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  1. DamianZ28

    Front brakes staying on after complete rebuild.

    Hi guys, have just completed brake overhaul, all new pipes, brand new front calipers, rebuilt rear calipers, bled the whole system but the front calipers are sticking solid, undo the bleed nipples to release the pressure and they release. The master cylinder is new but was on the car when l...
  2. DamianZ28

    Is this hole from production ?

    I have two of these holes on both sides under the rear chassis legs, are they from production and some form of drain hole ? if not I'll weld em up.
  3. DamianZ28

    Cleaning inside of P6 V8 petrol tank (1974 model)

    Any good tips on cleaning the inside of the tank, the sender was rusted and seized so the its not too pretty on the inside, more surface rust and bits, do these tank sealers work well, especially with the reserve sections on these V8 tanks? Thanks & regards Damian
  4. DamianZ28

    Brush on metal primer

    Any tips on a good brush on metal primer (mail order poss ) as I used Screwfix red Oxide on the front end but it reacted in places with the UPOL gravitex so wont use again, I can't think what I used when I did the red P6 several year ago... Thanks Damian.
  5. DamianZ28

    Reverse gear light switch wires

    Hi people, Am going to reconnect the reverse gear wires to my now converted SD1 5 spd box but cannot remember which are the two wires on the mini loom that is part of the inhibitor switch ? all answers welcome :-) thanks Damian.
  6. DamianZ28

    Can anyone Photo shop some of my old pics ?

    Hi peoples, The pics below are of my old Red Rover P6 which I sold back in 2014, now have new project : New Project begins, 1974 P6 3500 V8 So the new one will be identical, same Cragar wheels and so on, but the new paint will metallic blue with black vinyl roof, So my question is can anyone...
  7. DamianZ28

    P6 V8 rear main oil seal.

    Quick question, l have the auto box off my car as converting to LT77 5spd manual, car is 1974 model with the later rubber rear main crankshaft seal, seams fairly dry but can l replace it without having to remove sump and rear end cap? Thanks Damian
  8. DamianZ28

    SD1 V8 engine and P6 BW35 auto box for sale

    Have this listed, can end early if anybody is interested, also not listed will be also for sale the BW35 box from my P6 V8 with the shifter/rods and flex plate once I remove it from the car, has no reverse though so good for spares. Rover V8 SD1 Engine & P6 V8 BW35 Autobox. Collection only! |...
  9. DamianZ28

    2000/2200 Pedal box wanted for manual conversion

    Does anybody have a 2nd hand pedal box from a 2000/2200 P6, see my link below to show what I bought last time in 2014, will need the connecting rod too as the clutch master cylinder will going next the brake Master/C. The brake rod connecting is fine as that is what I used last time. Cheers...
  10. DamianZ28

    New Project begins, 1974 P6 3500 V8

    Hi everybody, been a while since I was last on here so good to post this! So yes looking for another project, budget will be around £2500-£2750 which I know isn’t much by today’s prices as everything that is considered a classic is now a ridiculous high price. So what I would like is another...
  11. DamianZ28

    Hot wire a P5B without an ignition switch any ideas?

    Hi guys, have got a over P5b V8 in my garage as a spares car, I 'm going to use the V8 & BW35 for a hotrod project but before I remove them from the car I want to see if I Can get it running. Slight problem is there in no ignition switch or dashboard, just a bunch of wires hanging down..eeek...
  12. DamianZ28

    Rover P5B V8 Saloon spares/Panels ect

    I am breaking a 1972 Rover P5B Saloon 'spares car' . I have three doors. bonnet, boot, stainless door top trim, front screen clips, passenger seat height adjuster and various other parts. I am keep the engine & box Please PM for more details, thanks Damian
  13. DamianZ28

    On ebay, ends soon my red modified 72 V8 P6

    Sadly it's now for sale, end tomorrow eve 10:30pm, sad but needs must: ... 6371615680
  14. DamianZ28

    New Alternator 11AC required, where can I get one ?

    Hi there, just had the alternator go bang & seize on my 72 P6 V8, where is the best place to order a replacement & what's the cost ? its a 11AC version. Cheers Damian
  15. DamianZ28

    new clutch issues after conversion

    Hi Guys, Having trouble engaging the gears after completing the conversion from auto to LT77 sd1 manual on my V8 P6 Have just fitted a new braided flexi pipe between the clutch master & slave cylinder, bled using a self bleeding kit. Clutch plate & pressure plate is an AP Performance version...
  16. DamianZ28

    Clutch Master cylinder thread size for union on 3500s

    Hi Guys, Embarressingly I cannot remember for the life of me the actual thread size for the union fitting for my clutch master cylinder , its a 3500s version. I ask as I want to get a flexi staniless version made up, I got a copper version but not very flexible, the SD1 slave cylinder is an M12...
  17. DamianZ28

    LT77 G/box prop flange different to BW35 g/box propflange ?

    In the final stages of finishing my conversion from BW auto to LT77 SD1 manual, fitted new UJ's to the Propshaft, went to bolt back on only to discover the bolt holes on my auto prop are different to that on the SD1 LT77 prop flange, Only two holes lines up, :evil: Now I was tired as it was...
  18. DamianZ28

    SD1 LT77 breather cap, required or not?

    Having nearly finished fitting the LT77 SD1 box to my 3500 P6, I still didnt get to sourcing the breather cap that sits on the top of the gear casing, will this cause oil to spew out under pressure whilst running or wil it be ok? Cant seem to find one anywhere :( Cheers Damian
  19. DamianZ28

    pipe for master & slave clutch cylinder, SORTED I hope !

    Hi, I'm the middle of conversting my 73 P6 V8 from BW 35 to LT77 5 spd. All going well, I'm using a new SD1 clutch slave cylinder/pushrod, new SD1 pivot arm, release bearing and AP clutch kit for the SD1. (the engine block is the SD1 unit that came with the gearbox) I need to know what the...
  20. DamianZ28

    Changing input/output shaft seals on SD1 LT77

    HI Guys, Am in the middle of my gearbox swap from BW35 to SD1 lT77 manual 5spd on my 72P6 V8, its 2600 police spec with V8 bell housing from a mid 80's SD1. Is it a relatively easy task to do ? I'm not scared just want to know if once I remove the casings to do the front/rear seals, will a...
  21. DamianZ28

    For Sale BW35 Auto box removed from my 72P6 V8

    Hi, Have my BW35 auto box for sales, just removed from my own 1972 3500P6 as changing for LT77 5spd manual. Box has covered 77k miles, no issues, slight clunk when changing down to first when its warm, kick down was great and up through the gears fine. Comes with torque converter, rear mounting...
  22. DamianZ28


    STOP PRESS, I SIMPLEY CANT SELL IT, JUST STARED AT IT IN MY GARAGE AND NO IT HAS TO STAY WITH ME! ................................................................................................................................... 1It hurts to type this but I'm regrettably offering for sale my...
  23. DamianZ28

    3500s complete pedal box assembly

    I'm going to start my BW35 auto to 5 spd LT77 conversion, so I'm after the complete pedal box assembly with the clutch/brake pedals, all the linkage from the clutch, bell crank lever, push rod and mounting that the clutch slave cylinder bolts to, all the bolts aswell would be a bonus. Also need...
  24. DamianZ28

    Which SD1 clutch kit to get Self centering or non self cent?

    Going to be starting the gearbox swap in the next few weeks, really not sure what type of clutch kit to use, Box sd the LT77 SD1 5pd G23A numbers, engine is the SD1 V8 # 10A4088A, I don't have the old plate or pressure plate. I see there is a Non self centring and Self centring versions, does...
  25. DamianZ28

    Youtube clip of my P6

    Thought I'd share with you guys, been a while since I've posted anything, car is now on its 3rd engine block...don't ask! :oops: its a 55k free one I had out of a 80's SD1. Over the Autumn/winter I'll remove the BW35 & fit the 5spd LT77 manual box that came with the engine, cheers Damian...