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  1. neilc

    White 2200 SC In Petworth

    Spotted in Petworth - 10.30 AM Saturday 20th September 2014
  2. neilc

    Coupe "Upgrade"

    My silver 216SE Coupe Auto is great little car, but will need a bit of money spent to keep tip top. Drives brilliantly and still looks the biz, but just needs a bit of TLC. Having got the Tomcat bug as my every other day daily driver, I have hankered after a manual and always liked the...
  3. neilc

    What a dipstick!

    Be very careful when some well meaning person starts saying nice things about your pride and joy when you are doing your pre/mid flight checks at a petrol station. There I was checking oil, (Gentlman in Silver Astra - You don't see many of those these days. I said you don't see many of those...
  4. neilc

    Petworth Community Fete July 12th

    Petworth Community Fete in the National Trust’s Petworth Park is on Saturday 12th July includes a Classic Car display which will once again be one of the key attractions. As in previous years there is no entry fee. There will be an opportunity to drive your car into the arena in a parade of...
  5. neilc

    Cameron Green S2 - M3

    Spotted making good progress London bound just before Sunbury at around 3.30 this afternoon . Me - in my red SD1 going the other way
  6. neilc

    1990 Rover 827 Fastback

    Such a long way away from down here in soft southern Sussex. It would be a very practical replacement for the Atomic Kitten. If only you were a bit nearer!
  7. neilc

    How many classic Rovers does any enthusiast actually need?

    No matter what your current ownership, the answer is always N+1 - where N = the number of classic Rovers currently owned. There is always room for one more!
  8. neilc

    Common SD1/P6 Parts

    Now I know what to do when the tail gate of my SD1 rusts through - whip the boot of my P6
  9. neilc

    MOT Passed Today

    Another Rover Mot'd. The P6 went for its first MOT since I bought it. Passed no issues but advised one front calliper is slightly sticky, all three Rovers now ticketed for the rest of 2014 and two of them into 2015.
  10. neilc

    SD1's, love them or hate them?

    I used to be a bit indifferent until I bought a Vitesse 9 months ago. It replaced a very nice P6 V8S that went up in smoke. Very different to a P6 and not easy to make direct comparisons. Still own a P6 - bought a fab 4 pot in January. Love them both. Even the SD1 despite the trials and...
  11. neilc

    Insuring your P6.

    Classic Muliti car policy with FJ . Currently only two cars, but basic premium is unchanged at around £150, unlimited mileage, agreed value. Total value of cars on policy at one point was £18K, only a small admin every time a car goes on or off. In contrast to other poster on here, was extremely...
  12. neilc

    Monza Red UPL 110M

    Spotted you again this morning at about 7:50 M3 towards London. Always when I am in the Coupe . From next week the SD1 hopefully will be back on the road to spot you and now the weather is better occasionally my P6 200o-
  13. neilc

    Cameron Green S2 V8

    Very smart looking Cameron Green V8 on French plates. Parked in Rue de Rivoli, Paris. Tueusday 26th, evening 7.30 pm. It was raining, I was in a moving taxi, so no chance of a photo, and couldn't see if it was LHD or a RHD
  14. neilc

    Gracie Olivia

    Congratulations! Does that mean you will be getting a Ford Granny (Granada) to add to the fleet now?
  15. neilc

    Touring car legends ITV4 8pm tonight (Wed)

    Thanks for the reminder !
  16. neilc

    2000 Convertible

    Just posted on ebay. Wasn't aware of these aftermarket conversions. Looks like one for a brave restorer ... 338ab848d9
  17. neilc


    Thankfully we never had Harvest Gold and Limeflower P6s
  18. neilc

    Touring car legends ITV4 8pm tonight (Wed)

    Re: Touring car legennds ITV4 8pm tonight (Wed) Some nice SD1s at the end though (I think Tina admitted once she does like a nice SD1)
  19. neilc

    Touring car legends ITV4 8pm tonight (Wed)

    Re: Touring car legennds ITV4 8pm tonight (Wed) watching it now - good stuff!
  20. neilc

    Friday night p6 spot

    That's a bit good - quite right Tina - I do like a nice SD1 too! (and P6s of course!)
  21. neilc

    1965 P5 3 litre Coupe auto - NOW FOR SALE!

    Go on Adam - surely you can manage just one more!
  22. neilc

    Now have a P6 again!

    Switches are pure early S2 SC - exactly as pictured in the August 1971 release hand book - headlamp/sidelamp switch is the green illuminated type, the others are the black un illuminated "gherkin"/hook shape. The TC got all illuminated switches and the order is slightly different
  23. neilc

    Very late, S-registered 2200TC

    Listing has ended. Wonder who has got it and if we will ever find out more about it
  24. neilc

    Now have a P6 again!

    It was indeed owned by Angus and - yes you are right, nice chap, nice car
  25. neilc

    Now have a P6 again!

    Absolutely Warren - carpet condition tells a huge amount about the overall condition of P6. I have looked at so many in the last 7 months before buying this car. Its not just wear and tear, its how they fit, any sign of damp marks, have they been out and in a few times and so on and so on...