compression engines.

    How can i tell if i have a high or low compression engine in my 1949 P3/75 rover. Derrick.Smith.
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    P3/75 air cleaner/silencer.

    I notice my air silencer looks clogged and grotty, how would i go about cleaning this monster. could i cut the end off and remove the inside clean and then replace the filter element and reattach the end. any advice would be appreciated.regards Derrick.Smith.
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    suspect SU fuel pump.

    Hello, i am back to annoy you good folks for expert information. my problem at the moment seems to be fuel starvation, the motor runs perfectly for many miles then it starts to splutter and comes good again. when doing some basic tests all seems ok. i will attach another pump that i have on a...
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    Iridium spark plugs.

    Will i gain any advantage by fitting this type of plug in my 1949 Rover P3/75 sedan, would they burn a bit hotter and eliminate this soot deposit that i am encountering at the moment. i have NGK BP5ES in the vehicle now and the car runs ok but they soot up rather quickly . so i regularly...
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    brake adjuster on front wheels on a P3.

    I need some advice on keeping the adjuster in place. when i adjust the front brakes, then go for a run the adjuster on the r/hand side reverts back to where it was before adjusting. it appears that the adjuster is part of the backing plate i doubt if there would be any of these in reasonable...
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    travel of master cylinder piston on a 1949 P3/75.

    Can any one guide me as to how much travel the piston should have in the cylinder after the little bit of free travel has expired and the pressure is applied from the brake pedal to the piston. any advice would be greatly appreciated. best regards Derrick.Smith.
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    bleed screw on front brake cylinder P3/75.

    Is it possible to use a different bleed screw on these cylinders. in the parts listing it shows the screw with a concave bottom/seat with a small steel ball, these two items seem to be hard to find. any advice would be greatly regards Derrick.Smith.
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    Removal of temperature gauge and tube.

    Here i am again looking for advice, on how to remove the temperature/oil pressure gauge and the length of tube from my P3/75. will i have to thread it out through the dash and into the cab. if so what are the obstacles to look out for. thanking all in anticipation.Derrick.Smith.
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    Temperature gauge tube.

    My temperature gauge has now ceased to work. is there some type of fluid in this tube and if this is the problem is it possible to get it rejuvenated. any suggestions thanks in anticipation Derrick.Smith.
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    indicator pilot light in dash.

    I need some expert advice on how to hook up the above light in the dash in front of the driver. i am thinking it will be connected straight on to the flasher can but what sequence. the idea of having the light is that i cannot hear the clicking to know if it is working or not. the P3 has not...
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    reversing lights.

    Did all P3/75`s come out with reversing lights. as mine has a switch on the gear box but there is no sign of any lights or wires going in either lights or switch`s direction. although it shows in the wiring circuit diagram. thanks again Derrick.Smith (deckell)
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    charging and mixture/choke warning lights.

    How do i remove these lights from the instrument panel as they have what looks like some type of spring holding setup behind holding them in place. i would also like some information on the wiring set up on these two lights to get them back in working order.the wiring behind these lights have...
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    bulb holder on P3 headlights.

    Can some one with knowledge on the above lights give me the heads up on where does the guide or rudder pin on the bulb holder fit into which slot on the back of the light reflector, as i would assume it will have a bearing on the light pattern thanking you in anticipation. Derrick.Smith...
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    Gear box to fit a rover P3/75

    Has any one fitted a toyota gear box to the above car. if so what type and how difficult would it be to do. any suggestions would be appreciated. Derrick.Smith (deckell)
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    original indicators on a rover 1949 P3/75 sedan.

    I would like some information on how to wire a toggle switch up, and what type to use to get these old wing type semaphores to work they will only be for demonstration purpose.i have indicators set up on the front and rear of the vehicle they are wired to the original semaphore stalk.( i think i...
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    scavenger tube/filter for 1949 P3.

    I am looking for above scavenger tube as mine is completely wrecked, if there is one available around the eastern seaboard i would be interested. please advise best regards Derrick.Smith.
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    Sump unit for oil level .

    Please can some learned person enlighten me how this unit works. i have just taken it out to clean and re gasket it has had a small leak, thanking you in anticipation. best regards Derrick.Smith.
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    free wheel adjustment on P3/75.

    Is there a simple and easy adjustment for the free wheel, i have been putting this operation off for a couple of years and now the time has come. thanks in anticipation and best regards.
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    tyres to fit 1949 rover P3/75.

    Can some learned person give me a heads up on what size 16inch tyres are being used on the above cars in your area`s , the rims are 5inch wide. i would prefer radials but all information would be appreciated.thanking you in anticipation.Derrick.Smith.
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    coil springs for P3/75 1949 sedan.

    Looking for more free advice, i am in the process of getting some new coils made i have all the measurement data out of the p3 workshop manual. i would like some guidance on a sensible height from the ground to the bottom edge of the guard. thanks in anticipation regards Derrick.Smith
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    three spoke like merc emblem in head lights.

    What is this three spoked arrangement in the head lights on the rover P3/75's purpose.regards deckell.
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    front coil springs.

    Can some learned person advise me if the P3 coil springs are the same as the early P4 springs. Derrick.Smith
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    new member

    i have just logged in as a new member to the forum. i have a 1949 P3/75 rover 6 light sedan, we both live in bundaberg the home of the famous rum. i have been known to ask some silly questions in the past so you will have to bear with me and excuse me for this.:) Derrick.Smith