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    Hollandia sunroof (sliding steel)

    Wanted as complete panel pref. with lining etc. Electric would be nice.
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    Lower link arm (left hand side) for V8

    Must be genuine NOS, not remanufactured and not the 4 pot straight type. Part number 595740.
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    Recommendation - respray Southern Germany

    Hi, as the title says. South of baden-württemberg please
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    Wanted: LHD steering box

    NOS or recon. Or possibly know excellent..
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    Wanted LHD steering box...

    NOS or reconditioned. Cash waiting..
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    Interior firewall picture needed

    Hi all. Stupidly I covered this with sound deadener without marking the holes for the shin bin retainer straps. I marked the P-clips but not these for the straps. Anyone got a good picture for reference? Much appreciated.
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    Alternator upgrade AC11 to modern A127 type

    Hi folks, anyone want to check my process for swapping these? The newer type have internal regulation (no more relays) and better output at low speeds. Disclaimer: Use this at your own risk. If your car explodes/catches fire that's your problem not mine. ISOLATE THE BATTERY 1. Isolate the...
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    Multiple coil failures

    Hi, had my 3rd one fail after only 3 days this time, any ideas? What happens is the car runs but misfires intermittently on acceleration. I fit a new coil and all is well. Repeat. The last Bosch coil lasted 8 months. I'm running a 35DLM8 with the side mounted switching module and a 3 ohm...
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    S2 V8 Wiring diagram

    I have the club workshop manual but the scan of this isn't very good. Anyone got an S2 V8 wiring diagram? PM if not wanting to public post.
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    Have I trashed these heads?

    Is this scrap? Shelf collapsed and this cylinder head fell about 2ft on to concrete... The aluminum is pushed up in the corner and will need to be be removed but I don't want any higher compression and avoid the surface being skimmed. Not at all happy
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    Where best to mount a fire extinguisher?

    With reference to my recent fuel-hose and carburetor issues, what would you think is the best place to mount a fire-extinguisher without robbing too much of the already limited space? Alternatively, just carry it in the boot?
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    Exhaust fumes in car

    Hi all, I'm feeling slight sick after today's drive. Checking the manifolds and exhaust there is no obvious blowing or leaking. Where should I look?
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    V8 rings - worth doing/economical

    Hi, I'm refreshing a 100,000 mile 10.5:1 engine. Compression is even but about 15-20 lb down on factory figures as you might expect. My question is how difficult is it to re-ring the motor and is it cost effective to keep it running in top condition rather than look to a new engine in say...
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    Looked for a 15 lbs radiator cap, found 3xLHD 3500S!

    Couldn't find a 15lbs radiator cap anywhere so I headed to a Land Rover specialist I was directed too, Autoland in Wetzikon near Zürich. I started talking to a man in the queue and mentioned it actually wasn't for a Land Rover but for a Rover P6. The reply was "I've got 2 of those just across...
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    High (ish) lift cam and later cylinder heads - carb needle advice

    Hi all, The question is in the title. I have a mild Crower cam and the better flowing later heads with 4.6 valves and guides. The goal is to add 30 bhp and at least match what a good 3500S puts out at the wheels but with my ZF auto box in the way. Obviously the answer is to get it on a...
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    Rivet size...

    For the A pillar trim and the aluminium retainers for the outer body seals (the stapled rubber strips). Whatever it is, it is less than the smallest 3mm from the local DIY.
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    BW35 setup

    Hi, this is redundant after my ZF conversion. It did drive but needs reconditioning and might be handy if you need one for an exchange. Complete with converter, bellhousing, flexplate, piping. Free to anyone in the South if I can drop it off easily on my travels to Cornwall. It goes in the...
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    Bumper overrider plating - Mark Gray

    Hi, anyone had this done? Happy with the results? PM me if preferred.
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    Warped Dash Trays - the solution?

    Hi, Just wondering having stripped down a car for parts, what the collective opinion is for fixing this? The tray was indeed remarkably easy to remove and I noticed it had a fairly thick jute pad underneath. I wonder whether epoxying some 3mm plywood and obviously clamping it evenly work...
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    Movie - High Rise (2015)

    With Tom Hiddleston. This car must be known..
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    P5 seats...

    Simple question.... Will P5 seats complete with the height adjuster base fit into a P6?
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    Brushable seam sealer wot works

    I've go a bit of long-term project to deodorize my P6 as my wife hates the smell. A big part of this is replacing the soundproofing materials such as the old jute and foam. Another part is removing the bitumen which is in the sound-deadening tiles, - this can be replaced by modern butyl...
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    Wheel arch liners

    Anyone tried something like this? Gordini Project -Wheel Arch Liners I'm thinking this would protect the rot spots at rear (lights, wing top etc) and help the splash seals at the front. That site is s really interesting and very well written up, even if it's not a car I'm greatly...
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    Anyone got the dimmer panel knobs and the retaining rings in excellent condition and are willing to sell?