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    Brake fluid

    If you have DOT 4 in the system already any fluid that meets the DOT 4 or later DOT 5.1 standard will be compatible, but not DOT 5 which is a silicone based fluid, unless you intend replacing all the fluid in the system.

    Brake fluid

    Standard brake fluid is not mineral oil based, DOT 4 and 5.1 are based on polyglycol ether based fluids. Mineral oils must not be mixed with these fluids as the seals in the braking system are not compatible With mineral oils. Only a few vehicles use mineral base fluids for the braking system...

    2200 SC Front Brakes

    Not sure if this thought is correct but for some reason I always thought that the front brake callipers with the small diameter guide pin for the brake pads were metric fine threads and the larger (standard) diameter pins are imperial UNF threads. Either should not be a problem, the pipe size is...

    Remote coolant resevoir

    Never understood why Rover deleted the expansion tank on the TC with the introduction of the cross flow radiator. All early TC with the vertical flow radiator had the expansion tank a standard along with an engine oil cooler.

    BW35 gearbox Pressure gauge thread

    The plug may be tight if it is sealed with a Loctite produc, most likely a hydraulic thread sealant should be used, but may workshops use the standard bottle of thread loc

    New acquisition

    Check out the prices of the JLR Classic Works Reborn models, 6 figures!

    Base Unit Fatigue Failure

    You will find that the base unit stiffeners JRC1109 were a Rover standard fitment for some police cars.

    Pwe steering

    The maximum working current of a Discovery Sport / E-Pace electric power rack is 90 amps. Electric hydraulic pump power steering was popular at one time. Early BWM Mini’s, and Renault Clio are a good source for used pump units.

    Which red is this ?

    If it’s a UK built car I would suggest Monza Red, I’m sure Clive can confirm
  10. JRLFXC

    twin carb "special bolt"

    No rubber washer required, the carbs float on the mounting O-rings and retained by the brackets and the spring force. The bolts only restrict the movement and add some security.
  11. JRLFXC

    P6 Front Spring cushions.

    I had assumed we were talking suspension springs!
  12. JRLFXC

    Prototype Seats.....?

    Seen them before in an archive photograph, fitted to a 2000, dated around 1965, in the Rover engineering shop. Understand that they are know as Cox Safety Seats. Mr google can show you more!
  13. JRLFXC

    PAS hose routing - how and why?

    In our mild British weather a PAS cooler is probably not required, however vehicle manufacturers have to design and test for all climates. Stand modern testing requirements are often -40 to 135 degrees C are common. Higher operating pressures on modern vehicles tend to raise the working temperature.
  14. JRLFXC

    Windscreen glass purchase

    Nice to see that Pilkington have finally offered the heated screen, tried to get them to make one for our Rally car around 30 years ago now! We had an original one that cracked during cleaning and wanted to them to make us a new one, but back then they wanted a minimum order batch of about 10 or...
  15. JRLFXC

    What Colour Webasto Roof

    Thinking back I can only remember seeing the coloured Webasto’s on series 1 models, my 67 Arden green TC has a green cover. This was renewed back in the 80’s by the Webasto agents in London with another green cover made on site while we spent a day sight seeing. There are still companies around...
  16. JRLFXC

    PAS hose routing - how and why?

    The long hoses in the circuit might be to help cooling of the oil by increasing the surface area that the oil passes through.. However rubber hoses are not the best material to conducting heat away!
  17. JRLFXC

    P6 Front Spring cushions.

    Believe that they are unique to the P6, do you require new or good used items?
  18. JRLFXC

    P6 2000 camshaft bearings replacement.

    Just to add, follow the workshop manual in locking the crankshaft timing and ensure on reassembly that the camshaft is correctly timed as per the manual.
  19. JRLFXC

    Reproduction Walnut Shifter Knob

    The one that I have pictured is from a Nov 1965 2000, but after several owners and a checked history I’m not sure when it was originally fitted. I assume that there were two designs produce, but did one supersede the other or were both available at the same time for different markets.
  20. JRLFXC

    Reproduction Walnut Shifter Knob

    Is this a latter design of the wooden gear knob, as my early version does not have a clear plastic top, pictures below. The numerals and gear gate lines are sunken and filled with white paint, now a little yellow and worn out!
  21. JRLFXC

    power steering box seals

    We always pre-test with compressed air to check for external leaks of seals, safer for the test rig operator, no surprising seal failures at high pressures! We have high tech pressure decay systems for during this but there are low tech ways. If you have an air compressor, tee together the...
  22. JRLFXC

    Foaming PAS fluid

    If it is cavitation occurring the pump will sound noisy at high revs, just depends if you can hear it over the engine noise. The supply hose can look visual good from the exterior, but the hose can break down internally and restrict the flow when the pump sucks. The pump should not be run in...
  23. JRLFXC

    power steering box seals

    If a seal save sleeve is not available I always prefer to use a piece plastic polyester shim material, either 2 or 4 thou thickness. The problem with tape or cling film is that if a small piece tears off and becomes trapped in the seal without notice, then you going to have a leak again. All...
  24. JRLFXC

    HOW MUCH!!! Prototype V8?

    Or the GTS (Gladys) of David Bache. Its a shame that the bumper iron rubbers were not fitted during restoreation of the convertible, sorry once a concours judge your attention is drawn to features!
  25. JRLFXC

    Buffalo Interior

    A very dark brown, darker then bronze, closer to chocolat!