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  1. Petebeef

    Auto gearshift

    Tell me i'm not going mad,please..the shifting in our P6B BW65 has been getting 'difficult'..took the knob etc off..the control rod,which i would have thought would be steel is a plastic pipe(and too short),can't be right,surely it flexes under load/pressure?
  2. Petebeef

    Heater motor wiring

    Hi all,just removed the heater box on our '74 V8,a hell of a mess,but,refurbed a new one to go in..the question; the wires from the fan motor were trapped between the heater and bulkhead,and entering the loom under the brake fluid reservoir?the wires from the heater controls are just sitting...
  3. Petebeef

    Check cold dipstick BW65

    Hello,sure this has been covered,but this blasted 'check cold' dipstick,how is it used?..i'm a bit confused!..TIA.