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  1. clive P62

    Alternator mounts.

    For those of you wishing to replace the 11AC alternator to a later 18ACR types then these are the mounts you require. £50 + POSTAGE
  2. clive P62

    Black box pleat ambla seats.

    To suit early 3500s in almost mint condition except for some very slight damage to driver's seat backrest as shown. Will throw in a spare driver's seat in almost perfect condition. £375. Collection only please. Heathrow / Twickenham area.
  3. clive P62

    Misfiring V8

    When i first got my nada it had a bad misfire and would not go past 50 mph. After doing all the usual checks and compressions i removed the rocker covers to check if the rockers were working,guess what, some not moving. Camshaft completely knackered. Clive.
  4. clive P62

    Uprated idler bracket?

    Looks like Rover uprated the idler bracket on really late cars. The shiney one was taken off almost the last Brasilia VIP i broke several years back. Its reinforced by the idler mount points by gusseting, an attempt stop flexing? Clive.
  5. clive P62

    My first p6

    Found this picture in a cupboard i was clearing out. 5 speed fuel injection in the days when this mod was pretty rare, some of you older timer members may have seen it at shows. 1992! Was it that long ago.:)
  6. clive P62

    Black ambla drivers seat

    One spare drivers seat in pretty good condition which I have found in my spares garage. A couple of small imperfections / damage + some rusting to lower frame due to long storage. Any use to someone Clive.
  7. clive P62

    3500s roof panel.

    Still having a sort out and found a pretty mint roof panel with no rusting under the vinyl and never been drilled for aerial, any use to anyone? Clive.
  8. clive P62

    P6 on telly tonight.

    A bit late I know but a club members p6 is on tonight on freeview 11 or sky 152 pick channel Britain's most evil killers.( 10 pm ) Clive.
  9. clive P62

    Drive it day

    Any members out there going to a drive it day tomorrow? Our local organiser Tony bunting has arranged a get together at Bicester heritage centre, a ex WW2 bomber base. Clive.
  10. clive P62

    Side tinted glass.

    Having a bit of a sort out. Have a set of side tinted glass ( front glass with frames and winders) Some corrosion to rear glass runners but will not effect usage and some slight scratching on one front window. Any offers? collection only. Clive
  11. clive P62

    Broken diff halfshafts.

    Most of us know of the problem of the small halfshafts that snap. I was having a clear out under the bench and came across this. I remember replacing this some years ago. It's the longer shaft which is in the front alloy section of the diff. It's joined to the pinion with a sleeve, and has...
  12. clive P62

    Petrol leak from front

    I fully overhauled my friends HIF carbs on his V8 auto a few months ago but he has noticed a fuel smell and poor running recently. Had a look and one carb flooding badly. All new so called genuine S/U parts. Didn't expect to find this though. Have had some issues with rubber tipped needle valves...
  13. clive P62

    Puncture repairs without changing wheel?

    Nothing worse than about to go out and discover you've got a flat tyre . After a quick look and you have found a nail/ screw in tread. Don't fancy changing wheel, best clothes on, finding jack, using jack on your p6.? I carry these items in my boot. A tyre plug kit and air compressor . You...
  14. clive P62

    Coil balast circuit.

    Most of us know that we use a balast resistor in the coil circuit, but where ? Wiring diagram shows it as a wire . Messing about with spares car and as the main loom is not clever thought I would try and find it. On the coil + there is 2 wires in 1 spade terminal . The thicker white / yellow...
  15. clive P62

    How much wear will v8s tolerate?

    Spent a couple of hours today taking a few bits off the spares engine before it goes. Removed rocker shafts for a look see and thought I would keep timing cover. Just had to take a picture. Goes to show how much wear these great engines will take. The engine was quiet and the oil pressure when...
  16. clive P62

    XC 2000 in safety film.

    60s film about road safety, 2000 appears almost at end.
  17. clive P62

    Revival of early p6 colours ?

    Have you noticed new car manufacturers seem to be going back to classic car colours. The Citroen c3 looks a lot like Wedgwood blue / or pretty close to me. Clive
  18. clive P62

    Rusty windscreen pillar

    Just took the front screen out this afternoon on my parts car and look what I found under the stainless steel pillar trim.
  19. clive P62

    Heathrow Classic Car Show

    Hi Guys, A good show coming up this sunday 3rd july at the old british airways concord VIP lounge club at cranford/heston middx. More details at Heathrow Classic Car Show Clive.
  20. clive P62

    Breaking 3500s

    Bought as a failed resto,been in lock up 20 years. Working webasto roof/was recovered but needs recover/ referbish. Complete working PAS kit. Got engine running on clean fuel. Good points,oil pressure 20psi hot idle/35at 2450 with independant gauge. Sounds great would suit rebuild project,will...
  21. clive P62

    wanted screen rubber/seats

    Hi fellow rover fans probaly a tall order but i am looking for a mint condition gen front windscreen rubber/not a repro item. Any sandalwood ambla front seats or material to fix my old seats. many thanks clive. :)
  22. clive P62

    new member

    Hi to all you rover fans just joined this great forum been into p6s for many years.Have 2 p6s,3500s u/k manual and 3500s nada auto which is under full resto at moment,been keeping me busy now for over a year.Will try to post some pictures later. cheers clive :D