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  1. jp928

    Plug colour.

    I would read the white as showing a lean mixture. How many miles on these plugs - doesnt look like much. The black part looks a bit like shadow of the electrode - not so? Have you done the SU piston lift test - lift a piston ~ 1/16" at idle, fully hot - revs rise and stay up, rich; revs drop...
  2. jp928

    Can he fix it? Yes he can!

    The 15 imp gal tank is 68L, 12 imp gal is 54.5L
  3. jp928

    Fuel pump feed.

    No, will do. But if the coil measures 3 Ohm, and the specs for its part no say 3 Ohm, it has to be 12V doesnt it? Lucas DLB101. Starts easily hot or cold weather. Lucas 12 volt ignition coil DLB101
  4. jp928

    Fuel pump feed.

    I am seeing 12v at the coil (3 ohm type), so I dont think I have a ballast in line.
  5. jp928

    Fuel pump feed.

    I hear what Colin is saying.... As I read the diagram, the coil is fed off the input side of F19-20, while the washer pump is fed off the output side, as are the warning lights, tacho. FWIW I have my inertia switch mounted below and a bit rearward of the coil, so I think its OK. Is there an...
  6. jp928

    Fuel pump feed.

    My pump doesnt run on accessory- my reading of circuit is that washer pump and coil are both powered from same point, so either on accessory sounds wrong.
  7. jp928

    P6B S Project Car

    Shutting the drivers shin bin is difficult - not obvious whats causing it. Anybody have a pic of what the bulkhead should look like there please? Fixed - a little relocation of the speedo cable required.
  8. jp928

    1968 2000 TC Restoration Project

    Are all the rings complete, no bits of a land missing? I have seen pistons very badly eroded on the crown due to pre-ignition caused by using low octane fuel. This damage looks like some foriegn matter got into that cylinder, to me. Bits of spark plug - electrode, or insulator?
  9. jp928

    Fuel pump feed.

    I tapped off the windscreen washer pump, works fine.
  10. jp928

    P6B S Project Car

    While I was cleaning the prop shaft I noticed a part no on one end - 533535. Not in the 3500 parts book, but it is listed as the shaft for a 2000 sc/tc. It fits fine, so...should I worry ? It seems to be same dia as the 3500 auto shaft I have for the LT77 transplant, just longer. Probably should...
  11. jp928

    P6B S Project Car

    The rear UJ bolts must be the tightest such bolts I have ever struck! Really had to swing hard on them. Shaft was badly surface rusted, some signs of scratching at the line of the hand brake cable boot - dont how that would have come into contact. Shaft all cleaned up, nice coat of black on it...
  12. jp928

    P6B S Project Car

    looking around underneath....lets check the prop shaft UJ alignment. One arrow a little hard to find, but in the end...close to 180d out of alignment. Havent noticed any vibration, but so far have only done a few 100 kms. The gearbox has been out and opened by barbarians ( had some sort of EP in...
  13. jp928

    P6 3500S- manual gearbox trouble

    Considering how shot peening of a gear shaft would be carried out, I find it hard to see how the shot might get into the box. Surely the gear shaft would be mounted inside a cabinet (like a sand blasting unit), shot peening done, shaft removed, cleaned, oiled and stored until it was assembled...
  14. jp928

    Pre-engaged starter motor wiring.

    Ouch! Did you find the base cause of the burnout?
  15. jp928

    Fuel pipe size.

    The Huco fittings go into 5/16"(8mm) ID pipes, with a hose clamp obviously. This is a common size for Carburettor systems. I connected the inlet hose directly to the end of the metal tube along the side of the block (already cut by PO) without difficulty. I have also covered the whole length of...
  16. jp928

    Drakelow Tunnels

    Thats a great piece of history, thanks. Had never heard of any of this. Needs a bit of proof reading - 'infamous Merlin' , 'raised to the ground'.....
  17. jp928

    Bw35 sump gasket

    The book lists 8-13 lb/ft for type 35 box. Settings this low can be hard to judge without a suitable torque wrench, or a very experienced hand. For similar low torques I use a 1/4 drive socket bar torque wrench with an overall low range of torques, as larger wrenches will not be accurate at the...
  18. jp928

    Australian Camshaft questions.

    My only experience with a 3.9 was in a late 90s Disco - 9.35:1 CR. Pulled and revved very nicely, big change from the previous 3.5 Disco. Both were 5 speeds. Previously had an 8.13:1 CR RR 3.5 in Oz - ecellent low down torque, but poor in the revving department - leads me to think that the CR...
  19. jp928

    Will 4.0/4.6 heads fit on a 3.5?

    Note that this ^ plan assumes tin head gaskets to give a bit over 9:1 CR. Good plan - wont need high octane fuel, will rev well, feel my experience.
  20. jp928

    Will 4.0/4.6 heads fit on a 3.5?

    Head skimming can be detected by measuring a boss on the head - documented in the relevant manuals. Re change in CR - for a 3.5L and 8.13CR, the unswept volume (head and piston crown) should be 61.85cc; if you swap heads to later 28cc from early 36cc, this should reduce to 53.85cc; using CR =...
  21. jp928

    Will 4.0/4.6 heads fit on a 3.5?

    Yes, if you put them on an 8.13:1 engine it will usefully lift the CR, but will also breathe a lot better. power will improve also, as long as you also ensure the cam, lifters and rockers are in good order - checking the rocker shafts is easy, they are the weakest link in the pre-SD1 engines...
  22. jp928

    Will 4.0/4.6 heads fit on a 3.5?

    Those castings - HRC2479 - also came on 3.9L engines, but they are the smaller combustion chamber types, so need composite gaskets. I have a apir on a 8.13:1 3.9L engine.
  23. jp928

    rover 3500 steering relay

    Oz club has had some new bodies cast/machined up, and can transplant original hardware into the new bodies. I have one booked, but it will have to wait until the lockdowns end....Car is still safely driveable, so its not a hard wait.
  24. jp928

    V8 4 speed gearbox - difficulty with reverse.

    Here you go...very close to 20mm from underside face of steel bracket to top edge of cast part. Originally it was 6-8mm.
  25. jp928

    V8 4 speed gearbox - difficulty with reverse.

    Make sure your problem isnt the mount before doing big stuff, like dropping the whole gear change mechanism. There is a steel plate on the back of the gearbox that sits on top of the rear mount. When the mount has sagged, its gets closer to the top rear edge of the big cast iron mount casing...