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    What is the suffix letter on the serial number on the bottom of the diffs? it might be stamped a bit away from the rest. M
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    Lower link arm (left hand side) for V8

    hi Peter, I;m presuming you mean the round one with the ball joint on the end for the front? If so I can probably help but I'll have to check on postage price...
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    Australian Camshaft questions.

    The standard Rover cams have the overlap reduced as they head toward 2000 (date). the tor engine is very small overlap. I've run a stage 2 cam (Aussie heatseeker) and standard carb needles and the car is very quick. It still bogged down off the line though as it needed the revs to be over 2000...
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    Front clutch on bw 35 P6 3500

    Oh, I forgot. Check the dipstick with the engine running and the transmission in Park (with wheels chocked) and handbrake on. On a level surface.
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    Front clutch on bw 35 P6 3500

    Er.. measuring stuff helps/ The cars takes about 8 litres of fluid. Five or six probably won't get enough oil to enough things to make them work. Most of that eight litres is in the pipework, pan and torque converter. Try some more fluid before pulling it to bits again...It has to be high enough...
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    Front clutch on bw 35 P6 3500

    How much fluid did you put in?
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    P6 V8 recon radiator width?

    A couple of shots of the radiator out of the car would be interesting. it appears in current photo that the core isn't joined to the tank? not sure how the water will get in and out? Occasionally, repairers will put the brackets back in the wrong would seem that is the case with yours.
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    no headlights..

    Your floor switch and all the wiring connections are 50 years old and carry quite high current. Sounds like the culprit will be the floor switch which have their mounting holes either size of the button but the wires go in (plug) from the top (or bottom). Over time the rocking action of ones...
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    Gearbox options

    I think Dellow also do a kit for fitting BW T5. there is another post on here somewhere with a detailed discussion on this topic. The other option is the RWD version of the R380 which is an improvement on the LT77. I've known several Toyota box conversions that wore very quickly but like the...
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    Series 2 2000SC 'Strip' Speedo Problems

    When you look at your right angle drive, the wheel is held in by a disc pressed into the back and staked. The disk can work its way out and become loose which causes the grease to dry and the wheel to move back and forth, causing the speedo to read the same. Eventually both disc and wheel part...
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    Borg warner 35 Front Clutch Piston needed....

    Hmm I've probably got what you are after. I have a whole gearset sitting in a box deep in storage which I think still has those bits in it. It will take a bit of time to get to and I'm in Australia so take anything local you can get. Have you tried Borg Warners?
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    Bw65 vs Bw66 questions....

    Out here Fords, Chryslers and the P76 all used BW boxes. P76 was a beefed up 35 but I think the big Chryslers and centuras used the 65 and they had (from memory) the sliding yoke tailcone and output shaft. Alternatively you can just get the Rover end put onto your ford tailshaft and balanced for...
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    Both P6 and SD1 V8s vapour lock here in Australia. The cure for the P6 is to use the electric pump from the air con cars which sits under the tank and pushes the fuel through. The inlet pipe for the mechanical pump is attached to the bottom side of the block under the exhaust manifold where it...
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    P5 Front drum brake picture?

    Trailing shoes tend to pull off rather than on from the drag against the drum. Hence the fitting of the booster. Leading shoes have a habit of grabbing but do require less foot pressure. For those not in the know the term refers to the brake shoe anchor point (normally one end of shoe)...
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    Uprated alternator

    New pulley is probably the reason its now charging at idle. You should check that the new pulley is still in alignment with the others so your fanbelt isn't bending. Auto sparkies are notorious for forgetting to check belt alignment when they replace alternators. M
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    That leaves two possibilities. First is that the two parts of pump driving linkage are stuck together, making the linkage one piece which prevents the pressure regulation from happening. If you can hold your finger over the return line connection and the fuel overflows the carbs without first...
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    I've had the same thing happen on my car. measurement of the height just didn't work. I incrementally adjusted the needle driving tab till the fuel stopped coming out then checked the fuel height in the jet and adjusted a bit more for that. One carb at a time. The actual float heights are...
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    When installing the new floats did you adjust the needle height? I suspect the needles are not closing the seat properly, allowing fuel to push past them with only moderate pressure.
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    The Pumps are designed with a split linkage between the drive cam and diaphragm. As the pressure in the pump rises the stroke shortens to reduce the flow to the carbs. Sometimes the linkages seize up giving full stroke all the time and no pressure regulation. its very rare for the needle and...
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    heavy knocking from engine.

    Sounds like the oil system needs priming. Which engine is in your car? At first guess i'd say the knocking is big end wear so you probably haven't killed the engine, noise is louder only because there is no oil to damp it out.
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    Various P6 parts

    Harvey's point is that the valve was placed there when they designed the 2000, where it fits nicely though access for service doesn't seem to have been considered. Transplanting the V8 into the engine bay just made it worse. The fuel lines run on the side they do because the exhaust runs down...
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    Engine misfiring on start up

    200psi is pretty good for a brand new engine; nothing will be bedded in yet so leakdown will be crap anyway. The manifolds are flexibly mounted with sealing by o rings. Finding a leak without the engine running is rather hard unless you strip down the manifold and inspect everything. I've found...
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    Need some advice please!

    They are quite a complex car for the period but pretty much everything that wears out is available somewhere at a reasonable price. You will need a mechanic that knows the car type, there are a few on here i believe. The payoff is the excellent ride and handling.
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    Engine misfiring on start up

    yes make sure you have timed the cam to the correct marking and it is on the correct stroke...not 180 degrees out and check the cam against the distributor to ensure the two are in sequence. But do all Harvey's stuff first
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    Very hot ignition coil

    Oh Dear, I see the cause of the problem right there in the pictures! You towed it home behind a foreign van! no wonder it's contankerous...Tow ir round the block a few times behind a British vehicle, that should fix it! M