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  1. Tom W

    2200tc rough idling when hot

    Hi all, My 2200tc normally runs very well, both from cold and at operating temperature. However, if I get stuck in traffic on a warm day, the idle speed drops and becomes very lumpy. The temperature gauge doesn’t move much when it gets warm, it goes from just below half way where it normally...
  2. Tom W

    Seized clutch. Any long term damage?

    I came to use my P6 for the first time in about 6 months yesterday. The car hasn’t been started for about 4 months. Shameful I know, but storing the car away from home, winter, and lockdown restrictions all conspire. I was alarmed to find the clutch had seized. Fortunately I was able to free it...
  3. Tom W

    Respray cost

    Has anyone had their car resprayed recently? If so, how much roughly did it cost, and how far did you go with the job? Were the panels painted on the car, or removed, and did you take it back to bare metal etc. I've known the job needs doing since I bought the car. Looking back through my old...
  4. Tom W

    Front wing repairs

    I removed the front wing to better access a bit of corrosion on the sill. Whilst it was off, I decided to prod at the areas that were just starting to corrode, and one thing led to another!
  5. Tom W

    Unobtainable parts

    Hi everyone, I’m thought I’d do a little research on P6 parts. Which bits are we really struggling to get, either at all, or where the available parts are just rubbish. Some from me to kick things off: Moulded rubber parts that are a proper copy of the original, with all the right inserts...
  6. Tom W

    Removing front uprights

    I’m painting the front uprights to remove surface corrosion and generally tidy things up. So far, I’ve done all this with the uprights on the car, but it strikes me I can do a better job with the uprights on the bench. Is it possible to split the balljoint tapers with conventional ball joint...
  7. Tom W

    Metric brake calipers?

    I’m replacing all the rigid brake lines on my car as the original steel lines are getting corroded. I need to work out if my car has metric or imperial calipers. The workshop manual says later 2000s and 2200s may have metric calipers. The 2200 parts book only gives one part number for each of...
  8. Tom W

    Brake shield removal

    How do you remove the front brake shields from the uprights? With the hubs off, I can access the fixing bolts, but with those removed, the shields are still stuck fast. Is it just a case of them being stuck with rust and need a bit levering behind, or are they securely pressed on there? I don’t...
  9. Tom W

    Oil leak

    My car’s started leaving a patch of oil when I park up. It’s more than the usual occasional drop, so it’s something I need to sort. The puddle forms under the engine to bell housing joint. My first thought was that it will be the cylinder head o-ring, but the amount of oil on the side of the...
  10. Tom W

    Lucas 18ACR rebuild

    I decided to give my alternator a mild refresh as I’d experienced some intermittent charging in the past. I found when I stripped it down to investigate, that the brushes and slip rings were slightly worn, so I ordered some spares and decided to rebuild. The original brushes looked identical to...
  11. Tom W

    Carb bell mouth 2200TC

    Some idle daydreaming. I wonder, has anyone experimented with fitting carb bellmouths on their 2200TC? On the 2000TC carbs, it looks like there’s a nice radiused inlet from the air box to the carburettor. On the 2200TC, the air box bolts directly to the carb flange, and presents a sharp edge...
  12. Tom W

    Oil consumption.

    Not a P6 question, but a Rover V8 question I thought I’d ask here as you’re a knowledgable bunch and I’m not a member of a Range Rover forum. Too much opinion over knowledge on the Range Rover/Land Rover forums. Anyway, hope this is allowed admins. My daily driver 4.6 Range Rover is using a lot...
  13. Tom W

    Easy DIY carb balancer

    I made this this weekend, mainly for balancing triple Webers but it also worked a treat on my TC (better than the Webers infact). I'm too tight to buy the correct kit, so decided I'd get a bit resourceful. All from bits and pieces that are readily available from the hardware store and the motor...
  14. Tom W

    4cyl reluctant to rev, is this normal?

    My 2200tc seems reluctant to reach the upper end of the rev range. When accelerating, it pulls cleanly from low down to about 3000 rpm. Beyond that it will rev more, but feels like it's being thrashed. If I put up with the noise and get to 4000 rpm there's a definite drop off in power. Given...
  15. Tom W

    Wiring clips

    Hello. Does anyone know if the original style clips that hold the loom to the passenger inner wing are available? The zip-tie style ones. I foolishly broke a couple before I realised there's a little pin inside that needs to be removed before they'll easily come out. Note to self, be less ham...
  16. Tom W

    Gearbox support

    I seem to have lost the gearbox support spring and associated bushings. Anyone know where I can buy these parts, or does anyone have any 2nd hand bits I can buy? The weight of the gearbox is now supported on the snub rubber, which now looks pretty ruined. I assume pressing in a new snub rubber...
  17. Tom W

    Lucas 3aw relay

    This question relates to my e-type rather than the rover, but you lot are a knowledgable bunch so I thought I'd ask on here. The Lucas 3aw relay that controls the ignition light has packed up. I could just buy a new one, but being inquisitive, I decided to dismantle it and see what was wrong...
  18. Tom W

    Are values finally going up?

    I can't help wondering to myself as I blast along the dual carriageway each week for my 300 mile round trip commute, that, nice as my 4pot is, perhaps my life would be better with a V8 soundtrack. So, thoughts turn to eBay, and the search for a cheap 3500, yet all the cheap P6s seem to have...
  19. Tom W

    Oil pressure gauge slow to respond

    Hi everyone, The oil pressure gauge on my 2200tc is very slow to respond when the car's been standing for a while. We're talking standing for a week, and literally taking minutes to move. When it does move, it goes up to above 50psi at idle, and half way between 50 and 100 at speed. The light...
  20. Tom W

    V8 on the A15 between Bourne & Peterborough

    I passed a nice looking V8 between Bourne and Peterborough yesterday evening, had a wave from the driver. Wondering if it's anyone from here? Tom
  21. Tom W

    P6 friendly garage in Southampton?

    Anyone got a recommendation for a P6 friendly garage in Southampton? I need to get the brake light switch replaced. I'd normally do this myself, but don't have all my tools with me. Cheers, Tom
  22. Tom W

    Excessive road noise

    Hi all, I'm using my P6 for a weekly commute to Southampton from South Lincolnshire. It's going ok so far, but I feel there's too much road noise at speed. It does detract from the refinement of the car somewhat. I wonder if it's front wheel bearings. There's a persistent drone that's not...
  23. Tom W

    Something to occupy the rainy afternoon

    I was a bit bored this afternoon, so I thought I'd have a go at polishing the dashpots on my P6. They've always been a flat gunmetal colour. Here's what I've ended up with. I've done this by hand using Autosol and Silvo. I wanted to keep some patina so I'm happy with the finish I have. No...
  24. Tom W

    Difficulty starting after standing

    Hi all, I've not used my Rover much recently, but when I have I've found it difficult to start after it's been left standing for a few weeks. It churns over for a while before eventually firing. Luckily the battery is good, so it will eventually fire. I first thought this was down to fuel...
  25. Tom W

    Vinyl roof

    Does anyone know if a vinyl roof was an option on the 4cyl in 1976? I think fitting one could be a more cost effective way of fixing the poor paintwork on my roof than getting it professionally resprayed. Cheers, Tom