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  1. clive P62

    Resistor wire to coil

    Check voltage at coil with engine running, if approx 6 /9 volts it's balasted.
  2. clive P62

    spark plugs

    Been using NGK BP5HS plugs in my P6s for 40 odd years, never had an issue with them unlike Champion which must have had bad runs in production, at the garage I worked at we had cars coming back after a week or so with misfiring after servicing hence we used NGK from then on.
  3. clive P62

    Wiper delay not working, how to solve?

    Apparently so Harvey but I've never seen any. I broke up a very late R reg Brazilia brown VIP some years ago and that didn't have a electric delay wiper system.
  4. clive P62

    Wiper delay not working, how to solve?

    Not really had a issue with the pipe ( only one car with a split on the capsule )in my case it's the vacuum capsules which needed repair.
  5. clive P62

    Reproduction Walnut Shifter Knob

    My late dad turned a couple up on his hobby wood turning lathe ,made from my mum's old rolling pin !
  6. clive P62

    Where's the alternator relay?

    My April 71 3500 auto doesn't have the relay
  7. clive P62

    Oil Pump Woes

    In my early silly day I did drive the granny out of the old V8 going right past the red lines on the rev counter until the lifters bled down at nearly 6000 RPM so my mates 3 litre Capri wouldn't over take ! Never had a engine let go or any drive gear problem.
  8. clive P62

    Oil Pump Woes

    As far as I know that mod was done in the touring car days due to the very high distributor drive wear over 6000 RPM.
  9. clive P62

    1973 3500s- front caliper pistons

    Repaired lots in my time and never came across different sizes. Get all my parts from Power Track.
  10. clive P62

    thank you...

    My brake readings when I MOTd recently. New rear discs + pads / rebuilt rear calipers but rear brakes not yet bedded in.
  11. clive P62

    P6 at Brightwells

    That's the good side. A not so good patch welded on the offside.
  12. clive P62

    Reproduction Walnut Shifter Knob

    My wood auto knob
  13. clive P62

    Interior firewall picture needed

    Not allowed Very good Mark
  14. clive P62

    Interior firewall picture needed

    I noticed that the bulkhead is pre cut for the factory air conditioning recycling inlet and centre cold vent outlet. Seems only the earlier cars were done like this even though a /c was a factory option. My 75 and 76 cars were not cut like that.
  15. clive P62

    Stiff gear selection BW35

    Had a couple with the nylon ball couplings seized.
  16. clive P62

    Front Spoilers for P6?

    Of course
  17. clive P62

    Thoughts on VHI MOT exemption

    Nothing he could do I would suppose . At the moment we are not doing while you wait tests, in order of when customer drops off .
  18. clive P62

    Front Spoilers for P6?

    Made a difference to mine at motorway speeds and above
  19. clive P62

    Thoughts on VHI MOT exemption

    Had the video linked to the customers and ministry when I worked at a Porsche main dealer !
  20. clive P62

    Thoughts on VHI MOT exemption

    Unfortunately I can't give verbal advisories as 99% of customers I don't know Also you never know when the ministry may bring in a car with faults which they can do now, or wait outside until you have finished a car then come in and say they want to inspect it !
  21. clive P62

    Thoughts on VHI MOT exemption

    As a tester it's amazing the condition of some of the cars out there ! I know classics can be a different matter, on the advisory issue a car can pass it's test which is as most people know is a minimum safety requirement, but almost nobody ever gets the advisorys repaired for the following...
  22. clive P62

    Looking for p6 drivers side door skin to buy

    Voking 2000 on eBay under p6 spares has them. Clive.
  23. clive P62

    Alignment specs

    My V8 NADA has shims fitted as standard on the inner mount points.
  24. clive P62

    Uprated anti roll bar.

    No wing removal needed, just jack up the front a bit.
  25. clive P62

    Vapour lock

    That's the same set up I had when I had my EFI P6 in 1990 !