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  1. J

    What is a reasonable life expectancy for a car battery?

    I just replaced mine. I had bought it in 2015. It was not holding a charge. Hotter environments tend to lower the lifespan of a battery.
  2. J

    Low Brake Fluid level switch.

    I replaced mine in 2006 or 2007. I used a synthetic cork out of a bottle of wine. It still seems to float. Open some wine and then used the cork to make a float. I cut mine a bit shorter. Then you can drink the wine. Do not drink the wine first.
  3. J

    Hi from QLD

    Where in South East Queensland are you? I went to a Nat Rover meet back in 2012 in Stanthorpe. It was a great event!
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    Remote coolant resevoir

    Look at the last entry of this thread. This is what I did for an expansion tank. Header /exspansion/ coolant collector tank?
  5. J

    Replacement de dion tube?

    I have seen pitting on the tube causing oil to migrate into the rubber boot, which then degrades. The solution is to use grease. The grease filled tubes had felt seals which are no longer available. You can get the oil seals still. I use Castrol rubber grease which will not eat rubber and this...
  6. J

    nidgebeaky Hi I am a new member with 2000TC with odd question?

    I have broken two of those. I now carry a spare one with me along with a spigot bush! Since I have a spare one with me it no longer breaks. So now I have added extra spare parts to the car on the basis that the more spares you carry the more reliable your car will be! The only parts you might...
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    Oil filter- just want to buy the right one!

    BT216 Baldwin, P554403 Donaldson, W940/24 Mann, Lube Filter | eBay Also I dissected a Fram filter a while back and posted it on here, plus compared to the Baldwin. I did not cut the Baldwin filter, but when I do an oil change I should and add to the following post. Oil Filter Dissection.
  8. J

    P6 2000 camshaft bearings replacement.

    I would make sure you have the camshaft locked in the EP position and follow the order for swapping out the bearing caps. For spacers I use oversized nuts. Take out one head bolt and heat to the hardware store and buy a box that fits over the head bolt. You will need two per head bolt. I have...
  9. J

    Borg Warner 35 (Made in Australia)

    I wonder, did the New Zealand assembled cars use Australian manufactured BW35s? It would have been an easy way to get up the Australian content and then get them in without tariffs! By 1975 all the UK assembled 3500’s would have been BW 65’s. However the NZ assembled ones may have been different.
  10. J

    De Deon Tube illustrated

    I have done it with wheels on ramps. I supported the elbows with a scissor jack, when the time came to put it back together.
  11. J

    2000 Head replacement

    I installed a 5 speed Toyota box in mine. I really like it over the 4 speed box. However it is pricey, hard to justify if your 4 speed box is still good. Mine was not good!
  12. J

    Speedo Wobble - Smiths Angle Drive

    It is a Smiths BG2410-00. I think the one you have is missing the screw on plate that has a threaded ring that screw onto the back of the speedo. You can swap those plates over easily between BG2410-xx variations. What it does is align the drive at the correct angle for the speedo cable to go...
  13. J

    2000 Head replacement

    Did the motor sit for a while. 20 psi variation is right on the limit. I would drive it and see what happens. Sometimes with some running the rings bed in better I think. I have heard of compressions that were marginal but not horrible improving themselves after some driving. I would check the...
  14. J

    2000 Head replacement

    To specification. If they are too tight particularly the exhaust valves you will get burnt valves. You have to set them via under bucket shims.
  15. J

    2000 Head replacement

    I remember reading years ago that they heads are fine to run on unleaded. Just set the valve clearances up right and all will be good. Check periodically and readjust if needed. My 2000tc was still to spec 10 years later. I did have to adjust my 2000 SC but I do not know if it was ever done...
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    Don't trust anything

    The ballasted Bosch coil is the GT40R. R being for resistor. I have GT40 coils on both my Rovers. The do not sell them in USA, due to a Ford trademark issue, so people ask me about it when I show the car. The Rover in Australia has had the GT40 coil on it for at least 30 years, and has worked...
  17. J

    Fuel pump issue

    You might want to inspect the inside of you fuel tank. It might need removing, cleaning and lining.
  18. J

    W50 celica

    I put the 5 speed Toyota conversion in from Colin Dray into my Rover 2000 TC. I am very happy with it. Colin is a good bloke to work with. I do not know what the supply of LT77 boxes is like in NZ, but think the W50 would be a stronger box. Growing up in Australia about every second Holden had a...
  19. J

    Converting an SC Auto to Manual (for the fun of it)

    Have you thought about putting a 5 speed Toyota box into it? I have done this conversions, and I like having fifth gear!
  20. J

    Fitting Lower Ball Joints

    That the rubber boot off and weld it back in then pull it out.
  21. J

    oil pump

    I think there was a change in relief valve mechanism, in about 1966. Perhaps have has the old type that were not reliable. What year is the car?
  22. J

    Rear Calipers Ready

    Nice use of kitchen utensils for mechanical work!
  23. J

    Looking for one of these (gause oil filter) to finish my engine project.

    I drove the Great Ocean Road in my Rover 2000 automatic back in 2010. It was a good drive but I did have a clanky universal joint at the time. I was glad to get home. I replaced the Universal joint before driving to Queensland in 2012 for Nat Rover that year.
  24. J

    Looking for one of these (gause oil filter) to finish my engine project.

    I just checked the filter that I had on the shelf, it was the right length but the diameter was bigger. Sorry I cannot help you on this one!
  25. J

    Looking for one of these (gause oil filter) to finish my engine project.

    Take some measurements of your filter. Mm or inches work for me. I picked up a filter some years ago that I thought might fit in there. If it is close then I might pull that nose off of my can and investigate further and see if it will fit. I think I have a part number with it as well. Nice...