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    Clutch pedal height.

    Pull back the carpet and underlay and set the brake pedal height between the bottom of the pedal and the floor to 6 & 7/8" Set the clutch pedal level with the brake. This is done on the threaded rod into the master cylinder (under the bonnet on the 3500S). Push the clutch operating arm rearward...
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    For Sale. Pair of Ebony head restraints.

    A friend of mine has a pair of ebony head restraints for sale. £80 collected, or plus postage.
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    deutschland 86

    Almond P6B in deutschland 86 first episode of the series last night. Lots of inside and outside shots.
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    3500S 5 speed ebay.

    Rover P6 V8 3500S | eBay
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    Classic Insurance.

    Has anyone got their classic insured without the need to have a "daily driver" insured as well, or got classic insurance with themselves insured as a second driver on someone else's daily driver?
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    Just found this:

    Which relates to this very interesting bloke: Britain's Greatest Test Pilot : Quantafilms, Bringing you quality TV on DVD and download
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    just seen this on flickr.

    Pic was taken Sept 2016 IIRC.
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    Spot the deliberate mistakes.

    ROVER P6 Rear Brake Caliper. L/H side. Fully Reconditioned. Exchange item. | eBay And another. ROVER 2200 SC / TC P6 FRONT WHEEL HUBS 3500S V8 | eBay And another. Rover p6 3.5 v8 pair of exhaust manifolds from a high compression engine | eBay
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    SD1 Parts.

    Has anyone got the contact details for the bloke up north somewhere (Yorkshire?) that dismantles SD1s and sells the used parts? I know he's been recommended on here before, I know someone looking for some SD1 specific engine parts.
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    240v induction motors.

    Anybody know about them and diagnosing problems with them?
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    Font size.

    Being a trifle aged I've found the "Change Font Size" icon, and can increase the font size so it's nice and easy for an old duffer like me to see, the trouble is everytime I change pages it goes back to microprint again. Is there any way to make the increase permanent?
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    LDV ZF4HP22. SOLD.

    As has been discussed at length on this forum, this is the box that makes for the easiest conversion, having the mechanical speedo and front end for direct mounting to the back of a RV8. A friend of mine has one for sale, complete with everything there from the back of the crank to the rear...
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    Number One.

    I can't take credit for this, it was Saturn Simon who used to be on here when he had a 3500S that thought of the idea, but it was interesting enough that I thought I'd steal it for here. What was the UK number one single at the time your car(s) was first registered? Try this site and...
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    LDV ZF4HP22.

    Nothing to do with me. ... 3f4c2b9c5f But may be of use to someone here.
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    Propshaft lengths.

    Would anyone be able measure the closed lengths of any P6 propshafts they may have lying around. All I need is the distance between the flange faces with the sliding joint fully closed, and what model/gearbox it came from. TIA.
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    For only the second time ever.....

    ...A Stobart truck named after a man.
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    Spotted this....

    ....pic while wandering around the 'net. And wondered if it was one of ours.
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    De dion boot.

    This is just on the offchance there might be someone that can help. Is there anyone in Lincolnshire that would be willing and able to fit a de dion boot for an owner that doesn't have the facilities or confidence to do it himself?
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    Board Index.

    For some reason I've just started getting this: Strict Standards: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting...
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    Measurement wanted.

    If anyone has either a driveshaft collar, or a diff driveshaft that's to hand, I'd like the id of the collar, or the diameter of the shaft where the collar fits, which should be pretty much the same. I could drag out a diff from storage and remove the shaft to measure it myself, but tbh I feel a...
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    RV8 BW35/65 flexplate & ring gear.

    Anybody got one they'd be prepared to sell to someone that I know that's in need?
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    Bullet Mirrors.

    The subject of whether Bullet Mirrors do or don't suit the P6 has been discussed at length, but if you're one of the people who think that they do, here's a nice cheap pair for sale. ... 258ae3eac3
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    I found this......

    .....while wandering the 'net, and thought it was interesting enough to copy to here. (Note: I say interesting, not necessarily accurate or useful). "Early P6's had the pressed steel 'shark's teeth' grill whereas the Series2 has the 'eggbox' grill This came in a number of variants - the 2000...