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    First proper drive in a P6B

    Well gents ( and lasses ) I had my first outing in a very well sorted P6B today, I am mighty impressed with the performance comfort and ride quality. The last time I went out in the same car it was very different, after a fair amount of work it now runs, and drives spot on....... I am sooooo...
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    2200 TC anyone?

    Bit rich for me but....... ... ID=EBAY-GB
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    Percy,s day out.

    Finally a bit of good weather to get the dust sheets off and go for a spin.
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    ZF 4HP22 ( LDV )

    Time to bite the bullet i think, thought i would offer it here before it goes on that site. If you are interested in the 4 speed ZF conversion for the rover V8, this will make life a lot easier. For grabs in this lot is = Fully rebuilt LDV ZF 4HP22 ( with a photographic record to go with it on...
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    Hi all, on Harvey,s reccomendation i have been directed to ask you guys if anyone has a new or used BW65 AUTOBOX SELECTOR CABLE. Even if you want to keep it as that just in case spare,if i could borrow it so i could get one made up i would return it to you good as. Thanks for lookin