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  1. cdnp6

    Canadian export Federal TC

    A couple of shots of my car taken by the Alberta All British Motoring Society at their 2017 meet.
  2. cdnp6

    Fall drive

    Thunder Lake, Alberta.
  3. cdnp6

    The View From The Windscreen

    Fall time in Canada.
  4. cdnp6

    Fall drive

    Out for a drive to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves.
  5. cdnp6

    replace rostyle with steel wheel issues?

    Thank you for the quick replies gentlemen! Roy
  6. cdnp6

    replace rostyle with steel wheel issues?

    I've been running my federal TC car with the rostyles it came with since I got it running. I have known they are out of true and cant be made true. The wheels are balanced as best as I can get them but I still have a shimmy at speeds over 40 mph. Will steel wheels fit the bolt pattern of the...
  7. cdnp6

    Bonnet Fettling

    Anyone have any tips on bonnet adjustments for a 2000 TC? My replacement bonnet seems to catch on the spring humps (probably not the proper term but everyone should know what I mean , I think) on the inner wings causing the back edge of the bonnet near the windscreen to rise when the bonnet is...
  8. cdnp6

    Tires? (U.S.)

    Have you looked at Universal Vintage Tires? Magento Commerce
  9. cdnp6

    Where to find rear spring shims

    Like others have posted previously, my car also sits higher in the rear on one side. Rear spring shims are mentioned several times but no mention is made of where to get them. I have looked at the usual suppliers websites and can't find these being offered for sale. If no one sells them does...
  10. cdnp6

    Paint code for dark green rover 3500 1970

    Please post the actual paint code your painter uses after its done. Pictures before, during, after would be cool to see as well! Roy
  11. cdnp6

    Paint code for dark green rover 3500 1970

    By your avatar pic, your car appears to be Arden Green. Here are the codes I found but my painter could not mix any of them. In the end we used Ford loden green (non metallic), code 4y. Matches extremely close to areas with original paint. Click on my avatar pic to see color. Rover Arden Green...
  12. cdnp6

    Proper washers for top of steering box?

    I have filled to bottom of the fill hole as per manual Harvey. I will remove some when i get car out of shed again and see if that helps.
  13. cdnp6

    Proper washers for top of steering box?

    Sorry for delay in reply. Was away for a bit. Using 90 gear oil as per manual. Seems to be seeping around both the adjustment screw and fill bolt. Tried to use a cell phone pic but is too large for the forum to post. Will resize and post soon. Roy
  14. cdnp6

    Proper washers for top of steering box?

    After checking fluid level and adjusting freeplay on my steering box I am once again having gear oil seeping out the from around the fill hole bolt and around the adjustment nut. Can someone post a pic of the proper washer that goes in these spots?
  15. cdnp6

    P^ wayward steering

    Thanks Harvey!
  16. cdnp6

    steering "catches" when turning

    I have recently noticed my LHD 2000 TC steering catching during turns, more so on a left turn. With the front end lifted, no dead spots are felt in full lock to lock steering. Is this problem more likely to be steering box or idler? Roy
  17. cdnp6

    P^ wayward steering

    Harvey, you say to check the idler is full of oil. There is no mention in the workshop manual of how to do this or what oil it should be filled with. Is the nut on top of the idler the fill hole, and what goes in? Motor oil or gear oil? Thanks Roy
  18. cdnp6

    New stablemate

    This E-type has been in the family since the early eighties. My late father left it to my brother and I, and I have recently become the sole owner. Its a 1971 series 2, 4.2 roadster in BRG with 38,000 original miles. It was refurbished between 2005 to 2008 but needs lots of small jobs done again.
  19. cdnp6

    Electric fuel pump conversion?

    Has anyone done the conversion on a 4 cyl? Which pump works better? The ususl facet or a "suck" type like the Huco products? Any pics or advice on installation, wiring?
  20. cdnp6

    Tim's 2000 SC auto

    PM sent.
  21. cdnp6

    Tim's 2000 SC auto

    In good area for Rovers in Canada. If you havent already, Google the Rover car club of Canada. Also get aquainted with All British Cars for parts. Close to you, and can get whatever you need. Roy
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    Members ages

  23. cdnp6

    Tim's 2000 SC auto

    Petrol breather looks the same as my Federal TC. Where in B.C. are you Tim?
  24. cdnp6

    Rear suspension restored, now have knocking.

    My spring saga continues to haunt me... After finding an ebay ad from Wins, it appears as the springs my mechanic installed in the front of my P6 are 9 loop rear springs. Looking at this article about "improving the P6" -, it states to fit V8 rear springs...