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    OK, not a Rover, but it has twin SU carbs, and a blower!

    Lovely photos. It looks like a Bentley. They had a 4" exhaust pipe and sounded wonderful.
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    P5B Left front suspension Lower Ball Joint

    I need to replace a worn ball joint, so where us the best place to obtain replacement parts ?
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    A post for no reason.

    We use Dexron in our dashpots too and it works well.
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    when the tree huggers ban the use of petrol cars due to emissions

    It's quite possible that one day you'll have a lot of tree-hugger friends who might be very keen to hitch a ride with you to get somewhere. Once they wake up to the real world of the future they might rethink how useful it can be to have your own means of transport. A good old Rover might be...
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    Fitting an in line fuel filter

    Yes it does, but I felt it might be a good idea to have an extra filter where I could see if it ever caught anything, plus also see if any air bubbles were coming through. I don't like to think that any muck might find it's way into the carbs. Perhaps I'm just a bit paranoid!
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    Fitting an in line fuel filter

    I fitted an online fuel filter just above the mechanical pump on our P5B. I thought it was much easier to reach there and simpler to fit.
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    BW35/65 Checklist.

    Thanks Harvey for that explanation. I understand it much better now. A drain and refill programme will start soon.
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    BW35/65 Checklist.

    Thank you for that clear explanation Harvey. I can understand things much better now. Hpopefully the addition of the extra transmission cooler will keep our oil temperature down, although apart from starting off at traffic lights or intersections we very rarely find ourselves in anything but...
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    BW35/65 Checklist.

    Harvey, I'm a little puzzled about the use of Dexron II. A couple of years ago we had the BW35 box in our P5B fully reconditioned by a very good auto transmission specialist workshop. They refilled with Dexron II and when I queried this they were adamant that this was a suitable fluid...
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    V8 Fuel starvation

    I wasn't thinking about any crud coming back into the tank via the fuel return line. As Mike says, that would only slosh around in the bottom of the tank until you get around to cleaning it out. I was thinking more about any crud that you might have blown back down the reserve fuel line...
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    V8 Fuel starvation

    I think I'd look and try to see where the dislodged crud went. It might be inside the strainer on the fuel pick up, waiting to find it's way back into the reserve pipe so it can catch you again (probably when you're miles from home on a freezing, wet night).
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    V8 Fuel starvation

    After adding fuel did you change back from Reserve to Main Tank? If you didn't it's possibly a blockage somewhere in the Reserve line up to the changeover valve.
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    Hi, Norm from N.Z. has radiator problem.

    I presume the P5B is very similar, since ours likes to settle with the coolant about an inch below the filler cap. I wouldn't feel happy about using a 15 lb cap since the higher operating pressure might cause leaks to appear somewhere as well as putting a bit more stress on the radiator core...
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    Fuel level sender for P5B

    Thanks "unstable load". I think I'll need to pull it out again when the petrol level gets down a bit and take a photo of what I have, because I don't think it really looks much like the Wadham P5B model. Rover could welĺ have used up some old stock when they assembled for the NZ market.
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    Fuel level sender for P5B

    Our petrol tank level sender has suffered from corrosion and the copper windings have almost completely disappeared. I considered trying to rewind it but think it may be better to look for a replacement unit instead. Can anyone suggest where I might be able to source one, either new or used ?
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    I found it much easier to refit the mirror glass if the plastic retaining strip is stretched first around the glass edge and kept that way as you work it back into the metal frame. That keeps it much thinner and easier to reassemble.
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    Very Effective Leather Oil

    I've been using Tanners Oil from a saddlery shop. Seems to work well and is very reasonably priced.
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    Curved V8 Bonnet Badge

    I've got a couple of similar little holes on our P5B bonnet. The badge was missing well before the last paint job (about 30 years ago). I don't follow EBay so that maybe worth a look for me too, unless someone has one somewhere that they may like to sell
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    What sparkplugs to use N9YC or N12YC

    I think the Champions are worth every cent/penny that you pay for them. After a string of plug failures in everything from cars to lawnmowers and chainsaws I now prefer to use almost anything else that I can get.
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    Rover passed MOT. Emergency fix of the horn.

    Might be a good idea to also check that the earth connection is making a good contact. Any corrosion there will result in big voltage drops when under load.
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    Side indicator repeaters

    Should be able to get a lens from Scott's Old Auto Rubber in Melbourne, Australia. He's got his catalogue on his website.
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    Ban on Diesel and Petrol Cars

    Remember the "Paperless Office" prediction in the 70's? How about the "Millenium Bug" in computers? "Global Warming?" Is this fuel scaremongering just another over-hyped thing for the media to latch onto?
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    Weird spanner

    I've got one of these spanners myself and occasionally find a use for it. There must have been some very good and obscure reason why Crescent made these but I haven't discovered it yet. All of the above suggestions are valuable tips though, so perhaps I should check them out again...
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    Borg warner 35 and fluid on the floor.

    I am very pleased to hear that this "leak" is normal. I've been looking around to try and find just where the pink stuff comes from.
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    Dexron Auto Gearbox

    We've just had our BW35 reconditioned by an automatic transmission specialist who refilled it with Dexron III, which they recommend. I hope they've used Dex3 compatible components. They claim they have had no problems with this in all the BW35s they have done on Fords and have given a lengthy...