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    2000SC Gear selection trouble

    Mark Gray and Wadhams have what I believe to be rubber listed and also Wins in Urethane . Also COHBains list them Classic Cars (
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    2000SC Gear selection trouble

    To resurrect this, which are the better for the 8 mounting rubbers, extension Housing to gearbox on the Series 2 . I note that "Rubber " and "Urethane" are available ?
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    Roverfest 2022

    The event is organised by the JRC (Joint Rover Clubs) and represents the clubs that signed up to that organisation , which does not include the P6ROC. Each club in the JRC helped finance and organise Roverfest . The JRC has no link with the Association of Rover Clubs Ltd.
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    P6 Steering Column UJ

    I bet the actual UJ is a standard Item, I wonder if a firm repairing propshafts can fit another one? Just spoken to a firm in Birmingham & they may be able to help and replace it. I explained the Rover set up but would like a picture of it. UJs Universal Joints Steering Racks Classic Cars...
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    John Wearing & J Wadhams in UK does them but a long way to post plus the attendant complications if you have any issues.
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    overdrive rover P4 100 not working

    In my view it is unlikely the column switch is at fault .Remember the switches on the throttle have to be set properly as per the book and the overdrive solenoid will only actuate in 4th gear , and with the throttle part open, not closed or full throttle .
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    overdrive rover P4 100 not working

    . When you say "so opened up a bit and cleaned" , I presume they are closed when at rest . Points should be closed when solenoid at rest and open when it is actuated and at end of travel .
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    overdrive rover P4 100 not working

    The solenoid is has a two stage operation, with two operating coils. Both operate to pull it in and then points on the end open, to disconnect one of the coils so there is a low current holding it . Check that the points are clean and that both coils are working, it should operate with a very...
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    I would go back to static setting the timing first, then checking with dynamic with the strobe . The distributer can be turned in its clamp plate to any position , its not fixed in one place . Plate is shown as NLS in this picture
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    Brake sticking question

    If the whole braking system feels solid at the pedal I would be more inclined to look to a stuck piston in the Master cylinder or servo ,as the brake fluid is not able to return . I had this on a P4 servo, only way to release the pressure was to release a union. Not enough play in the MC...
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    2200TC Project

    Its standard CRW tube ( Cold Rolled Welded or ERW ( Electrically Resistant Welded) , Made from strip steel off a coil ,continuously rolled and welded along the seam into a tube and cut off into long lengths . Most engine coolant pipes are made this way Generally used where they is no...
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    P2 Dynamic timing advance issue?

    Static is as you say 11 deg BTDC. Contact Martin at Distributer Doctor, he will most likely have details of the advance curve. Reconditioned Lucas distributors, rebuilt Lucas distributors, recurved Lucas distributors from Distributor Doctor
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    Alternator alternatives

    Before condemning the alternator you need to check the warning light wiring is complete. Disconnect the plug to the alternator and with the ignition on, bridge the thin wire ( Brown/yellow) from the plug to earth. The light should illuminate ( Warning -don't touch the large brown wire to...
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    Alternator alternatives

    Is your charge warning light illuminating , a blown bulb can stop the alternator working
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    Fuel reserve tap cable trunnion

    Burlen list a couple AUE 34 and AUE 35 , May be worth a ring to find the sizes Throttle Or Choke Connector - Steel Levers - SU Carburetters CHOKE CABLE RETAINING PIN AUE34 TRIUMPH & MG ( If you know anyone with a lathe , it could be turned down to 5 mm