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  1. roverp480

    Exhaust emissions

    I think the TFL website has been updated recently because when I checked about 6 months ago it was stating my 1955 Land Rover was chargeable but when you went to the payment area it showed exempt . Now its showing straight away its just liable to the congestion charge.
  2. roverp480

    Fuel pump feed.

    Did you check it with the engine running as if there is no current flowing you will see 12v at the coil with a digital meter on the ballast wire ,
  3. roverp480

    Exhaust emissions

    If I remember the 1973 date was a fixed date which was changed years ago, to a rolling one of all vehicles over 40 years old
  4. roverp480

    Seat belts problem

    Seat Belt Repairs | Seat Belt Replacement | Seat Belt Refurbishment Quick Fit SBS Ltd can use your existing buckles etc , as mentioned by cobraboy above
  5. roverp480

    Storing an engine for a while – what do I need to do to protect it?

    I am trying to remember the standard we had at Austin/ BMC for long term storage of engines, its about 50 years ago when I looked at it. One thing I am certain is that a special preservative oil was put into the bores and then engine turned over about one revolution . Afterwards all the...
  6. roverp480

    P6 V8 recon radiator width?

    If the radiator end tanks are hard against the base unit, the odds are it will fail in short order as the tubes will expand and try to push in & out of the tank plates and eventually crack the solder. The radiator needs to be able to float to a degree, either on the brackets or rubber mounts...
  7. roverp480

    Driving with an automatic

    I remember my first Auto, was a Land Rover Discovery with a 4 speed ZF & I didn't like it at all, it was continually changing down at the slightest incline when with a manual I would stay in 4th or 5th . Fortunately it was a loan car and I was glad to see the back of it & back to the manual...
  8. roverp480

    Rear screen heater not working

    Check that both wires are connected to the rear screen terminals and also that there is 12v at the screen terminal with the switch in the on position (Brown /Yellow wire ). If no 12v at screen check there is voltage at the switch output . The connectors on my P6 are halfway up the side of...
  9. roverp480

    leds in dash indicators problem.

    An 18ACR needs a connection from the ignition to the alternator via the warning light to energise (Excite) the field coils. I am not sure of the exact amperage but the 2.2 watt ignition bulb is sufficient. A LED would not allow enough current to flow. I had this problem on a Land Rover when...
  10. roverp480

    Dash green light

    My P6 has a towbar and a light in a similar place
  11. roverp480

    quick question about fog lamps

    The lamps are about 55 watts about 5 amps each if that's any help and the original fuses are blow rated so the 35 amp fuse is circa 17 amps continuous.
  12. roverp480

    Uprated alternator

    Sounds good, understand how less voltage drop on modern diodes could make a big difference, presume that's why early alternators were battery sensed
  13. roverp480

    Uprated alternator

    Fitting a higher rated alternator wont necessarily alter its output much at lower revs. as it will be only spinning at the same speed as the one removed . Your 18ACR would appear to be working correctly .
  14. roverp480

    Odd bolts

    The are paint clearing screws , used in parts that may have paint in the threaded holes . Its not one I have seen on a P6 and can , if you want, be replaced by ordinary High tensile bolts ( Normally R or S grade) of the same thread
  15. roverp480

    Flywheel Capers

    Not a torque wrench in sight , all done by feel.
  16. roverp480

    Low Brake Fluid level switch.

    It is cork . Can you crimp the pin so the washer becomes captive again ?
  17. roverp480

    Securon 500/30 front inertia seatbelts

    For info. I have used Quick fit SBS Seat Belt Repairs | Seat Belt Replacement | Seat Belt Refurbishment � Quick Fit SBS Ltd for Seat belts on my older vehicles such as P4 and early Land Rovers , and had them replace damaged webbing with a new reel on my P6 and alter existing belts to fit...
  18. roverp480

    Water leak from engine Block

    The core plug holes are left in the cylinder block during its casting and are there to hold the sand Cores in place during the casting process, otherwise they could "float" about as the aluminium is poured into the mould . The cores form all the internal water ways and such. The sand is then...
  19. roverp480

    Cold Start (Choke) Switch and Choke Warning Light

    Test the switch by checking the light stays goes out if you detach the wire from the Otter switch, if it does its the switch , if not there is a short in the wiring., or the previous owner may have bypassed it . I may have a used one on a spare engine , I will have a look and advise As far as...
  20. roverp480

    NOS Starter Motor Needed Machining

    That's Unipart for you ! When I worked for Rover I was instrumental in getting the whole stock of a particular Unipart UJ , used on a Land Rover, scrapped as they weren't up to original specification. The fact it has Lucas cast on the body doesn't mean it was made by Lucas
  21. roverp480

    Cold Start (Choke) Switch and Choke Warning Light

    Correct , both switches have to be closed for the light to work , so with a cold engine and the choke out the light stays off, when the engine warms up the second switch in the head closes as well, to remind you to push the choke in. If you have already done that the light wont come on. The...
  22. roverp480

    Solex Carburettor

    I had a 80 & yes the petrol would evaporate out of the carb if it was left a long time especially after a run in hot weather. I had this issue when touring Germany one summer. The carb filled quickly when the engine is tuned over long enough on the starter without resorting to dismantling it...
  23. roverp480

    P6 Seat Adjustment

    Rover tended to make their drivers seats have a lot of for & aft travel , more than most . I believe they had one or two chosen people from the whole employee pool who were asked in to the design dept. to test new vehicle seating to check it would be OK for the shortest & tallest.
  24. roverp480

    Cylinder Head

    I suggest you contact Rover sports register who have extensive knowledge of your model and a number of Members in Australia . Rover Sports Register (
  25. roverp480

    Heat always on

    Personally I would not put a tap in the heater water pipe as there is a chance that the coolant flow around the cylinder head might be compromised . The cooling system is designed to have a permanent water flow through the heater. I was involved with the engine design engineers when I worked...