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  1. gripper

    rear screen relay

    hi all. having the recent problem with starting which is now solved after it being the relay. i have been told that the reverse lights run from a relay as well, also heated screen dont work. is it by chance that they run off the same relay. if thats the case then where are the relays fitted. thanks.
  2. gripper

    starter solenoid

    hi, can someone tell me the part number for solenoid on starter motor on 72 v8. ....must get a parts manual.
  3. gripper

    starter relay

    anyone got the part number handy for the starter relay on 3500 p6
  4. gripper

    baffle plate

    i have a baffle plate missing from my v8 rocker shaft. anyone got one.
  5. gripper

    dash top

    hi, has anyone repaired their cracked dash top successfully, if so what have you used.
  6. gripper

    screen trim

    is the trim across the top of the windscreen just held in by the corner bits that are rivited.
  7. gripper

    rear screen heater.

    hi all, my rear screen heater dont work. switch on the dash lights up. can you tell me where the wires are that go to the screen at the back of the car so i can test if i have a live there..thanks.
  8. gripper

    bottom end.

    can the sump be removed in situ and the bearings replaced.
  9. gripper

    exhaust manifold.

    can a cast exhaust manifold be welded and if not, does anyone have a passenger side r/h drive one for sale.thanks.
  10. gripper


    hi, can anyone tell me the number battery you need for p6 v8.
  11. gripper


    i need to replace some of the exhaust on my 3500. its manual converted from auto. so my questions are, are both exhausts the same. and can you buy a pipe instead of the centre box. if so do you know where as i cannot find on any of the usual sources.
  12. gripper


    hi all. anyone got the instructions to one of these.
  13. gripper

    reverse lights

    hi lads, my reverse lights dont work. checked live in at switch,ok. checked live out switch,ok. pulled bullet connectors on reverse lights and put live to them, ok. so its somewhere from switch to reverse lights. do you know where wires go along body and is there any joins in the wire from...
  14. gripper

    timing question

    hi all, with my MGC the timing by the book is 20 degrees btdc but with todays petrol they advise 14 degrees. so the 3500 v8 says 6 degrees i believe. what do you guys think they run their best at. im putting points back as elec ign is playing havoc with my rev counter.
  15. gripper

    points and condenser

    hi all. have read that 3500 had different points before and after 72. mine is a 72. when i bought my car it had elec ign on it already so dont know what points i need. how do i tell the difference.
  16. gripper


    what other cars do you own apart from your P6.
  17. gripper

    mg gearbox

    hi all, does anyone know if the 4 speed overdrive gearbox in an mgbgtv8 fits the v8 p6
  18. gripper

    bungs in tunnel

    hi all, my car was a p6 v8 auto changed to a manual. is the rubber bung on the left hand side of the tunnel in a different place. i cannot get to the gearbox filler plug through this hole.
  19. gripper


    hi all, i have an oil leak somewhere high up on my manual gearbox. its above the oil level filler plug. is there anything obvious to look at when i get under there the weekend. i lost about 1ltr in a month.
  20. gripper


    what carb feeds what cylinders on the v8.
  21. gripper

    spare key

    cannot get spare key cut for my 72 p6. anyone know who sells the blanks.
  22. gripper

    front fogs

    hi all. when you put the switch in fog light position is it right that the headlamps go out.
  23. gripper

    hazard switch

    hi, anyone got a working hazard switch
  24. gripper


    Is the flasher unit for the hazards different for the indicator one and also where is it positioned please
  25. gripper

    new member

    hi everyone, thanks for adding me to the group. just bought my first rover so will probably be on here regular in the near future.