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    Power window set for P6 on Ebay

    Found this site, it's about to close and its pickup only. currently best bid is 20 pound....Switches are missing but you can get new ones.Rover P6 (2000, 2200 & 3500) electric window parts | eBay Mike
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    P6B power steering hoses realignment

    Now that spring has arrived i'm doing some more work on my P6B...I'm wondering if anyone on here knows why the pump feed line goes around three sides of the engine bay and why the high pressure line from pump to steering box only has a short metal pipe on it and is made up of two different sized...
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    Twintune wanted

    does anyone have a Gray Horwood Twintune carbeuretter balancer theya re prepared to part with? M
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    Rover Gas turbine and Froude Brake for sale

    HEENAN FROUDE HYDRAULIC DYNAMOMETER | eBay Per the title i found this looking for an engine dyno. looks like the units rover built for university teaching. in pretty good order by the pictures...
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    Lightweight aluminium Drive shafts

    Has anyone tried to have one made for the P6? I'm looking into it as according to my rough calculations the dynamic weight saving would be around 150 kg as it's a major rotating member. Also looking at the axle shafts.
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    Rear brake adjustment conundrum

    I finally got around to adjusting up the rear pads on the p6. Right set are fine but the left set is wonky. The discs are straight and the caliper has no rotational movement back to front but it appears to be pointed outward on the mounts as the outer pad its about 5 mil out from the disk at one...
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    Overdrive for DG150

    On one of our trips to and from Canberra ferrying Flynn's rover parts home it occuured to us that the laycock overdrive could be attached to the DG150 auto to give a four speed unit (or six if you are really keen) as the DG unit has a lock up top gear. Has any one attempted this?
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    14" Rostyle wheel any condition

    Now that I have obtained the boot fitting for a Rostyle wheel, I need to get a Rostyle spare to put on it...As I'll be changing the rim to match the others, I can take a wheel in pretty much any condition as long as the centre is reasonably straight and the bolt holes are not worn out. Damage to...
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    White 2000 convertible

    Anyone know of this car? claims they made six. Doors look like original length. ROVER P6 CONVERTIBLE | eBay
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    rear brake repair schemes for rusty mechanical piston

    Has anyone had any experience in repairing the surface of the screw out piston on the rear brakes? I have a couple that are stuffed with the coating breaking off and rust pitting. I'm thinking of de-rusting them, removing whatever the coating is mechanically and electroplating them with a copper...
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    Electric Water pump

    Has anyone tried the Mezier electric water pumps that are available for the Rover V8? Add says they pull 7.5 Amps which together with the electric fan would draw about 18 amps or a total power drain of about 225 watts. In theory that is a huge drop on what the engine driven fan and water pump...
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    Mystery oil loss in BW35

    some of you are aware i started my P6b for the first time in about ten years a few weeks back. I checked the Trans oil level then and it was at the top line and nice and clean. Later i did a few three point turn type maneuvers around the workshop and the gearbox behaved as it always did...
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    1969 rover 3500 and 3500s manual (1st edition)

    Anyone have one of these at a lowish price? it is the one with the blue writing on the cover and pictures of both the three thousand five and NADA 3500S?
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    Change of diff ratio which right angle drive to change?

    I'm changing my diff ratio to the lower 3.54:1 and figure the easiest way to adjust the speedo accordingly is to change the angle drive to the 2000 one. I have several but how do I tell which is a 2000 and which is a 3500?
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    Dymo shrinkwrap label maker

    Finally someone has made a label maker for shrink wrap. I just bought Dymo Rhino 4200 tradies Labeller. Not too dear at around $150.00 AUS with 5' lengths of wrap at $40.00 each. New letter labels for my Air Con Pipes Here I come! I just did all the rear lights on the car and it was excellent...
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    Some points when working with the drive shafts

    Just a couple of pointers for those whohaven't been through it... The Bolts that secure the drive shafts to the stub axles in the diff are a very particular length. Their length is curtailed by the closeness of the flange to the bearing seal. They are designed to take the tab washer, the thick...
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    Electric windows - Wiring up

    I've got my power windows in the doors, now I need to do the wiring up. last thing is to find out if the overload breaker which is next to the relay, uses the two thick brown wires with the white stripe (might be a green or red wire - I'm colour blind) they look like thats where they go. I can...
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    Reassembling P6 after painting - some lessons learned the hard way

    Lesson one - DON"T! the Rover panels are a very tightly balanced fit and it is easy to scratch the Duco so they need to be lined up and the doors adjusted etc while in Primer or bare metal. The panels also alter shape when stored so you need to check the flares all lineup correctly before you...
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    Air Con Inlet Duct

    Anyone out there have the internal duct for the air con intake? the one that sits inside the firewall?or even a picture of what it looks like?
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    Rostyle wheel size issues

    I've sent my newly acquired Rostyle wheels off to have them split, rechromed and rewelded but have run into a snag. One of the four was welded together rather than riveted in a manner that means I can't re use the old rim .Which I thought was ok as I wanted to fit new 6" rims to the newly...
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    P6 front spring rods

    I'm hoping someone out there might have a set of P6 Front Spring retainers they don't want? I know the risks of rusty bells but none of mine are rusty and they make the job soooo much simpler and faster Mike
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    3.54 gearset into 3.08 housing

    I'm just starting to build up a diff to go with my 4HP22 conversion. Plan is to use 2200 gearset in a '76 3500 casing. Object being to get lower gearing to compliment the overdrive boxs higher final ratio and improve the around town performance. Has anyone tried this?
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    P6B rear sway bar - any suggestions

    Back in the '80s I fitted a KMac rear anti role bar to my P6B. Essentially it was/is a bar running between two plates bolted to the lower control arms. Didn't do anything for the role but made the car very twitchy on rough road. I worked out that because the lower arms essentially meet in the...
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    NZ french blue paint code?

    Does anyone have teh paint code for the New Zealand build colour "French Blue"? I've finally got my car back to a spray painter, he is number four since I started getting some rust cut out but actually he is the first one again...
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    Factory Air Con vacuum connection

    I'm working through the vacuum piping to install factory air in my P6 and have hit a bump... The manual shows one of the two inlet pipes connected to "B" spigot but "C" spigot is on the other end of that device and the manual doesn't show where it connects to though it looks like it should be...