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  1. Oldskoolrob

    Australian Camshaft questions.

    Hi cam guru's - I mentioned this in my 4.6 head thread but I thought I'd start a new cam-shaft related thread as most of the cams mentioned in other threads here are UK or USA based manufactures. I've got nothing against that but in this time of slow/unreliable freight I'm only looking at cams...
  2. Oldskoolrob

    Will 4.0/4.6 heads fit on a 3.5?

    Old-mate locally selling a reconditioned set. Cheaper than getting my heads reco'd, if they will fit ok to the 9.75:1 engine I've been talking about?
  3. Oldskoolrob

    Bw65 vs Bw66 questions....

    Howdy, I'm installing a 3.5 into my Mk2 Cortina as some of you know. I've ended up with both a BW65 and a BW66. The BW65 is 'reputed' to have been rebuilt 20K Kms ago and comes with a reconditioned (never installed) converter. Apparently it's been converted from a Jag to suit a Rover and has had...
  4. Oldskoolrob

    What can you tell me from this engine number....?

    Hey groovers, What can you tell me from this engine number? 22G00074. It's a 9:1 3.5L. Old mate reckons it came out of a vitesse, and was then put in a county (intake changed to County Stromberg 175's). I reckon he's full of it, but happy to be proven wrong. How do you identify a Vitesse engine?
  5. Oldskoolrob

    Mating SD1 BW66 to Landrover 3.5.....

    Hi, I'm assuming these two will mate together with no issues. Anything I need to be aware of/tricks to make sure it goes smoothly? Cheers, Rob.
  6. Oldskoolrob

    How much current draw.....?

    Does it take to run an Rv8? I'm looking at installing a thermo fan (10amp max) and remote coolant pump (20amp max) and I want to make sure I have an alternator up to the job. I have a brand new 70amp sitting 'in stock' and I would rather use it than buy another one. What current draw would the...
  7. Oldskoolrob

    What are the good points about am 8.13:1 engine?

    I got a random RV8 for a good price - going to use it to convert my Mk2 Cortina. Question is, are there any desirable attributes about the 8.13:1 that would make it a good engine to use in the final build? 3.5's are pretty thin on the ground here and I've been told it's not as simple as a piston...
  8. Oldskoolrob

    Most compact Rover v8 set-up.

    Howdy Groovers. So while I wait for my engine/box to be freighted from all over the place I got to thinking of how to set it up for the smallest footprint, as length will be an issue in the Cortina Engine bay. It it true that the p6 timing cover and Buick 231 V6 water-pump give the shortest...
  9. Oldskoolrob

    How bad are BW35's.....really?

    I have a quandry. I'm gathering stuff to throw into my Mk2 Cortina. It's easier/cheaper to go with a BW35/65 as they bolt straight up to the engine. But I could get an adaptor bellhousing and use a Ford C4 or TH400. The bellhousings aren't cheap, and the car is a cruiser, so would the BW be...
  10. Oldskoolrob

    Sucker for punishment.....

    Howdy groovers. Well I've been away for a bit. Had the P6 on the market (after being stuck on the roadside and having to be towed + a rebuilt starter motor) and no one wanted to play. So why not double-down? No, not another P6, but I'm gathering an injected 3.5 and auto to once-again attempt a...
  11. Oldskoolrob


    Hi Guys - not sure where to post this so Admins pls fix as required. I've been away for a bit and come back to do some reading. I think I accidentally 'reported' a post instead of 'liking' it. Worst part is now I can't remember where it was! Admins - if I've reported ANY posts pls ignore, I'm...
  12. Oldskoolrob

    Starter motor?

    Well I'm ticked off at the old gal. Again the name LUCAS is invoked in rage. Starter motor this time, a week before a major planned run. Do starters from landy's fit p6b's at all?
  13. Oldskoolrob

    'reversing' P5 exhaust manifolds?

    Hi, I'm going to try and squeeze a 3.5 into a small engine bay (Mk2 Cortina) and I'm looking at clearance challenges. One suggestion was to put the P5 exhaust manifolds on 'backwards' to have the exhaust exit near the front of the engine, then go down and under. Are the heads symmetrical in that...
  14. Oldskoolrob

    Differences between Borg Warner 35 and Borg Warner .......35

    Hi, Quick question. If my P6B has a BW35, and my Mk2 Cortina has a BW 35, why are they the same model number - surely they're different internally?
  15. Oldskoolrob

    Bellhousing sizes......bear with me.

    Howdy, The bell-housing for the old Rv8/BW35 is pretty substantial. Does anyone know if the manual bell-housings or bell-housings of a different auto are smaller? I realise at the block they're all the same, but how quickly they slope away for lets say firewall clearance ;)
  16. Oldskoolrob

    Does anyone here know a lot about MGB's?

    Hi - Apart from the engine, I'm trying to find out how else the V8 version was different to the 1.8? Specifically brakes and diff. I haz a plan a-hatching.
  17. Oldskoolrob

    distance between engine mounts

    Hi groovers - it's hard for me to measure with the engine in the engine bay - can anyone tell me how far apart are the engine mounts? And for extra points what angle are they at from horizontal or vertical? (pic is not my car) Cheers, Rob.
  18. Oldskoolrob

    Identifying 3.9 blocks

    Hey groovers - is it stamped on the block wether it's 3.5 or 3.9? I can't remember.....
  19. Oldskoolrob

    Well, it finally happened..........

    I got to take the family on a nice drive around my local area to look at the Christmas lights. Old Reg behaved!! O.O Fun was had by all!
  20. Oldskoolrob

    Holley whistle.....

    Howdy, I've got a 450 Holley which has been professionally 'rebuilt' a few months ago. It's started whistling in the primaries when warm now....I'll pull it off and tighten the base plate screws - but is there anything else it could be...?
  21. Oldskoolrob

    Series 1 V8 Temp gauge questions.....

    Howdy - I'm not very electrically minded. The temp gauge in my S1 dash will sometimes fluctuate up into the uncomfortable zone. I've changed the sender unit in case it was earthing due to old age, but it's still happening. Last time I pulled straight over and the engine was definitely NOT...
  22. Oldskoolrob

    Rear spark plugs

    Does anyone else have trouble finding a spark plug socket that fits the rear plugs? I can't seem to get mine in there - all others ok but the rears seem to need a really thin-wall one??
  23. Oldskoolrob

    Well that's different.....

    Hi all, I parked up my P6 a while back due to a lot of oil coming from the rocker breather on the drivers side and valley breather. Had a mechanic do a compression test (I had asked for a leakdown test but that's a different story), and he came back with #4 and #6 a lot lower than the rest, and...
  24. Oldskoolrob

    Well, I'm still here................

    Had the car on the market for a few months. A bit of interest, a few people inspected, but no takers despite me dropping the price. Looks like old Reg is here to stay.
  25. Oldskoolrob

    Regretful Sale. QLD AUS.

    Hard times call for hard decisions. Rover P6B Series 1 v8 | Cars, Vans & Utes | Gumtree Australia Caboolture Area - Beachmere | 1253396412