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  1. classicalgreen

    twin SU on v8 ..choke position query.

    my car is an series 2 auto V8 1974 with choke operating cable /connections /linkage on nearside . having visited a car show at Shotley ,east anglia I looked under a bonnet of a series 2 v8 manual 1973 and noticed the choke cable /linkage was on off side carb ? accelerator set up being same...
  2. classicalgreen

    wandering on road?

    mate has a P4 slight play Side to side when we test a moment top/bottom but it seems to wander a bit on roads. unsure if ist steering issue or tyres? anybody recoupment another type of type ? eg radial...
  3. classicalgreen

    3500 series 2 auto lights issues?

    headlight woes. just going for MOT but lights playing up.. got sidelights=OK. switch on dip=OK (outer lights) but then it goes weird. using 'flash' we get near. side inner ON and offside over ON.? mains =near side outer =ON and offside inner=ON got a Haynes manual but diagram to me is...
  4. classicalgreen

    carpet removal

    ordered a new carpet as old one way past usability. all went well until I tried to get carpet out from under the part where speaker ought to be fitted .it has removable section with V8 on it and all seems Ok other than carpet will not slide out from under the black plastic frame. cannot see...
  5. classicalgreen

    old and old

    was stripping out drivers side floor and side carrot to check underneath and found an old florin ! yes a 2 bob bit .same year as I was born .in decent condition too.fiest item my car has presented me with any money rather than sucking my wallet dry lol
  6. classicalgreen

    coolant pressure with a cold engine ?

    I am using waterless coolant in my 3500 auto. have been moving it up and down a short drive while not on road to keep things free and moving such as brakes! I ran engine for about 5 mins varying speeds from idle to about 2500 .engine has no thermostat fitted ta moment. about 3-4 days later I...
  7. classicalgreen

    overdrive not working

    fuse Ok wiring seems good. new really fitted . No 'clicking' when activated on lever and ignition on with gearbox in 4th gear. ( or any other gear) was working but just stopped .any advise ? no idea where to start checking. theres a very small 'micro' with on throttle body actuator . no...
  8. classicalgreen

    mates p4 1

    mates P4 100 or was it a 110? has a jaeger clock with 12v operation. with positive earth. non working. anybody had thsi or aware. possible. solutiuons? will be checking voltage supply tomorrow.
  9. classicalgreen

    rear brakes p6b '74

    after much ado trying to get past MOT as rear brakes either fail of JUST pass! ( handbrake that is ) finally set up cable tension to virtually nil play with actuator levers resting on backstops. busted disc 'glaze' with emery cloth and with fingers crossed took it for a retest. patted self...
  10. classicalgreen

    speedo cable replacement Rover P6b 1974

    put off for ages but finally carried out cable renewal . getting dashboard out is easy as was disconnecting cable to gearbox ! the rest got awkward . took nearside glove box off assuming cable access ( nope) then removed the radio speaker grill with the V8 emblem . access to cable going...
  11. classicalgreen

    NEC restoration show

    hopefully a few rovers at show ;) wonder if any other members going there Sunday ? lest hope for a nice day. not been to this show as I normally. visit in November .
  12. classicalgreen

    what is this needed for?

    doing an oil filter change on my rover p6 and became aware the 'tube and plate' fixed to lower Chassis under filter seems to serve no purpose ! so wondering if I should simply cut it away for better access and ease of filter changes in future. Anybody aware why this was in fact fitted by...
  13. classicalgreen

    joint rover clubs.?

    nothing posted about annual meet at Whitewebbs museum .Enfield . thought this would be about time invites where posted or at least notification it is being held? Maybe its no longer occurring. shams if so as its a nice ( cold) day out with like minded people and of course CARS!
  14. classicalgreen

    radiator small leak..replace/repair?

    have. an p6b 3500 auto. rad has been reversed flushed with jet pressure washer etc and whole system new hoses etc . using Evans waterless coolant and had a minor leak unable to trace .. so added ( checking first with Evans) that RadWeld was ok to use. seems to stop leak at least for a while...
  15. classicalgreen

    Plough corner clacton

    clacton car club has annual event here .free to those bring a car to show plus one passenger. very few rovers seem to get there.. maybe this part of country is thin on ground for our cars?
  16. classicalgreen

    old girl gets another years grace

    finally got it through MOT . though handbrake ( my main concern) was no real improvement even after changing both rear calipers with exchange from Wins. cable and hand brake quadrant etc all good. still needs a strong arm to use for effect. my old Zephyr has same or almost...
  17. classicalgreen

    bw 65 on rover 3500 auto

    always check d funds level using dipstick but now showing low. just occurred to me where is fill point? not down dipstick surely?
  18. classicalgreen

    waterless coolant

    just bought Evans waterless coolant of my rover V8pb6 . 1974 it suffered overheating and coolant loss in traffic and when idling for any length of time. did a new inlet manifold gasket and heater to rad pipe under manifold in stainless steel . checked small bleed hole in upper inlet...
  19. classicalgreen

    p6 3500 auto 1974 distributor issues?

    swapping my dizzy for a new powerspark electronic and coil unit. failed to take pics before starting. coil connection(s) seem all wrong .get no spark when cranking. checking handbook and powerspark web page faqs seem to indicate only 2 wires needed . one to + on coil and from coil to...
  20. classicalgreen

    LED replacement bulbs/lights

    just perusing the weekly classic car paper and noticed an article on how it illegal to use ( buying and selling too) these as replacement lights but do recall seeing advertising for such in other magazines . maybe this site ought to have a recommended or do not use! section that...
  21. classicalgreen

    classic car show may 15th

    will be putting my old rover p6 in with a mixed bunch at plough corner little clacton. last year they had around 400 cars apparently. so with a bit of luck weather wise..ought to be an interesting day. 10-4pm if I recall correctly. Know a p5 or two will be there so hopefully check these...
  22. classicalgreen

    rear brake problem

    only just got through last MOT as handbrake is v poor and was borderline. having stripped both callipers ( dropped rear end ..bleeding heavy ) and rebuilt noting cam pins fitted correctly ( seems they are easy to flip over ) as new test is looming I have no doubt it will fail ...
  23. classicalgreen

    v8 issues..

    having had engine keep cutting out on way to MOT test and back..( it always restarted and ran poorly with no full power available) I assumed I had a fuel issue. so have fitted an electric facet pump from tank to main feed line to carbs keeping original mechanical pump inline. though it...
  24. classicalgreen

    sticky brakes ...ggrr

    having changed both front calipers..was driving to club meet when found they were binding ..luckily i was near enough to get into car park and let them cool off ( bit smelly and smoky), borrowed a scanner and released pressure after servo. it behaved on way home but started binding again...