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  1. classicalgreen

    Speedo fault

    def brave . I am putting off changing my choke cable as it freezing in my garage! still as not using car until possibly April ?when vaccinations may be around? plenty of time I guess.
  2. classicalgreen

    Front shockers bottom pin

    can understand Rover using split pins. these are easy and safe to fit when everything is new. putting thread and nut oil may well be answer but do ensure you take pics and get insurance approval as its technically a 'modification' and if ( unlikely ) an accident occurred and engineer sees this...
  3. classicalgreen

    1st post from lurker!

    welcome to site and public. nice looking car. do enjoy when I eventually ( covid?) go visit friends next year in Dorset ( Blandford forum area) will keep en eye out if a sunny day .
  4. classicalgreen

    Speedo fault

    had clicking behind my dash and speedo flickering. series 2 '74. V8 changed cable reduced noise and no longer surging needle! played with routing of cable and noise now gone! has both ends fitted with 90 degree angle drives. checked both and happy with them so refitted. suggest your inner...
  5. classicalgreen

    Split Ambla

    found it online. if I come across it again ( currently working in garage) will post and details or a pic of kit. garage has about 3 tons of boxes etc so might turn up eventually but probably way after you need or want :(
  6. classicalgreen

    Rear spark plugs

    ground a socket wall down to fit and luckily have a short 2-3" extension bar so not a problem with a ratchet :)
  7. classicalgreen

    Split Ambla

    you can get vinyl repair kits .differnt colours and patches that get glued underneath to strengthen area and even 'imprint' mould to impart a matching 'grain' pattern to make repairs almost invisible. I bought a kit years ago and used it once! decent results for a first attempt but sort of...
  8. classicalgreen

    Series 2 ignition key

    hopefully somebody can assist though I assume you have tried local locksmith/keymakers? sounds as though either key and or barrel is very worn. good luck.
  9. classicalgreen

    1974 3500 Auto, Reg. STR168N Almond coachwork

    having once had stubborn steering wheel on a ford Mk 4 Zephyr I tried pulling upwards heavily with oen hand and with other whacked steering wheel from underneath... soon learning that removing wheel nut completely was very foolish. A wonder I didn't end up with a broken nose but it DID hurt...
  10. classicalgreen


    never seen one but looks interesting.
  11. classicalgreen

    The Infamous Series 2 Fusebox

    just completed my fuse box change from original rover 12 fuse plastic unit to 2x 6 blade type ones. was very fiddly but I wrote down every connection and took pics first.Added a few labels too with connection/fuse number so each wire(s) had good identity. Then cut each wire at entry to...
  12. classicalgreen

    Which club?

    joined P6 ROC some years ago (membership now due again .how fast that comes around) spoke to other club when doing my yearly visits to NEC show. ( not this year though) aware clubs do split an Amy own local club ( whom will remain nameless ) also has member/committee issues so can see why clubs...
  13. classicalgreen

    What's blowing my fuse?

    good idea though I would look at what is on that circuit and see if that was worth a checkover first eg brake pedal.
  14. classicalgreen

    Uprated anti roll bar

    not worried unduly about potholes or ruts and tyres have plenty of height for absorbing changes such as kerbs! ( under 4") just thought but looking at rear leaf springs for trucks and some cars I note they have extra 'leaf(s) ' clamped to ones bolted at each end to increase firmness after...
  15. classicalgreen

    Uprated anti roll bar

    nice.many thanks information. will be asking for a price and if they can supply ( need specs?) one for me. plus others may find information useful? wont be ordering until xmas as :( issues at moment but again many thanks .
  16. classicalgreen

    Intermittant wiper

    surprised not to see a few comments on subject. I found my intermittent was due to a vacuole pipe leak (split) near wiper motor but was hard to find! do check along pipe as any leak will cause it not to function. good luck with heater matrix .I tried back flushing but didnt work well...
  17. classicalgreen

    Uprated anti roll bar

    not found a supplier yer for uprated ready made arb for my rover P6 but as its off road until march next year have plenty of time to see if anything turns up.
  18. classicalgreen

    Accelerator shaft 566141

    can we not weld a rod length back on? cut to suit!
  19. classicalgreen


    ford Kuga is everyday car but am inheriting a really old Japanese car end of January.sadly cant recall model or make at moment but its got a small engine and is automatic.
  20. classicalgreen

    Revitalised Wiper Delay

    mine were not working until I traced vacuum pipe split (not easy to see ) and fixed it. now my wipers do 'delay ' and is variable woohoo.
  21. classicalgreen

    Revitalised Wiper Delay

    no pics being shown here ..just a small blue box with a question mark inside it.
  22. classicalgreen

    Hot starting problems 3500

    sounds like vapour lock in fuel lines and carbs. is heat shield in place under carb to inlet manifold? have we tried insulating fuel lines as they do pickup a lot of heat once past sump. had quiet a few issues with stalling after stopping poor restoring even with choke! and found was...
  23. classicalgreen

    FBHVC Survey

  24. classicalgreen

    New toy

    used Snap on tools at work for years .only had 1 spanner fail among all of us in around 15 years! almost instantly replaced by snap on. so can't complain about tools.though yes the do 'wear' as do any other tools with high use rates.
  25. classicalgreen

    The Infamous Series 2 Fusebox

    sheesh . was thinking up upgrading to Blade fuses but keep putting it off. car is over 40 years old and still on original fuse box. hhmm .why change whats never gone wrong versus others having issues and peace of mind. think I might opt for 2 x6 way blade fuse box and book in for mental...