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    Rear Brakes/Discs

    I'm fixing to change out the rear brake pads and discs ( Rover P6, 3500 Automatic, 1972). I have seen a post where the project is approached from the side of the car initially. The rear wheel is removed, and, then, the final drive is disconnected, allowing access to the disk and brakes. It...
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    Distributor Rebuild

    Morning, all: Re: 1972 P6 3500, Automatic: I'm having a difficult time fitting contact points ( the correct ones, and, of good quality) on my distributor. The heel doesn't contact the distributor cam as it should. I'm thinking it's time to rebuild the distributor. Is this a project that...
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    Contact Points

    A question for those more enlightened than myself in auto electrics: Does the function of distributor contact points degenerate over time such that they don't work as well after wear and time as when new, or, is it a case of either they work or they don't? Thanks in advance.
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    Alternator Alternative

    I've read in another P6 forum that some 3500 owners are replacing the 11AC alternator with a Lucas A 127, which is more readily available. In addition to ease of access, this alternator is purported to produce greater voltage (14 plus volts) and smoother performance. My recently rebuilt 11AC...
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    Gear Selector Play

    The gear selector lever on my 1972 3500 P6 has moderate lateral play. Gear selection itself is straightforward, but, I encounter a little side-to-side laxity in the selector lever when shifting. Does anyone have thoughts on possible causes to search for before I have a look? Many thanks, Drew
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    Door seal Replacement.

    Greetings everyone from across the pond. I'm the proud owner of a 1972 3500 in beautiful Davos White, which came with it's usual bit of issues. I'm moving on to replacing rubber seals, most of which are fairly ragged. I'm planning on replacing the vertical rubber seals that are situated...
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    Links to suppliers of External Gear Linkage parts for P6 cars.

    United States: Summit Racing | Aftermarket Parts & Accessories, OEM Auto Parts United Kingdom: askthemechanic (Ebay seller's store)
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    External Linkage

    Just a note to members that if you are having trouble finding replacements for worn external gear linkage, some of the parts can be fairly handily improvised. The lower control rod ball ends were worn to the extent that the gear shift would not engage the starter inhibitor when placed in park...