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    breather pipe

    Thanks Harvey , i will have a closer look.
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    breather pipe

    hi there , i removed the air filter that is between the air cleaner and the block at the rear of the engine , only to find the right angle pipe fitting into the block is loose. Can someone tell me how it is attached to the block? is it pressed in? can i cement it in place somehow? I have pulled...
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    door hinges and overiders

    thanks Colin, appreciate your reply.
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    throttle rod and choke cable

    hello one and all, can i have some help/info please, i have to reassemble the linkages to the SUs after refurbishing the heater assy, and i look at my manual and it shows the choke cable attached to the LH SU side if i have HIF6s (which i have), but the choke cable was attached to the RH SU ,as...
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    door hinges and overiders

    Hi all, hope all is well. i need some help or answers please. I have made good progress putting the doors back together with one to go (the front passenger) and one sd1 rim to clean up and paint. Then acelerator linkages to reassemble,as had heater out to refurbish,new oil and filter, and oh...
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    door glass channel

    Thanks guys , i found some at scotts old rubber in Auzzie Thanks John
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    door glass channel

    Hello all , im looking for the metal channels that the door glass sits in, and the regulator slides in. I require the front left hand (passenger side) and a rear right one please Im in the Waikato New Zealand Thanks Karl
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    Choke cable route

    Thankyou Harvey, i have changed the cable from a clear outer type, with the hook type of "pull handle" to a longer black outer with the round "pull handle" from another car. i will upload a pic soon with the filter in "situ"
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    Respray cost

    Well I've done the insides of the doors and top front valance/deck panel and the rear valance in my makeshift body shop, and although maybe not a professionals job but I'm happy and I can get fussy
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    trailer plug

    hi all, those who have trailer plugs, where have you mounted them? The old, out of date, round one was welded to a chunky plate on the bar , so cut it off . I wish it to look tidy Thanks
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    hi , can a camshaft be removed and lobes built up to a certain profile and then reinstalled without servicing the bearings? thanks
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    sd1 heads info please

    thanks guys i am happy to give it a whirl when the time comes, i accumulated the gaskets (even the exhaust manifold gaskets) from work ages ago, whats the best way to remove the bolts to the exhaust manifold bolts from the block? i think i have to attach them to the sd1 heads.
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    sd1 heads info please

    i have a set of sd1 heads laying around and once i get the p6b up and running, i may look at fitting them to the block later on. can someone please tell me: can i remove existing heads and fit sd1 heads without the need to replace/fit anything else? Apart from tin gaskets, will i need new head...
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    Help please rear valance screws

    Do you mean the two of the six, or the two at the bottom at either end that screw into plastic clips? yes i saw the lower profile and wonder if id be pushing it trying to grind the new pozis flat?
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    Making progress

    Front seats in Decided to redo the doors so taking them back to bare metal I resprayed them ages ago with cans of colour matched paint but not happy with the same but different shades , so will get the compressor out and spray the paint I have on order.