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    PAS Pump Outlet Fitting - Leak arrggh

    The pump number 5541/9522/1 I believe is unique to the P6B. In the drawing files there is only the one assembly for the 5541 model style. The unique features could be the bearing cover only being retained by one screw, I assume because the screw is only used to secure the cover during shipping...

    PAS Pump Outlet Fitting - Leak arrggh

    The first 4 numbers give the pump model variation, I’m only aware of the top level drawing defining the rotation. The last digits define the options provided, such as elbows, pulley, mounting flanges etc. Finally found the drawing for the orifice tube, see attachment

    What is the name for the little C-shaped clips with tiny triangular 'ears' on the throttle linkage to the carbs?

    Try this eBay item 273100856985 for the Austin Healey Steve

    PAS Pump Outlet Fitting - Leak arrggh

    Original OE drawing attached for the power steering pump. The .7” refers to the length of the roller vanes / cam width. The middle figures of the part number 5541/9522/1, gives the normal performance of the pump, 95 = 950 psi relief pressure and 22 = 2.2 gpm flow. Unfortunately the drawing for...

    PAS Pump Outlet Fitting - Leak arrggh

    Could just be a large amount of clearance between the tube and tube nut allowing the tube to move off centre, but normally the flare will centre itself unless the tube is being deflected by say contact with the body or other components. I will have a look for the pump drawing when back at this...

    PAS Pump Outlet Fitting - Leak arrggh

    Yes the owner should ensure that the tube nut is clamping the flare of the tube onto the cone of the orifice tube insert. When the tube nut is tight it should not be possible to rotate the tube and no axial movement. There should be enough thread depth in the pump body to take the tube nut. I...

    PAS Pump Outlet Fitting - Leak arrggh

    Picture 2 and 3 clearly show the orifice tube in the discharge port, so you have no missing parts. The 45 degree angle from the small centre flat diameter to the internal thread is the cone that the flare of the tube should seal on. If you look at the top of the cone where it is truncated by the...

    Mid-life crisis!

    Having already had my midlife crisis a few years ago I throught I would share my choice, yes I have to let the wife drive it some times!!

    PAS Pump Outlet Fitting - Leak arrggh

    Hi all and a Happy New Year to everyone, Guess that this is my area of expertise the power steering pump used on the P6 3500, early Range Rover, P5B and many other British built cars of the 60’s and 70’s are variations of the Hobourn Eaton Series 30 pump. The attached drawing is of a typical HE...
  10. JRLFXC

    Rover 2000 TC for sale

    Nice looking example but I don't believe it's a 1965 car. Are those anti-burst locks that I can see on the B and D posts. If so this feature did not appear on base units until late 1967, even then only the holes appeared on the door posts the locks were not fitted until the 1968 model year. My...
  11. JRLFXC

    hidden p6 on ebay

    It is in fact first registered in December 1965, can provide more photos to anyone interested. Not sure if the mileage is correct or if a new speedo has been fitted in the past. Sorry that the front wings are missing but Paul Smith had them for 149 FLK some years ago. Any further details please...
  12. JRLFXC

    P6's on eBay...

    Hi, All, Yes WHJ was important to me and I would of liked to seen it go to a good home in the "complete comdition" which is why I offered it for sale. I could quite easily done the same as Mr Mackay and sold the best parts seperately. just for the record below is Mr Mackay's response when I...
  13. JRLFXC

    series 1 rally car mid wales!

    Hi, would this be the car you saw!! It could of been my old Rally that I built many years ago, I sold it aroud 2004.
  14. JRLFXC

    V8 Front bumper

    Hi, That will be a 2000 TC bumper and number plate backing.