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  1. Gargo

    Rovers in the backgorund....

    Solex Bicycle (1968) - British Pathe A 1968 film about Solex, my partner tells me they ride past a few Rovers.... I've watched it a few times now and think I've counted 2; I'll watch it again and see if I spot more.
  2. Gargo

    N.Ireland historic vehicles are to be MOT except from today 12 October 2020.

    Northern Ireland Minister for Infrastructure has announced that changes to legislation to exempt private vehicles of historic interest from annual MOT testing, come into effect from today 12 October. Mallon announces new legislation to exempt vehicles of historic interest from MOT testing The...
  3. Gargo

    P5 v8 engine for sale (and other RV8)

    Fyi Just appeared on Done Deal; Rover V8 Engines for sale in Wicklow for €250 on DoneDeal Includes : 4 rover V8 engines 1 bare block 1 3.5 Range Rover injection engine 1 P5b 3.5 1 3.5 Manual engine of unknown origin All require rebuild
  4. Gargo

    Sticking oil pressure gauge

    Having left the Rover V8 for a couple of months, on engine start the oil pressure warning light went out but the gauge was not budging. Later once hot and with higher revs the gauge flicked into life. The engine rested over night and the gauge was stuck again at zero, then ping it flicked into...
  5. Gargo

    Weekend away Photo

    Give us your weekend away photos of the car. One photo per weekend. Rover and Benbulbin, Sligo, Ireland. Cracking weather and little traffic.
  6. Gargo

    P6 Bike carrier

    Our car came with a tow bar and it was the first thing we removed all those years ago. I need to transport my VeloSolex tomorrow so spent the day making a bike rack to attach to the tow bar mount. Here is the result. The Solex is 9 years older than the car, so it is all fairly period. I like the...
  7. Gargo

    Overhauling a knackered engine.

    I've started overhauling a very worn engine and thought some of you may enjoy the process. I'll show the old tired stuff, but the focus will be on the new and improved. Here goes: The old cam is on the right, The old cams standard lift of 6.6mm has worn down to 3.8mm on two lobes, only one...
  8. Gargo

    P6 V8 sump and oil pickup

    We're building a new V8 engine the P6 to swap for the very good standard existing engine. As the existing engine is good, I do not want to leave it open to the atmosphere by breaking seals; therefore we require a P6 sump and oil pickup and anything I don't realise I need to convert below the...
  9. Gargo

    Car waterproof cover, advice....

    I'm looking to buy a car cover for storing the car outside for the winter. Does anyone have any recommendations or otherwise for all the different companies selling these products? I'm looking at: Stormshield + Moltex Outdoor Car Covers All Weather Cover Your Car - Tailored and Fitted Car...
  10. Gargo

    Below lght, Rear reflector.

    Free to a good home.
  11. Gargo

    Rust proving a P6 - Guide needed

    Has anyone written a guide or HowTo on rust proofing the P6s? I was looking at a rust proofing site and they have a very informative diagram of the procedure of application for a Jag Has anyone done or seen similar for the P6? Or I'm starting this thread on how we should rust proof a P6...
  12. Gargo

    Mistry Hole - Std or owner made?

    Question: What is the hole below the two forward wing mounts for? At the moment I'm thinking it is or us all to buy sill repair panels as the cavity behind the hole goes down to the sills. To save a thousand words - here's a picture: Either I weld a plate over the hole or find a grommet...
  13. Gargo

    Door Rubber Steel Channel - Sourcing

    Hi all, Our car has just failed the MOT, if you've follow the thread on the car, you'll know why I think this failure has an easy fix. Just a matter of welding the area around the lower D piller. (and a new brake switch as well) Do anyone know where we can obtain the steel rubber gripper...
  14. Gargo

    Front suspension knocking

    Hi all, 2nd problem found on a fast test drive. I'm getting a knocking from the front right corner. We have always had a knocking from the front right but we could never find the problem. Tonight with the car gripping better than ever the knocking is worse. However I think I've found the...
  15. Gargo

    LT77 gearbox baulkplate rubbing

    Hi all, Taking the car for a fast test drive I've found fast cornering with power on is sometimes causing, what I think is, the prop-shaft UJ to hit something. (I can hear the noise) Our car has an SD1 gearbox fitted, here is a picture of what I think is the offending UJ. I remember tightening...
  16. Gargo

    Laser Levels - so useful

    With christmas money I like to splash out on something I'd not normally buy. So I bought a laser level. I''ve just put the Rover up on axle stands and used the laser to level the car flat as per the Haynes. The laser level is used to provide a datum to measure from or to. Easy to provide a...
  17. Gargo

    Bill Shaw Racing P6

    I arrived home the other day and a friend had pushed a Motorsport News cutting through my letter box, showing a picture of the restored Bill Shaw Racing car at Donington Park. Does anyone now any details of the car? I hope it used the DeDion axle and if so what (who's) diff did it use?