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    Fuel Filter

    I'm trying to replace the fuel filter, it came with two nuts and olives, although I've no idea how to fit the nuts past the pipes on the filter? Brut force? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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    Leaking reserve tap

    Thanks guys, most helpful, will have a go today.
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    Leaking reserve tap

    I'm about to replace my O ring too, engine is out but no idea where the O ring goes? Any advice appreciated.
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    Throttle linkage HIF 6 Carbs

    Thanks for the advice everyone. Managed it in the end, it was the seal cap on the starter spindle which was fouling the spring, didn't notice this at first, all sorted. Both carbs done.
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    Throttle linkage HIF 6 Carbs

    HI, Having an enormous problem after servicing my HIF 6 carbs for my 3500. Working my way through, using the manual and the instructions with the service kit, all went well until I tried to refit the camb return spring. It just refuses to sit right and is trying to escape. I've located each end...
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    Front Wing

    Hi, I'm after a front drivers side wing for my 3500, preferably Cameron Green in colour, although any other colour will do.
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    Auto box removal

    Just taken the engine out of my 72 3500 without the gearbox, bit of a fiddle but does come out.
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    Recolouring seats

    Hi, I'm embarking on an interior colour swap from bronze to black and have acquired some buckskin coloured seats as mine are falling apart. Obviously the seats are part leather, part vinyl. I was going to dye the seats with a furniture clinic kit and recolour the vinyl parts with a black vinyl...
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    Engine out tasks?

    Hopefully will have out in a few weeks and see what's what. Don't know the condition/history of the engine really. Had the car for a few years now and took it off the road due to low oil pressure and never got round to sorting it.
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    Engine out tasks?

    Hi Ron, Yes, crankshaft and camshaft. I thinking of replacing all hoses whilst engine out as a matter of course, hadn't though bout the o ring though. The car suffers incredibly low oil pressure, once warm, it doesn't really register on the gauge and the light flickers whilst idling, hence the...
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    Rover P6 Rear Panels

    I managed to weld in a new D post and didn't find it too trick as a newbie welder. Careful measuring and cutting is the key..
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    Engine out tasks?

    Hi, I'm just about to embark on taking the engine out for bearing replacement. This is the first time I've taken a car engine out since 1988! What other tasks/maintenance would be wise to undertake whilst the engine is out. I also plan to tidy the engine bay and replace the knackered electric...
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    High Capacity Oil Pump

    Cheers for the info.
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    High Capacity Oil Pump

    Will the running clearance be something I’d need to do, or should the pump come set up?