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    Compressed air brake bleeder

    I don't think it will matter too much Dave, as you'll only be using it in short bursts the air in the tank should be enough, allowing the compressor to recharge between blasts.
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    Compressed air brake bleeder

    ..and half the price on Ebay, in fact I might just order one....
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    The P6 Arrival

    You've got to love a proper mini. I've only ever owned one, and it never made it to the road (mate gave it to me with serious tin worm and shattered clutch), but I've worked on a few for other mates. Rather have a P6 though :lol: I suspect it's my age, and comfort requirement.
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    Poppy the P6

    Take the tow bar off, they're ugly and the electrics are now an MOT test point, if you don't need it get rid. Love the electric windows, I used all the mechanisms and switch from an early 216 Vitesse, put the switches in the front spreaker grill. Any plans to electrify the rear windows ? In...
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    interior wood

    I fitted a set of those to a car for somebody a little while back and they were excellent, easy to fit (some trimming to length required) and a nice finish, certainly nicer than the formica, but not too "in your face"
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    The View From The Windscreen

    I've done a fair bit of work in the past on online image creation, and pdf creation systems, creating pdf's from scratch on the fly, and where people can apply their own graphic and text over existing pre-created templates etc. that sort of thing. This means I should be able to knock up a...
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    Sobering Story

    Yes, certainly wouldn't trust any means of lifting that doesn't have a physical locking mechanism. I've only ever had one car fall off a jack, and it did it in rather stately way, just slowly rolling the jack over and landing on the sill. Luckily I was not working under it, but to be fair I was...
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    The P6 Arrival

    Hi, welcome to the forum, great little project there doesn't look to need too much. Based on the reg I hope you're going to call it Tiger !! :lol:
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    The View From The Windscreen

    We need more exposure (so to speak !) Mind you, quite a few P6 owners I know have never touched a computer :lol:
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    You could just fit a battery isolator, not the ideal fix, but it would at least allow you to use the car without having to charge it every day. Plus if you do keep letting the battery go very flat it will kill it pretty quickly.
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    Painting a set of shelves - dust nibs driving me MAD.

    I think as long as the paint is well dry, then the wet and dry will work, but getting the gloss back up might be the problem, could try some car wax.
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    Engine upgrade

    Surely though the relief valve limits the maximum pressure ? Isn't the idea that the high volume means it gets closer to the relief valve pressure at lower rpm, where normally it would drop right down ? Or should I keep my mouth shut :lol:
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    Power Cut

    I used to install alarms many years back, so tend to oversize and keep on top of batteries etc. Ours was fine, it was the other 3 in the street that went off at midnight when it came back on. Luckily 2 got turned off pretty quickly, but one did the mandatory 20min ring until it stopped, even...
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    Back to Elsecar

    Inboard drums, now that's an idea :D
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    1971 Rover P6 2000 Automatic Ebay.

    Non standard colour has to knock the value, and I've never been a fan of wing mirrors. Looking closer at the pictures, looks like they've sprayed over the door catches on the D post, not a good job, plus you've got to wonder what's hiding under the paint. You could always sell the plate to...