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    A thread about threads

    Can anybody out there tell me the threads per inch on the manual gearstick for a 1969 P6 2000 TC? I would be very grateful.
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    What do we all think of this one...?

    Definitely overpriced. I just sold my immaculate (almost) 1969 2000TC for less than £3000. OK, I had been out of work for 6 months and I knew what work was needed this year. I also just found a brace of P6's-a 1965 2000SC and a 1968 3500, allegedly from the first month of manufacture. Both are...
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    Chassis numbers

    Does anybody look after the archives? The reason I ask is that I have recently come across 2 p6's that have been stored for a number of years- a 2000SC from 1965 and 3500 from 1968. Both are left hand drive, rust-free and start and drive. Wondering whether to buy them or not. Thanks for any...
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    shock absorbers

    That doesn't sound too bad. Thanks. I am in uk in July, so I will just pop them in my carry-on bag.
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    shock absorbers

    Hi fellow roverites, I am looking for an alternative to the rear shock absorbers fitted on my 2000TC. The reason being that I live on tenerife and it is prohibitive getting them sent over. Are there any accepted direct replacements from more common cars. Thank you, Clive
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    Maltese 1969 2000 TC

    Hi there. I also have a2000TC from 1969 on Tenerife. i notice yours has the stainless steel side trims but mine has not. Is this only for Malta? Clivr
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    Hallo Rudiger. Du hast wegen meine Fahrgestellnummer gefragt Die lautet wie gefolgt: 41810663F...

    Hallo Rudiger. Du hast wegen meine Fahrgestellnummer gefragt Die lautet wie gefolgt: 41810663F. Das Auto ist ein 2000TC von1969 und hat 70 000 km runter Weitgehend original, aber eine Neulackierung waere angebracht. Ich hoffe die Auskunft reicht Dir aus. Wenn Du irgendwelche Fragen hast...
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    thread size

    Thanks for the info Vern. Much obliges OTE="Vern Klukas, post: 359653, member: 4884"]Should be 1/4 UNF. Yours Vern
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    thread size

    Hi Everybody. does anybody know the thread size on the p6 gearlever (knob end)- not being rude. Lol. I know it is not metric but it seems to be an obscure size. Many thanks
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    Electric fuel pump

    Ich habe gerade gemerkt, dass du deutschsprachig bist. Also, vielen Dank fuer die Infos die during mir gegeben hast. Clive
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    Electric fuel pump

    Actually Peter, forget the stupid question. I just looked on eBay, and found loads.
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    Electric fuel pump

    Thanks for the info Peter. It is a generic fuel pump, not necessarily for a p6. I just needed one quickly. I am going to re-fit the pump at the tank tomorrow and see if it helps. Otherwise, do you know where I could get a regulator? Clive
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    Electric fuel pump

    Hi guys and gals, About 6 months ago I replaced my mechanical fuel pump with an electric one. Yesterday it failed. I ordered a new one yesterday and it arrived today. After fitting it the car ran perfectly, with one slight problem. Fuel is now p*ssing from the float chambers. All I can think of...
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    Three P6s in Scotland

    Me neither- but I do live on Tenerife and I own the only 2000TC on the island.
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    Refitting rear screen surrounds

    Rear screen rubber now fitted. (Only took 20 minutes). Amazing how simple it was with the correct information. Many thanks. Learnt a valuable lesson. ALWAYS TAKE PHOTOS!