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    wekk ijs done and mot tomorow

    Will do tomorrow for you--its only a 1703cc four cylinder
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    brake servo

    I'm thinking that a smaller servo would be better as vacuum is lower
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    all the above is a prime requisite for a classic car owner :D :D
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    brake servo

    well now ford is done I am starting on rover re vamp --wedgewood blue and white--or maybe another early color the brakes themselves are fine-its the amount of effort needed so today i got a smaller servo--will try that first then take it from there
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    wekk ijs done and mot tomorow

    After 5 yrs of neglect and 6months of hard graft its done
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    brake servo

    Got a bit of a weird problem that maybe someone on here can help me with? my Buick has got a high lift cam in it and my brakes are--lets say not very good--I got 4 pots and vented discs for ages now --they were really good with the 3.9 yet since fitted the Buick they're poor The problem-I think...
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    now whats wrong with these carbs

    Mine used more fuel going to Gaydon than coming back--could it be that Gaydon is uphill-so to speak? only a thought?
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    SUs Or Holley

    Am I missing the point here? you either want performance OR economy you cant have both with a v8 Performance wise get the holley carb as its easier to set up and as it closely copies the rochester that was on the 216 Buick to begin with --Rover wanted supply but had contract problems with SU...
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    50 year old smoker
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    rover on fire

    if you can get a 3500 auto to do that just by hitting full throttle i would be well impressed and tires are 3500=14s
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    rover on fire
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    1965 5000 v8

    NADA vents on a 2000 bonnet(hood) :D and 2000 grill assembly with 3500 front apron :wink: it just gets better with age--its like marmite--you either like it or you dont :D
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    misfire/fail to start

    black plugs is as you stated--running rich----have you got a leak on inlet manifold (open up when hot) this could cause your problem mate
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    Main fuel line replacement

    What pump you got--I had a facet red top--it was moderately ok until I reached higher speed use when it could keep up--and that was on a 3.9
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    DOHC Daily Driver.

    Gets better and better the more I see ---Cant wait to see this blasting up the road :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    1965 5000 v8

    I let Olivia my Granddaughter put some stickers on the car--this is what she did-Put on some cheap plastic vents and some period style performance brand stickers Hope you like them--I do
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    DOHC Daily Driver.

    Good progress mate---could you not try rover rad? if that no good what about v8 rad or something like Vauxhall omega??
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    Number One.

    Black rose was 2nd Feb 1965--The Righteous Brothers You lost that loving feeling I was born 1 year and a day later
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    V8 Tickover troubles

    as I said drop additives :wink:
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    V8 Tickover troubles

    Why add additive to 99 octain ? no point is there ? the 3500s I work on run fine on straight unleaded -as far as i can tell anyway--if you had 11-2 compression ratio like mine then could understand additive and timing is TDC or 6 deg BDC maybe a degree either--cant remember exact figure
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    General schock question

    They will have no choice but to do it as Holden same as Vauxhall --GM when strut undone it leaves brake and hub on bottom arm--so as said will need camber and tracking check+ reset
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    another p6 gone

    Ricky is auto sparky==he has kitted out tech that seems pointless to me -he redone the series 2 harness--threw it away and started again--100% better and you should see other threads I done if you did---you would see Black Rose is still blasting -- raced a mustang 289 last nite--easy £50 thatll...
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    Vacuum unit on dizzy.

    1 from what your saying---I bet cam lobes on pistons 7 and 8 are ground down to 0 lift ==rings and valves fubar possibly 2-Vacuum unit wont work if cams not right due to less hg 3 su carbs were fitted to v8 due to Rochester wouldn't sell rights to 4 barrel and Rover had legal commitment to SU...
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    Hot wire a P5B without an ignition switch any ideas?

    Chrysler 460 and turbo 400 gearbox and not insane in a T bucket---just a little more scary than my p6
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    Hot wire a P5B without an ignition switch any ideas?

    Yes its louder and faster =got another motor and box==but weight is the major issue--460ci --7.4litres roughly--p6 handle like puppy on lead now -- so may use in a T bucket :lol: :lol: