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  1. roverp480

    Temp Sender Hex?

    Temp sender could be 7/16" BSF hexagon
  2. roverp480

    Nice trip in autumn sun before the salters are out.

    I was booked to visit the Norwegian LR Club meet this Summer in Evje but of course no opportunity this year . Its a long way to drive now no Ferries direct to Scandinavia anymore . Have been visiting every 5 yrs since 1985. Lovely part of the world to visit .
  3. roverp480

    Alternator Alternative

    Yes that's a spot weld , actually very strong and no flux etc to corrode the copper
  4. roverp480

    Alternator Alternative

    I think the actual strands are spot welded to the connector ,which leaves like a bar where the copper is welded ( melted )
  5. roverp480

    First start after rebuild

    The flap will just stay open if not connected so I would leave well alone.
  6. roverp480

    indicator pilot light in dash.

    There is obviously a break in the feed to the rear lights . The wires should be red in colour . According to the wiring diagram there is one wire from the switch to a two way connector which has an output to the rear and front, so that wire is complete as the fronts work . There is then one...
  7. roverp480

    indicator pilot light in dash.

    There are a couple of alternatives depending on which flasher unit you are using . If its a unit with just two connections ( ie without a warning light one), the easy way to operate a light is to use one that has two connectors to the bulb and just connect one to the Left hand flasher lights and...
  8. roverp480


    I have one, will look to see if I still have the instructions , should have, but haven't used it recently .
  9. roverp480

    What's blowing my fuse?

    That more or less rules out any weird back feed issues. Check the hazard flasher switch as it is prone to breaking the very thin plastic cage it all sits in.
  10. roverp480

    What's blowing my fuse?

    All those circuits mentioned are ignition controlled, did the fuse blow before or after a switching on the ignition
  11. roverp480

    Cylinder head removal

    Many years ago I changed the Head gasket on my 2200 SC , in an afternoon, having never done it before and kept the carb and manifold attached.
  12. roverp480

    Heated rear Screen

    I can feel the back of the switch etc just by opening the glove box and pitting my fingers up the back of the panel, so if there is a hole you should be able to feel it
  13. roverp480

    Heated rear Screen

    My RHD 75MY has a rocker switch mounted about 3.5" to the right of the glovebox button , just next to the door opening. , I believe the push /pull was in the same position . I cannot see, looking at the wiring diagrams ,any relay in the circuit .
  14. roverp480

    Heater wiring problem!!

    The later " new look" on, wiring diagrams show the set up better. Item 22 in the picture is the heater and the round disc RH end is the motor . at the LH end is the resister . The NG lead is from the fuse and connects to one lead on the motor, the other lead connects to the resister ( grey...
  15. roverp480

    Heater wiring problem!!

    One wire from the actual motor goes to the resistor for the two speeds and the other to the power feed from the fuse box. The motor is actuated by the lever switch to earth
  16. roverp480

    Driver's door adjustment

    Just had a look at my 2200 and none of the fixing screws for the strikers are "Phillips" heads , and I use the word advisably . They are cross heads but if I look closely there is a small extra cross witness across the diagonal . Given the age of the car, this usually means they are Pozidrive ...
  17. roverp480

    Guess the gauge game

    I seem to remember some BMC cars had the rectangular clock, like an A60
  18. roverp480

    Factory antenna

    But then you had too pay for fitting on top, they are not fitted prices only the cost of the kit !
  19. roverp480

    Factory antenna

    I thought this may be of interest, UK Optional Equipment supplied by Dealer price list dated October 1972 The asterisk denotes includes purchase tax ( Before VAT was introduced) . I believe purchase tax was not applied to spares , but was to Radios and vehicles. My 1955 Land Rover station wagon...
  20. roverp480

    Heated rear Screen

    Is there a cut out for the switch in the steel panel behind the vinyl ? You may be able to feel it through the vinyl if you press along it with your thumb
  21. roverp480

    Excessive road noise

    Having run older Land Rovers for years, which are not exactly silent, two things spring to mind that can significantly influence in cabin noise. 1)Tyres 2) Any, even small, hole in the body shell . Make sure all grommets around cables , gearshift etc and plugs are in place . Talking to one...
  22. roverp480

    Heated rear Screen

    My 2200 parts book lists both a push pull with tell tale built in and a bezel stating heated screen and alternatively a rocker with internal light , the rocker I understand being the later fitment. If there is a round hole in the panel, its the push pull switch.
  23. roverp480

    Inlet manifold internal coolant pipe

    If it has thread lock on it, heat often breaks it down.
  24. roverp480

    Drain plug washer

    Would a bonded Dowty washer do the job, they are used on plant hydraulics etc.
  25. roverp480

    Revitalised Wiper Delay

    I take it they self park in the right place?