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    wekk ijs done and mot tomorow

    After 5 yrs of neglect and 6months of hard graft its done
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    brake servo

    Got a bit of a weird problem that maybe someone on here can help me with? my Buick has got a high lift cam in it and my brakes are--lets say not very good--I got 4 pots and vented discs for ages now --they were really good with the 3.9 yet since fitted the Buick they're poor The problem-I think...
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    50 year old smoker
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    rover on fire
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    1965 5000 v8

    I let Olivia my Granddaughter put some stickers on the car--this is what she did-Put on some cheap plastic vents and some period style performance brand stickers Hope you like them--I do
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    rear door non quarter light frame

    Today I got a pair of rear door window frames and they do not have opening quarter lights --there is a sealed piece of glass instead---is this a standard part? it looks it
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    pitmans motoring library Rover book

    As said - a friend gave me a Pitmans motoring book 5th Edition 1956 called--The Book of the Rover It covers 1938-57 four cylinder and 1950-6 six cylinder including the land Rover He wants to know -is it worth anything? I was going to offer him a tenner--is that too little?
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    Drive it day Gaydon

    On Sunday I took a couple of friends and Olivia out for a blast as it was a nice day and ended up at Gaydon museum--Had a lot of fun and took lots of piccys There were some p6s there--one was a 3500s like the one I got for spares and then this beautiful Wedgewood blue baby-same year as mine too...
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    how to make exhaust from a garden swing

    yep I made a complete system for black rose from a garden swing---the tubing was 3" diameter and 1.5mm thick---perfect and free only part I bought was 1x cherry bomb silencer-had 1 already the old system the new system the bar is for rigidity its not the Xpipe no tail pipe from the sides...
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    another p6 gone

    well after 20 years of having my p6 it looks like its going -had a gut full of its electrics--not in one piece though--engine and box for Zephyr, had offer on reg number from a dealer and paint strip panels put primer on them put on the bay and scrap what not sold on bay---will make me more...
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    transferring number plates

    How do you go about transferring registration numbers? or is it not possible anymore?
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    stupid rover tacho

    as said--tacho stopped completely--the car run points and dwell is correct all connections are clean so---whats going on?? am really tempted to rip the whole lot out and put in strip speedo and bolt a SUN tacho on top of dash--especially as going through threads on here fault is caused by...
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    Rover 50 today and i am 49 today

    Yep how mad is that my old girl is fifty years old --and still scaring the neighborhood boy racers :D shes getting a new companion-when I finish it
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    1962 Consul 375

    this is my work in progress-all of the work on it is done by myself-including seats/paint etc-
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    bonnet flipped up !!!

    some weeks ago at a car meet-somebody pulled out the bonnet pins on my rat rover-well as I left only got a few metres doing about 50mph and bonnet(hood) flew up-luckily have bonnet vents so no damage except bent hinges and a dent in bonnet-as its only a rover this is my fix---hahaha culprit...
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    5 litre hotrod 1965 2000-

    ok as ask--in 1991 I got hold of a p6 2000 sharkstooth-it was a 4 cylinder single carb----But was mashed on front passenger side-should have taken piccies-but did'nt--Put it in garage and then got married/kids etc---well in 2007--decided to do something with it---after get prices for parts-it...
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    window glass

    Does anybody know what the door quarter lights are made of---have got a spare set of front rear screens and door glass---In case you wonder why--am chopping the roof-only an inch or so to make car look bigger----can cut down screens but somebody told me that quarter lights are toughened---so can...
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    1965 v8 update

    well had a think----and did this think its safe to say--now its finished!! :D :D
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    1965 v8 custom interior

    As said --its Grey Vinyl and cream Connolly Leather(Rolls Royce) The seats are original-just recovered-and check the doors-chrome/wood-not fake plastic wood-real wood-and dice on door lock pins The gear knob came from motor factors and modded to fit-got locking button too Am Taking it to...
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    1965 v8

    this is it--my 1965 v8--Buick not rover Sorry if you dont like it--but many do :D :D
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    1965 v8

    well got the bits sorted out for trunk mounting spare-at last before and after and modified the wheel cover badge-fits trunk when not in use
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    suspension leg

    As said are the suspension legs the same on 2.0 / 2.2 / v8? one leg on my v8 is damaged and have been offered one from a 2.0 can i fit it or is there a difference ?
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    symes rover 2000 v8 engine

    this is the v8 I put in
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    symes rover 2000 v8

    this is my rover 2000
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    my name is simon(symes) to friends. I have a 1965 2000 p6 thats a bit special - got a v8 in it !!! :D