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  1. herbie

    Noisy front suspension

    Hello All, Pretty pointless post but any suggestions welcome. For years I have been trying to trace an irritating click/knock that is quite faint when travelling at low speed over uneven ground. I can replicate the noise by leaning back on forth on the front wing. It has had bushes, ball...
  2. herbie

    Possible head off

    Hello all, Replaced fuel pipe and added filter after dragging a load of muck up as mentioned previously. Rebuilt carb, replaced leads, plugs, points condenser, cap, set timing, colourtuned carb. Still misses on idle and pulling number 3 lead has little effect compared to the others...
  3. herbie

    Radiator 2200 sc auto

    Hello All, Anyone got a non leaking radiator for a 2200sc auto, mine has sprung a large leak (2 years after refurb)! Using the car a lot at the moment so bit of a nuisance. cheers, richard.
  4. herbie

    Bit more bumpy than I’d like.

    Hello All, I know our roads are pretty dreadful, certainly near me anyway, but I’m beginning to feel that my beloved p6 is a bit more bone shakery than it should be, i put Gaz shocks on a few years ago and have adjusted them to the best I can get, tyres are Pirelli and 4 years old with...
  5. herbie

    Rear decker panel

    Hello all, Does anyone have a solid rear decker panel they would like to sell? Thanks, Richard.
  6. herbie

    Propshaft alignment

    Hello All, Is the ‘jaunty’ angle of my prop shaft in relation to the diff normal? Had it up on a ramp yesterday looking for a vibration at 30 and 60 mph just looked peculiar.... looking at UJ’s and driveshafts other than that...
  7. herbie

    2200 automatic, oil everywhere!

    Hello all, Using the P6 regularly as always and drove out this afternoon and it had left a huge puddle of gearbox oil, it has always had a slight leak but not this much. Can’t see anything obvious, leaking from torque converter maybe?
  8. herbie

    2200 Diff wanted

    Hello All, In a quest to find a vibration/rumble from the rear end at 35-40 then back in around 60, has anyone got a diff for a 2200 that they would be interested in parting with? Many thanks Richard.
  9. herbie

    P6 upgraded to family car, need to look into suspension clinks!

    Hello All, Following the arrival of my son nearly a year ago, we discovered that the Mini Countryman my wife has is useless for carrying all the gear needed around. This meant the p6 stepped in, I live near Gatwick and it has been to Cornwall twice, Devon twice, Spa classic last month and is...
  10. herbie

    White smoke from exhaust, brake pedal to the floor!

    Hello All, Noticed white smoke from exhaust on start up, went to pull out of garage and brake pedal went to the floor. Reservoir empty, would this be a problem with the servo or the cylinder attached to it? Thanks in advance, Richard.
  11. herbie

    Dexron Auto Gearbox

    Hello All, Have just been to the Le Mans Classic in the P6, which performed faultlessly and cruised at 70-80mph on a 770 mile round trip (who said SC Auto's were slow!) Before I left the Rover was at the local garage having the rear bushes changed and the guys kindly checked a few bits for me...
  12. herbie

    Am I being thick?

    Hi All, Sorting out a few niggles with the suspension before going to Le Mans Classic, I have movement/clonk noise from the De dion tube, I will pick up a service kit but as far as I can see there is no plug/filler for oil? the car is on a four post lift so access all round is fine but cant see...
  13. herbie

    Front suspension leg

    Hi all, Is the actual front suspension arm with the top and bottom balljoint the same for the 2200 as it is for the v8? Thanks in advance. Richard.
  14. herbie

    Fitting me GAZ front shocks, grease required?

    Hi All, Fitting new front shocks today. Couple if questions, have removed shock using the excellent screwdriver through hole/spanner technique to compress rubber bush to remove split pin (thanks search function on this excellent forum). Do I fit the Gaz shock as is with no additional bushing...
  15. herbie

    Any recommendations on shock absorbers?

    Hello All, Using the Rover a lot these days, I have noticed the ride is not as silky as it once was and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for shocks, bushes and springs as this is really the only stuff mechanically that hasn't been touched, it has only done a genuine 50,000 miles...
  16. herbie

    Where to take permanent live feed for Kenlowe fan

    hi All, As the title suggests I have just fitted a Kenlowe fan, all done bar the permanent live, any suggestions where to pic this up without causing any bodgery with the wiring? Need the car for the morning so any help would be great . Many thanks Richard
  17. herbie

    Waterless coolant

    Going to do a coolant flush this weekend, anyone any experience of waterless coolant? Gimmic or worth the money? Thanks in advance.
  18. herbie

    Exhaust and seat belts

    Hello all, Has anyone got a 2200sc exhaust manifold as mine has a slight prob with a blow that re-occurs, rather than me getting it machined. Also any recommendations on suppliers of rear seat belts. Thanks Richard
  19. herbie

    Sheet metal

    Hi All, Anyone know anywhere that would sell sheet metal on a Sunday, not got the rover for my Morris 8, rubbish welding may mean a bit of welding in garage today. Halfords, b&q? Have run out and usual supplier shut until tues. Thanks Richard
  20. herbie

    Starter motor.

    Hi all, Have refurbed my starter motor (wasn't retracting cleanly) now it cranks too slowly (battery fine), any ideas? Thanks Richard
  21. herbie

    Starter motor

    Can anyone recommend a rebuild kit for 2200 stater motor, I have ruined the brass bush at one end taking apart and may as well fully refurb. Many thanks Richard
  22. herbie


    Hello All, Has anyone got a spare Winguard door mirror they would like to sell? Thanks Richard.
  23. herbie

    Brain picking...

    Hello all, Just a quick one to see what your thoughts are. Car runs great motors along fantastically and will cover decent mile ages with mo trouble. But....... Once warm it hesitates and splutters when pulling off which clears once it's going. Any thoughts ?
  24. herbie

    Alternator recommendation.

    Hello All, M.o.t tomorrow! Nearly finished the refreshtoration (I promise I will take some pics!) in preparation to be one of the wedding cars at my wedding next month, have had the return of the ignition light after having rebuilt alternator previously, can anyone recommend a replacement...
  25. herbie

    Rocking horse poo?

    Anyone got a rear bumper with no overriders for 76 2200 in very good condition with good chrome and no damage. Many thanks Richard.