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    Continued project race/ track car

    Really neat work on fusebox! Proper Job!
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    Running issues!!

    Can't give you much tech advice as it's not my strength, but from what I have gathered in the past I'd recommend you to search 'Ballast resist(or)' in the Electrics section of the Forum. Quite a lot of similar issues. Best of luck John
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    That's tough, Richard - for that to happen on so short a timescale is totally bizarre - talk about 'not fit for purpose'. I wonder how many other poor sods are having recurring problems after fitting this stuff. I checked the eBay listing and it looks fine, I'd have bought it.:oops:
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    OCC 469 - restoring & running a "sharkstooth" 2000

    Thing is, there is actually a partial good bearing surface remnant with no excess clearance so it might not knock at tickover
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    Pretty sure the driver talking to Mays is Mike Spence, sadly to die later in 1968 in Indy 500 practice in the Lotus gas turbine car after setting fastest practice time.
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    Series I 4 cylinder battery size?

    Hi The 024 battery seems to be the one that is generally used for both front & rear mounted units. My 67 TC is like yours so here's the size. The dimensions of mine (which is a good fit in the tray) are 10" x 7" x 7.5"(H). I got hold of a black cased item 'cos I feel it looks better than the...
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    who uses their p6 for the daily commute?

    Interesting - I'm retired now, but between 2000 & 2003 I used a 1955 Sunbeam 90 for a daily 30 miles. It handled it really well, with impressive reliability, but I couldn't keep up with the corrosion and eventually the body was shot (1950's Rootes 'quality') and I sold it on, 'for restoration'...
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    Pendelican White - an idle thought.

    I have to admit that I didn't really expect much in the way of an answer to my query, so thank you Horselogger and Demetris for the swift and erudite response. (For those Anglophones like me with no Greek language knowledge, Horselogger said 'Thanks') John
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    Pendelican White - an idle thought.

    Just an idle query about this paint colour - does anyone know where the name, used in the 76-ish production era, comes from? It appears to be the only paint name in Rudiger's listing that is 'invented'. A Google search produces only Rover references, other than as a family name when shorn of...
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    1966? I dont think so!!

    Well, well well, Hans Christian Andersen has been spotted in West London!
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    Rover to the rescue

    First frost of the month this morning and the Mitsubishi wasn't going anywhere -battery flat as the proverbial! So - jump on pushbike, cut across town to garage where Jumbo (1967 2000TC) was sleeping, fairly prolonged cranking but then rumbles into healthy life. Drive back home, jump Mitsu and...
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    on Autotrader

    Well, if you run into a problem - there's a Haynes Manual in the boot. Sorted!
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    V8 ancestor worship anyone?

    Are there any fans of "our" V8 engine looking for a winter project? The engine in its original format in its original (somewhat tatty) body. Would make a striking summer cruiser to attend P6 events! But hurry, the auction is this Saturday. 1964 Buick Convertible It is actually a 1962 Skylark...
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    New member in New Zealand

    No, just recognised the name - I have a niece in Lower Dimson.
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    New member in New Zealand

    Is there Cornish heritage hidden in your Forum name?