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  1. cdnp6

    Fall drive

    Out for a drive to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves.
  2. cdnp6

    replace rostyle with steel wheel issues?

    I've been running my federal TC car with the rostyles it came with since I got it running. I have known they are out of true and cant be made true. The wheels are balanced as best as I can get them but I still have a shimmy at speeds over 40 mph. Will steel wheels fit the bolt pattern of the...
  3. cdnp6

    Bonnet Fettling

    Anyone have any tips on bonnet adjustments for a 2000 TC? My replacement bonnet seems to catch on the spring humps (probably not the proper term but everyone should know what I mean , I think) on the inner wings causing the back edge of the bonnet near the windscreen to rise when the bonnet is...
  4. cdnp6

    Where to find rear spring shims

    Like others have posted previously, my car also sits higher in the rear on one side. Rear spring shims are mentioned several times but no mention is made of where to get them. I have looked at the usual suppliers websites and can't find these being offered for sale. If no one sells them does...
  5. cdnp6

    Proper washers for top of steering box?

    After checking fluid level and adjusting freeplay on my steering box I am once again having gear oil seeping out the from around the fill hole bolt and around the adjustment nut. Can someone post a pic of the proper washer that goes in these spots?
  6. cdnp6

    steering "catches" when turning

    I have recently noticed my LHD 2000 TC steering catching during turns, more so on a left turn. With the front end lifted, no dead spots are felt in full lock to lock steering. Is this problem more likely to be steering box or idler? Roy
  7. cdnp6

    New stablemate

    This E-type has been in the family since the early eighties. My late father left it to my brother and I, and I have recently become the sole owner. Its a 1971 series 2, 4.2 roadster in BRG with 38,000 original miles. It was refurbished between 2005 to 2008 but needs lots of small jobs done again.
  8. cdnp6

    Electric fuel pump conversion?

    Has anyone done the conversion on a 4 cyl? Which pump works better? The ususl facet or a "suck" type like the Huco products? Any pics or advice on installation, wiring?
  9. cdnp6

    Petrol prices?

    Cost of petrol falling in Canada. Selling for less than 80 cents a litre in Edmonton Alberta for lowest grade. Are fuel prices in UK coming down?
  10. cdnp6

    Rear suspension restored, now have knocking.

    My mechanic called to let me know the suspension rebuild on my 2000 TC is completed. He then mentioned there are knocking noises coming from the NOS woodhead shocks I obtained, as well as a knock that seems to be coming from the dedion. I recently renewed the dedion seals and gaiter. There was...
  11. cdnp6

    Spax Adjustable for 2000 TC

    I'm getting all my suspension bits together for my cars upcoming suspension work. MY supplier provided a pair of SPAX adjustable dampers for the front. Looking at the dampers last night, the part numbers stamped on them are G 598 EF900 Looking at the SPAX catalog, the current part number listed...
  12. cdnp6

    what bits do I need for a front caliper rebuild

    The right front caliper on my TC has been dragging. On the way to work yesterday, the car was slow to accelerate, then drove normally, but I could smell some burnt material. Checking the temp of the discs with a temp gun showed 40 C at Left disc, 110 C at Right disc. I removed/reinserted the...
  13. cdnp6

    Dedion quad seals for greased tube

    My dedion gaitor is rapidly deteriorating. I have oil seeping from some small tears, but no oil at the elbow drip holes. Does this mean my quad seals are still good? I will be removing the tube soon, and will be greasing instead of refilling with oil.
  14. cdnp6

    Looking for gearshift linkage bushes

    I am having a tough time finding the following bush for a series 1 manual: 2 of rubber bush LU 743086, (Rover part number 548035) (highlighted in yellow in attached pic) Does anyone have any to spare, able to retrieve off a breaker car or at least know of a suitable replacement? Thanks for any...
  15. cdnp6

    looking for metalastik bottom link bushes

    I'm still trying to source all of the bushes needed to renew the suspension on my series one Federal TC 2000. Can anyone confirm the part numbers for the (highlighted in pic) bottom link bushes are: 548595 trailing arm – bottom link long – rear 548594 trailing arm – bottom link short –...
  16. cdnp6

    made a replica tax disc

    I played around with photoshop this afternoon to make myself a replica tax disc for my car. Not being sure of original fonts, I came as close as I could. As I have never seen one of these in North America, I'm not sure how accurate it is. What dimensions are the discs, and what were they printed...
  17. cdnp6

    restored reg plate

    My 2000 TC got it's identity back today, The car was bought and first registered in London January of 1970 before being exported to Canada several months later. Personalized plates have been purchased and attached with original registration number.
  18. cdnp6

    need help identifying bushes

    I recieved these as part of an order last fall, vendor did not label, so I am guessing which bushes I have. I have a federal TC with rostyle wheels so have a bent rear top link. I think the 4 larger bushes are part number 534824. The smaller ones might be for the rear top link? What would the...
  19. cdnp6

    Rostyles going for powdercoat

    Now that my respray is done, my rusty rostyles are letting the car down a bit. I dropped my first wheel off at the powder coater this am, and hope to have all four done by spring. I thought I had two spares, but one rostyle has a slightly different bolt pattern and the reverse shows a solid...
  20. cdnp6

    2000 series workshop manuals

    I have just scored a 1965 "1st edition" 2000 workshop manual with grey cover, (part number 4697) for 14 pounds of ebay. The condition looked good in the ad, but will have to wait till it arrives to see what shape it is in. I already have a mint condition, new in box, grey covered manual, part...
  21. cdnp6

    Canadian export Federal TC

    A few of my car in fall after respray was completed. Badging and door mirrors to be installed in the spring.
  22. cdnp6

    1970 Federal TC

    A couple of my Canadian export Federal restoration project When I got it; During restoration; First drive in 23 years; Finished!;
  23. cdnp6

    KXC539H Done!

    Respray complete, Side strips installed. I still have a few badges left to reinstall. Pics on trailer where how the car was the day I bought it August 7 2008. I was hoping for a 5 year timeline and missed the deadline by a month!!
  24. cdnp6

    lamp unit protection

    Has anyone treated the back side of their wing lamps to slow down or prevent corrosion? If so what did you use?
  25. cdnp6

    How do you share a car?

    My Dad has given a classic vehicle to me myself and one of my brothers. The question for those who have joint ownership of a vehicle is how do YOU balance vehicle maintainence, storage and above all driving time? Do you ever feel someone is getting less driving time? What do you do to resolve...