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    Hollandia sunroof (sliding steel)

    I was offered one for £65 a while ago, but turned it down as I had nowhere to keep it and also I couldn't really afford it. Wish it was still on offer for that now :hmm:
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    Hollandia sunroof (sliding steel)

    If Peter doesn't want it, give me a shout Chris :)
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    Fuel pump feed.

    I agree with Colin. I have had a short in the wires to the reverse light switch recently and it blew the fuse which left me with no gauges, brake lights, reverse lights or indicators. It would have left you with no fuel pump either.
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    1968 2000 TC Restoration Project

    Little end seizure? Choke sticking on, overfueling and removing oil film, something got in there and damaged the bore, and then the skirt. What did the bore look like?
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    Hello from me !!!!!

    Welcome to the forum, loads of knowledge on here but we do like pictures of your vehicle :) What engine is it?
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    P6B S Project Car

    When I bought mine I was told the LT77 had been rebuilt by a specialist but it was full of something EP thick n gooey. I had to drain it, wash it out with a mixture of Redline MTL and white spirit, then drain again and leave it overnight, then refill with Redline MTL. Smooth as silk now but...
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    winguard door mirror,

    I've moved this to the 'Wanted' section for you
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    Pre-engaged starter motor wiring.

    When I got my car the electrical system was so bad, I just had to call him Sparky.
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    Storing an engine for a while – what do I need to do to protect it?

    And you'll have the only one there is around
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    Australian Camshaft questions.

    A standard P6B is around 3,000 at 70mph. That's with 185/80 R14 tyres and a 3.08 diff ratio.
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    Australian Camshaft questions.

    By my very basic reckoning, 70mph will be around 4,300rpm. Should have some 'pick up' :cool:
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    Will 4.0/4.6 heads fit on a 3.5?

    With your 8.31 (or 9.75) engine which may or may not had its heads skimmed, and may or may not have its block skimmed, there really isn't a way of telling until you delve into a bit more. Does it have rocker shims now, or more importantly does it need them? I have used adjustable pushrods on...
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    Australian Camshaft questions.

    There are many different cams available for the Rover V8 and they are designed to suit the many different specs of the engine. If you're rebuilding your two tonne Rangey which you use to pull redwood stumps out with, you don't want to fit a cam suited to a TVR. I believe the ETC6850 was...
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    Will 4.0/4.6 heads fit on a 3.5?

    Yes, but I would still check the CR before doing anything else, just so you know what you're doing and what you need to do to get to your desired CR.
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    Will 4.0/4.6 heads fit on a 3.5?

    As the engine was originally 8.31:1 and is now apparently (or possibly) 9.75:1, I would measure it first to ensure you know what CR you'll end up with.