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    core plugs

    Have you tried drilling a small hole, then using a self tapping screw and a claw hammer? I've never done it btw, just making suggestions :)
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    I did think of that, but thought that all of that loading on two bolts, with no give in the bush could be too much for 45 year old metal. My thoughts were to modify the single beam mounted at each end, to make it into a cross, or at least a 'T' then it wouldn't take a lot of strength to keep it...
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    Back about a year ago or so, I had concerns about the stay bars from the diff to the suspension crossmember - Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work Currently there’s a piece of 40mm x 20mm box section bolted each side of the diff. These are connected to the suspension cross member by stay...
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    Electric fan: any recommendations?

    I bought a cheap one, and it wasn't very good. When I got into a traffic jam on a very hot day, the temperature went up to 127C :oops: I now have a Revotec fan and controller, excellent quality and keeps the temperature in check under any circumstances.
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    Brake light failure indicator for our cars..

    Mine is bonded to the lower part of the rear screen, so you can't see the aura, but it does have a tiny 'tell tale' window and you can see it in the rear view mirror.
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    SD1 front brakes fit a P6B?

    Pics? :)
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    Bit more bumpy than I’d like.

    I wish I could do that, but mine already has studs and I can't work out a way of removing them to replace with longer ones, in situ. Shame really as I will probably be having them out shortly
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    SD1 front brakes fit a P6B?

    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work The four pistons are quite small, but yes, they do work better
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    SD1 front brakes fit a P6B?

    Mine are Fosseway four pot calipers and vented discs. Rears are XJS Jag. I have seen others used, but are mainly Land Rover (IIRC?) and modified transit discs. Also, there was someone making up distance pieces so you could use the P6B front calipers with vented discs but I don't think these...
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    Rover P6 Rear Panels

    Open the rear door and look back inside the rear wing, you'll see the two bolts that hold the front end of the wing onto the D post. To adjust these, you can add/remove shims from these bolts, so if you have any on the lower one, just take it out, do the bolt up and see if that helps. If there...
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    Petrol fumes

    If you drive with the window open, you can create a partial vacuum in the cabin which will draw any fumes into the car from the engine bay or boot. To remove - pull the seat squab up, remove the two screws holding the back in place, and lift the seat back upwards to remove. There are two screws...
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    A little thread for funny car memes

    I've knitted some lug warmers which I wear all through the winter - mmmmm snuggly lugs ;)
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    I meant to do another post and advertise it again. The link doesn't work because the letter 'I'...

    I meant to do another post and advertise it again. The link doesn't work because the letter 'I' has joined the end of it.
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    On Ebay...

    I actually saw this, or one very much like it down at Gaydon. Not quite sure what I think of it to be honest, but you can't ignore it :)
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    And now for some happy news!

    Nice one Rob, great stuff :)