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    is anybody on LINKED IN?

    I too am on LinkedIn, but it is purely in a professional capacity. In agreement with the other posters, I shall remain on this forum for all Rover related issues as it is by far the most outstanding. Ron.
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    Sparky looks superb Richard! It is a real credit to you, hard work and perseverance pays handsome dividends. Ron.
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    Running issues!!

    The smaller pulley will allow the alternator to spin faster for the same engine rpm. In slow traffic with headlights on, this is not a bad thing as the higher rpm will reduce the chance of seeing a discharge. Same at idle, the discharge won't be as great, all things being equal when running a...
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    Output shaft oil seals

    Thanks Harvey! I will find out if they have the tool and then go from there. Ron
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    Output shaft oil seals

    Mine has decided to start leaking as well :confused: I guess I really can't complain, it has so far seen 274,415 (441,808km) miles of service. I replaced the original shaft which had a leaking oil seal at 118,296 miles (190,046km) back in 1993. Incidentally, both leaking oil seals are on the...
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    P6B Cylinder heads

    Hi Pat, Up until December of 1993, all cylinder heads were manufactured with 14 bolt holes and 36cc combustion chambers, for use with tin gaskets. From January 1994 till 2004, all cylinder heads were manufactured with 10 bolt holes and 28cc combustion chambers, for use with composite gaskets...
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    P6B Cylinder heads

    The P6B heads; inlet valves 38.0mm, exhaust valves 33.0mm. Dual valve springs were used with high tensile spring retainers. Spark plugs are short reach with thread length of 12.5mm. SD1 heads; inlet valves 40.0mm, exhaust valves 34.3mm. Single valve springs were used with manufactured from...
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    My Rover

    I have been carrying out some routine maintenance on my Rover of late; oiled the felt button beneath the distributor rotor, adjusted the gap between the Lumenition chopper and the optical eye to the optimum 39 thou, fitted four new Maxxis 205/70R14 95H tyres to the original steel wheels, drained...
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    Rear Hub Bearing Failure

    Thanks Eddy, it is a pleasure! Ron.
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    Hello from Australia

    Welcome to the forum Mark! I know that you will enjoy the time that you spend here :) So does your Rover have the metal fan? All Rovers manufactured within the U.K came with this option, whilst the overwhelming majority that were imported into Australia following assembly at the British Leyland...
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    Service Schedule for Transmission Filter

    Many thanks Harvey! Your answer is very reassuring, so I will leave well alone. As you correctly surmised, there is no whine, so on we go. :) Ron.
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    Service Schedule for Transmission Filter

    My Rover's transmission was rebuilt between June 23 and July 1, 2009, and since that time to date it has covered just on 164,000 miles (264,000 km). It was originally a BW35, but was rebuilt as an M51 specification. Typing quietly so that it does not hear ;) it has performed brilliantly and has...
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    Have been a bit busy of late.....

    Thanks John, it does indeed! The General Manager of the Council concerned said he would be very happy for me to place his name on my CV, as he was more than happy to discuss the work that I did for Council, which is such a nice gesture, and one that I will do. Ron.
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    Recommendations for electronic ignition Distributor?

    Hi Rob, The silver power module runs with a ballasted coil, whilst the black power module runs with a non ballasted coil. I am on my second silver power module, the first having lasted 24 years covering 228,472 miles (367,840 km) in that time. In my opinion, Lumenition is by far the best...
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    Have been a bit busy of late.....

    Thanks Richard :) It was stressful but also very enjoyable to accomplish. I am sure you will have it finished before too much longer ;)