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  1. classicalgreen

    Front disc size on V8?

    well done Harvey :)
  2. classicalgreen

    Disconnect the Clock

    the clock is wound electrically but operates mechanically. amount of power it consumes is very small and would take quite some time to flatten a battery. easy option is to swap clock for a fully electric one of same diameter polarity maybe. noise then not an issue. we can also install oen of...
  3. classicalgreen

    Seat belts problem

    mine don't stop when quickly tugged either. both retract though so pass MOT test! currently looking to replace mine and install rear at same time. aware theres a company will use your (Rover) buckles.mounts etc and just replace belt(s) but cannot recall whom that was . not cheap as buying...
  4. classicalgreen

    winguard door mirror,

    seems unlikely but not impossible. more likely is getting an much older scruffy one and using parts from that! good luck.
  5. classicalgreen

    Driving with an automatic

    used my 3500 auto in 1 and 2 on rare occasions .eg hill climbing with slow twisty road and going downhill in 2 with odd dab of brakes on steep hills. think thats what the provision or 1.2 and lock is for.
  6. classicalgreen

    XYU 201N - 1974 3500 Auto

    nice tidy car with decent engine bay too. though I can never understand why when they respray engine bay its always the gloss black rather than original silk black! each to own I guess.
  7. classicalgreen

    Exhaust manifold

    easy enough to check for warped face though correcting will likely need light machining ( ouch) . gaskets ought to seal correctly and not come across any that only fit 'one' side out due to facing material. though common to have to fit right way up etc . we used hylomar gasket sealer for our...
  8. classicalgreen

    Breakdown cover

    funnily enough I was with Footman James for years which included breakdown cover. as every year prices went up I finally asked if they would do a better quote but was told it was already 'cheap'. so I looked round and swapped to a different company and saved about £90 . more than covering full...
  9. classicalgreen

    Possible stale fuel

    stale fuel can give limp running due to poor burning but mixing with fresh ought to sort that. starting with stale fuel is difficult. ethanol making that much harder! we can add stabilisers in future to stop fuel going 'off' for a while.ideally store vehicles with full tank to reduce...
  10. classicalgreen

    Breakdown cover

    got cover with my classic. insurer but found out it is restricted to distance etc. my bike cover also with insurer for recovery. had considered RAC but friend used them other week when clutch went and it took 3 changes of drivers and 5 hours to cover a 2 hour straight drive ( just under in...
  11. classicalgreen


    my rover v8 has electric pump fitted. tank cleaned and lined fully. all fuel lines blown with compressed air ( clear) float levels checked (OK) and new fuel (no?) low ethanol ( 99 octane premium) used. when cold runs perfect .runs Ok when warm and hot .stop at a garage and if I am quick ..(...
  12. classicalgreen

    Rover P6

    never driven a 2000 but having read many reports from owners etc it would seem the 200o ( especially auto) is a bit slow and underpowered. The 2200 tc is about same as a V8 ( so I understand) . having a 3500 auto I can attest they can keep up with modern traffic and give a superb ride. I wish...
  13. classicalgreen

    Uprated alternator

    if it's a straight swap eg bolts /connections then fitting higher rated alternator isn't an issue as it will only output power as needed to battery and system as needed. much like any other alternator in fact. They all have built in current and voltage controllers. so you can get alternators...
  14. classicalgreen

    Car horn

    JP is correct . horns are one each side reached form underneath .better if u can raise front a bit such as car ramps but these can get in way a wee bit so ideally axle stands .have peek first. might be a case corrosion pithing unit as was one of mine! bought new horns and sold boot sale as...
  15. classicalgreen

    twin SU on v8 ..choke position query.

    my car is an series 2 auto V8 1974 with choke operating cable /connections /linkage on nearside . having visited a car show at Shotley ,east anglia I looked under a bonnet of a series 2 v8 manual 1973 and noticed the choke cable /linkage was on off side carb ? accelerator set up being same...
  16. classicalgreen

    P6 V8 Auto Series 2

    I paid more than that for my rover V8 auto with NO power steering .( try and get that!) car was solid but had been Lia dup for 13years as previous owner was elderly and refused to part with it even after he could not drive or maintain it . so he had done a fair bit with full respray ( not...
  17. classicalgreen

    Leaking reserve tap

    already replaced my reserve tap 'O' ring with green Viton seal. however refitting tap in car proved difficult due to access ( lack of) and a seemingly complete awareness by Rover that anybody would need to get to this once in situ! short of removing engine proper access for repair/rework will...
  18. classicalgreen

    wandering on road?

    will be test driving the P4 myself tomorrow up to 60 mph on varying roads .eg B and dual carriageway to see if 'wandering' is in fact the car or driver. he is 74 (?) and not in best health ( kidney issues) but ha bene approved to drive. he rarely drives as wife terriers him about a lot so...
  19. classicalgreen

    wandering on road?

    mate has a P4 slight play Side to side when we test a moment top/bottom but it seems to wander a bit on roads. unsure if ist steering issue or tyres? anybody recoupment another type of type ? eg radial...
  20. classicalgreen

    Fuel pouring from drivers side carb... Stuck/sunk float? Thoughts, people?

    wasn't aware restrictor at tank end . tank over half full so will run it down as much as I dare.. then split connection and see if a wire probe works then blow with a air line again. Thanks for info.
  21. classicalgreen

    Fuel pouring from drivers side carb... Stuck/sunk float? Thoughts, people?

    lucky .you I get odd fuel dumping despite new jet/needle and flat level checks etc. looking at dirty fuel ..not so much particles but more a 'mist' so assuming minuet debris /plaque etc (tank) building. up on needle tips and preventing closing fully at times. it only lasts few minutes and but...
  22. classicalgreen

    speedometer over-read

    mine reads on average 5 less than real speed ( 2 sat nav's and a car following checked) so have to be careful with speed cameras as easy to forget and cruise past a few mph over limit! I was doing a healthy 65 mph in slow lane .then when we stopped got asked why I was thrashing the odd girl at...
  23. classicalgreen

    New member

    hope u get all you need. I stayed overnight B&b at Nelson when touring NZ. as using ferry between islands. If I recall correctly theres a very old sailing ship being stored? near ferry terminal ? there are several suppliers of rover parts for V8 . just need deep pockets lol .
  24. classicalgreen

    Auto box cooling pipes

    sounds good advise . pinpointing source of a leak is best way to work out solutions. hoses like that shown (red) can be 'hard' to clamp ad will tend to 'shrink' a bit once clamped.( rubber gives a bit under constant load. so might just need wee bit more clamping force. if fluid leak is from...
  25. classicalgreen

    Road noise at front

    had trouble buying tyres to fit ..tyre depot saying odd size and only van tyres available and too hard a ride (sidewall reinforced) so he asked me to leave and come back next day . then he foudn some that were suitable! must admit are noisy!