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    1971 Bridge Street, Walton Surrey

    City Grey? It looks as if it didn't last long enough to have details transferred to DVLA's dadtabase, or had cherished plate/export before records moved over.
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    Putting a three litre in a 90.

    The following is from another forum and might give some more background info. :Late P4 110 3 litre and P5 3 litres | Rover P5 Club Forum A 95 engine is virtually the same as that in a 110 (P4, not Landie :) ) except that the 110 has a Weskake head). The 6-cyl engines in the 95,100 and 110 are...
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    2 x 6 Cylinder Rover 100 Engines going begging in Essex

    I've just posted the info. on the Rover P5 forum as well (the old big 3-litre used a version of that engine; P4 was the even older 'Auntie' Rover, P5B was the V8 engine in the old 3-litre body)
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    2 x 6 Cylinder Rover 100 Engines going begging in Essex

    I've also copied the original post to the Rover P4 Drivers Guild forum.
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    Vinyl Rear Quarter Panels on Series 1

    Some owners were fitting them to Series 1s in the early 1970s shortly after the Seties 2 was introduced, so there's 50 years of 'history' of the 'modification/update'.
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    Disconnect the Clock

    Yes; RR actually said 60mph in their ads, which were for the Silver Cloud in the late 50s but there is a view that the ad people were 'influenced' (they wouldn't pinch somebody else's idea, would they) by a 1930's advert for Pierce Arrow, although that didn't mention a particular speed. Always...
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    who's patent?

    I was reading Graham Robson's book (1977), The Rover Story, yesterday, which makes reference to the DeDion tube and the work to develop sliding joint and it reminded me of this thread. It doesn't specify who designed it but the names mentioned in progressing the DeDion are: Spen King and Peter...
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    who's patent?

    There was an Arthur Goddard who was at RR and then Rover and Land Rover. No idea if connected with the DeDion tube.
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    another new member!

    Re your question at the end of post #7, it's best to start a new thread for each separate technical question you have, otherwise it can get lost within the thread and as the original thread title wouldn't be relevant to the new question, some might not read it.
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    another new member!

    I've had a look, 471 is 2200SC, home market. TC is 491.
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    another new member!

    Lovely looking car. It has the SC-spec. switches on the dash, which would fit with the instruments being fitted later.
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    Cylinder Head

    You might need to do some research; as far as I'm aware the vast majority of P4 6-cyl heads won't fit. The early P4 75 up to about 53/54 (the twin carb 2103cc) I think should fit. However, when Rover developed the 6-cyl 90 engine (2638cc), it was a spread-bore engine and, as far as I'm aware...
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    40 year mystery to be solved

    It's a pity that the photo isn't clearer but another vote for a Datsun 160/180B. The indicator/reflector on the wing is higher on a 120Y than the one on the car in the picture, so I don't think it's one of those. Eta, just seen the picture above (wasn't there when I started reply), seems...
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    wandering on road?

    Agreed re rolling circumference. I've looked on the P4 club forum (can I mention,that? :D) and it would seem that many use 185s, with reference to 165 fitting for the spare, although it seems from the above post that 175 (some, if not all) will obviously fit in the spare-wheel compartment. My...
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    wandering on road?

    Do you mean a P4 105 ('58?), rather than P5 105 ('68?) ;) I suspect a 175 tyre might be 'tight' in the spare wheel compartment. AFAIK, standard original tyres were 6.00 x 15 with 6.40 x 15 optional. When they standardised 6.40 on the 110, they altered the spare wheel compartment/lid to ease...
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    LT77 gearbox ID

    Correct, the V8s, I6s and I4 all had different diff ratios (3.08, 3.45 & 3.9:1 if I've correctly remembered the figures after checking). 2300s were 4-speed up until the introduction of Series 2 SD1s in 1982, after which all SD1s were 5-speed.
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    LT77 gearbox ID

    Well, I certainly wasn't wishing to correct, or appear to be correcting, young Harvey:LOL::LOL:
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    LT77 gearbox ID

    AFAIK the 2000 (assuming we're referring to the SD1 2000) were 5-speed only, unless perhaps the SA ones had 4 speeds? The Jag XJ6 Series 111 3.4 & 4.2 also had the uprated Vitesse version of the box but there weren't many around.
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    Restomod P4

    Interesting thread - and I don't think I've seen a P4 on wires before.
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    Problem: High beam doesn't work on outer headlamps!

    Are they the original lights, or at least original-style lights? It sounds a dozy question and is most unlikely to be your issue but I have come across a replacement halogen set up, many years ago (a 4 headlight set-up but not on a P6) whereby only the inner lights were main beam, the outer...
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    Another one in the US

    Use a search engine for the 'check mot history' site (sorry, can't post a link). You just need the regn number, records are there for 2006 onwards.
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    P6 gearbox reversing light switch

    IIRC, unless automatically switched off, ie by gearbox switch, an internal telltale light is reqd.when illuminated.
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    HOW MUCH!!! Prototype V8?

    As in spelling, perhaps? ;) (sorry, couldn't resist it :D)
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    HOW MUCH!!! Prototype V8?

    Yes, it was c£72k at this dealer originally, IIRC. I wasn't tempted.
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    Spotted kerbside in London N10, a nice C-reg 2000

    That looks like Copperleaf red / biscuit, quite a rare sight nowadays.