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    P5B Left front suspension Lower Ball Joint

    I need to replace a worn ball joint, so where us the best place to obtain replacement parts ?
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    Fuel level sender for P5B

    Our petrol tank level sender has suffered from corrosion and the copper windings have almost completely disappeared. I considered trying to rewind it but think it may be better to look for a replacement unit instead. Can anyone suggest where I might be able to source one, either new or used ?
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    Windscreen Washer Pump Impeller

    Does anyone have any suggestions for where I might find an impeller for the windscreen washer pump fitted to a 1971 P5B? It seems age has caught up with ours and it has disintegrated.
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    Hello everyone from NZ

    We have a 1971 Rover P5B Saloon which is now back on the road after 20 years up on blocks. It was my dad's pride and joy for about 20 years until 1995. It didn't take too much to get the engine going but we did need to do a lot of work on the braking system as all the seals were leaking...