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    Wanted: Stainless braided flexible brake hoses for P6B

    Thanks for the info., much appreciated Graham
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    Wanted: Stainless braided flexible brake hoses for P6B

    Braided Stainless flexible brake hoses: for P6B, anyone stock these?  best Graham
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    Romantic Road

    Looking forward to: Julia Ducournau, “Titanium” which won the Palme D’Or at Cannes, only the second time a female director has ever won; the 1st being fellow New Zealander Jane Campion for The Piano ( tho’ Jane has won this twice, once previously for a short film she directed… ) Warning: Not...
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    Craigslist, Oregon, one-owner 3500 NADA US 2000 looks like a good deal for someone G
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    Weber carb conversion

    But…the picture is a 2200; I have a vintage Offenhauser manifold that will take 2 downdraft Webers on a RV8 Graham
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    Gearbox options

    The advantage of the W57 and W58 Toyota 5-speed gearboxes are that these have been used in any number of applications and Dellow can supply the correct gearbox top; which simply bolts on and interchanges with whatever “top” the gearbox you’ve purchased comes with… the correct measurement is 58cm...
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    records that never made it to CD

    Daughter and son both in their mid-30’s ( haha! ) G
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    records that never made it to CD

    I’ve been spinning vinyl for over 40 years; records are a fashion item and CDs on the decline as a format; in the car business and it’s not been possible to buy a new car with a CD player, even as a dealer install option, for several years; I am interested in “CDs that never made it to Record” (...
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    Headlamps Main beams

    PeterV posted yesterday about fitting HELLA units -G
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    Rovers and Life on Mars plus a Ford DCI Hunt style!

    Yep, Jason Statham is pretty wooden ( as usual ) but it was Saffron Burrows who was the draw for me with this, as well as the film being a rattling good yarn and ( allegedly ) based on a true story; certainly the homicidal slum landlord in the movie was a real person who was known to party with...
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    Head studs

    The ARP head studs themselves are inserted with an Allen key and then only hand-tight; once the heads/gaskets are on torque the nuts up to Std. Rover spec. When I had my Rover V8 replaced it was with a cross bolted 3.9 Discovery engine, studs for the mains but retained bolts for the side...
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    Head studs

    Nowt wrong with ARP studs; and re-usable multiple times unlike the stock bolts which stretch, I don’t see why there’d be an issue with removing the heads, lifting these off over the studs, in a P6B. Doubt you’d experience corrosion issues either if that’s your worry. I’ve used ARP...
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    Rovers and Life on Mars plus a Ford DCI Hunt style!

    P6s in the movies Gattaca and the Book of Eli ( both USA ) and the Bank Job ( UK ) -G
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    The Elegant Thirsty Dinosaur

    (6) Weeping core plugs, unfortunately with the V8s there’s a core plug at the back of the block, hard up against the firewall; maybe someone here knows of a fix ( ? ) to replace without pulling the engine -G