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  1. Tor

    Icelert kit and boot mount parts in Norway

    A friend is left with an Icelert kit - control unit, sensor box and bracket with wiring and connectors. Never seen one in the flesh before, so don’t know if that’s all there is to it. The control unit looks new. Asking £200 or offers. Also a set of boot mount parts, where the badge/insert is...
  2. Tor

    Dim instrument indicator lights

    Both of the ‘arrow’ indicator bulbs in the instruments flash, weakly, when using the indicator stalk in either direction. I’ve just replaced the instrument base unit for a couple of other reasons and hoped it might take care of this, but no. I’ll have a look in the multi pin connectors and the...
  3. Tor

    Full lock doesn’t hit lock stop

    Turning the steering wheel to full left lock I can poke my finger between the RH lock stop bolt and the side(?) rod joint. I get 1 1/2 turns of the steering wheel. Full right gives me 1 3/4 turns and the joint opposite touches the stop bolt on the LHS. I can’t see any obstruction. Can the damper...
  4. Tor

    Top link bush replacement - results?

    Hi all, Would love to hear from some of you who have replaced the front top link bushes (for OE spec reman or NOS Metalastik ones), how the car felt afterwards, compared to before? I’ve never driven one with recent ones on it, except a project car I looked at once. It felt strikingly responsive...
  5. Tor

    V8 front spoilers wanted

    Looking for a pair of good quality police-style spoilers for the V8. Seller must be willing to ship to Norway.
  6. Tor

    Swap or sale: Rostyle rims for P6 (14x5.5”)

    Here’s a long shot, with apologies if I sound like a dreamer: Here in Norway(!) I have a set of four correct but blemished P6 14x5.5J Rostyle rims with no caps or lug nuts. I’m hankering for: Cragar Eliminators Minilites (newer, wider 15” ones) Cobraslots or Wolfrace slot mags Cash difference...
  7. Tor

    LT77 job lot for spares - free or swaps

    Hi all, I have approximately (!) two LT77 gearboxes in parts left from a job lot going free or swap for odds and ends. One of them is ex-Sherpa van so has a different input shaft. Parts are in various states of repair, the best were used to rebuild a third ‘box, which is for my project. No bell...
  8. Tor

    PAS insufficient assist

    Our S.A. V8 has inadequate steering power assistance, ie. there's some but much less than on any other PAS car we have known. Virtually everything has been gone over: Steering gear rebuilt Pump rebuilt, other pumps have been tested in the past, relief valve correct HP hose replaced Column...
  9. Tor

    SU HIF6 throttle spindle WZX1178, pair

    Brand new unused from Burlen. These are not for the P6 as they're too long IIRC for my AUD521s. As the tag says they're WZX1178 replacing WZX1311 RE. They're not expensive so I'm happy to send them to anyone who can use them by post for nowt (or any suggested barter arrangement).
  10. Tor

    3500S Group 1 rally car in Sweden

    Rover 3500S Grupp 1 V8 125000.- | Stockholm Unfinished project, comes with second car, "4-speed competition gearbox", 220-hp engine. For sale due to illness. Completion advice offered.
  11. Tor

    Adjusting PAS steering box?

    My V8 was converted to PAS but has unequal steering radius by as much as up to half a turn, which is really annoying in parking situations as I'm forced to do three-pointers where I shouldn't. The question is whether I have to pull the box out, centre the output shaft to the rest of it and...
  12. Tor

    Funny HIF6 gasket failure

    Hi all, Our friend in Cape Town recently fitted new floats to our V8, as kits coming from Burlen with float chamber gaskets. These proceeded to fail on both carbs having barely been in contact with fuel at all, and started leaking as soon as the engine ran. On visual inspection he said they'd...
  13. Tor

    Fuel sender unit

    Hello all, In need of a good working sender with olives to fit a S2 V8. Wins are saying out of stock, eBay likewise. Othewise, any repair advice welcome, seeing as eg. older Land Rover ones are readily available NOS and could have transferable components? Tor
  14. Tor

    LDH 2000TC for spares

    Spotted a promising looking project, being sold as a parts car with no papers. SE of Oslo near Sweden border. Works out at £280 approximately.
  15. Tor

    Somebody order a batch of Koni shockers?

    Through the South African Koni distributor I've learnt that Koni NL are producing a batch of some 50 (presumably front) red adjustables for the P6, of which we've secured one as one in my off-the-shelf pair had failed and can't be rebuilt. Anyone know of this? I've no further details of pricing yet.
  16. Tor

    "Dry stored" barn find..!

    Browsing on eBay I spotted this, reading the bit about "dry stored for five years". Then I saw the photos... (I presume there's quite some pressure in that pressure washer but still it made me larf.)
  17. Tor

    Reman heater hoses and fitment

    Hi all, Tried to fit a remanufactured inlet-to-heater coolant hose to the SA V8, and received a call recently that it didn't fit, that the length was correct but the bends were set 25mm too far forward. They were otherwise correctly spaced, but he had to cut it at the heater end so the rear...
  18. Tor

    80 Breakdowns P6B soon on eBay

    Remember last year this bloke drove a tobacco leaf P6B auto to the Sahara? The car should be coming up for sale shortly.
  19. Tor

    1967 2000 TC in Norway

    Spotted this and felt it worth a share. Works out at around £1500. Mentions bonnet damage from it opening at speed, little rust. Needing exhaust. Edit - mind the typo, it's a 1970...
  20. Tor

    Location of colour label on LHD cars

    Hi all, Finally and by accident I came across a remanufactured colour label for Arctic White that should arrive within a few days. I'm however not quite sure where it should sit. Does anyone have photos of one in a left-hand drive car? Tor
  21. Tor

    'S' hub caps - lug nut alternatives

    Given the cost of shipping a set of wheel nuts (in this case to South Africa), does anyone know of any by other manufacturers that could fit the 3500S hub caps? I'm trying to see if they could be sourced locally, and V8 manual cars were only found there as personal imports. Tor
  22. Tor

    Girling rally rear shocks

    Never seen or heard about these before :D
  23. Tor

    Ron Arad chair 2.0

    I came across this ad for a familiar design chair, although the seat used didn't strike me as right... Asking price equates to around £1650 :|
  24. Tor

    Emblem for steering wheel V8/S

    Hi all, For the SA car I'm looking for a Viking ship emblem with surround for the leather-spoked wheel. A ditto '3500S' badge would also be of interest. Tor
  25. Tor

    Bleeding dual circuit (really now!)

    I'm back to a familiar but hated place, and I would appreciate some help. It's where my brakes people are trying to get the brakes right in connection with a fluid change and EU inspection ("MOT"). The guy who previously said the system can't be properly bled without arresting the shuttle in the...