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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone!! Keep safe and make the most of the opportunities that present. Ron.
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    Almond goes with anything

    Your Rover looks fabulous Gerald!! Love the Jacaranda in the front yard. Is that your place? Ron
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    High Milers

    Thanks Phil :)
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    sad day

    I am sorry to hear that you have sold your Rover Rich. That would have been such a hard decision. Best Regards, Ron.
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    High Milers

    Today, December 23, 2019, my Rover passed another milestone...400,000 Miles. Sitting in the garage now with 400,015 Miles (644,024km) on the clock! What a fabulous car :D Ron
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    Modern vs Classic Tyres

    Michelin offer classic tyres for the Australian market, but they are exceptionally expensive. I sought a price a year of so ago out of curiosity, $560 per tyre, say 280 Pounds each :oops: I wasn't planning to buy any, just doing some research. XAS | Michelin Classic I use Maxxis MAP3...
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    your radio cassette player, what is it and why?

    In Australia, radios were a dealer fitted item. My Rover originally came with a dealer fitted Blaupunkt push button radio. I threw it in the bin in 1986 when I replaced it with a high end Alpine digital cassette player with build in tuner. Subsequently that was replaced with a Clarion DVD player...
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    Propshaft alignment

    Yes, the angle is normal. Vibration could be from any number of suspects. Wheels and tyres out of balance, tailshaft not aligned with yoke, heavily worn or stiff universal joints, the latter resulting from the former. When did you last have your tyres changed and/or wheels balanced? Vibration...
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    My first p6

    Fantastic Gerald! I have never been to Western Australia, so far away. It is closer to fly from Sydney to New Zealand that flying from Sydney to Perth! The longest trains in the World are the iron ore trains of the Pilbara. I certainly agree, nothing beats the sound of a V8 :cool: Ron
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    My first p6

    Your Rover is a real credit to you Gerald! Was the first photo taken in the Pilbara? Ron.
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    How does your V8 sound?

    Thanks Will. Yes, same configuration as factory fit in terms of a muffler and a resonator. Ron.
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    How does your V8 sound?

    This is my Rover 7 years ago. Still sounds the same I am happy to say, and no longer wearing a brown guard :D Ron
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    My first p6

    Rover was involved in motorsport, hence the need for a more powerful engine. Different pistons raised the compression ratio to 9.75:1, waisted stem inlet valves improved gas flow. Engine power lifted from 150HP to 190HP, and the Vitesse could accelerate from 0 to 60mph in a smidge over 7 seconds...
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    Anyone an expert with MATLAB?

    The matrices are actually 1 x n, hence row vectors are a more accurate description. The system characteristic - Head vector [15 16 19 24 25], Flow vector [0 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2]. The pump characteristic - Head vector [25 24 20 14 7], flow vector [0 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2]. The curves that I have...
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    Anyone an expert with MATLAB?

    Wondering if anyone can help? I am trying to determine the point of intersection of the system characteristic and the pump characteristic for a centrifugal pump. I have values for each characteristic in the form of matrices, four in total from which a pair are common to each characteristic. I...