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    series 1 front bagde mounting

    Makes sense that the tabs are on the outside and are used to align the two halves of the grill. I'll try again
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    series 1 front bagde mounting

    So the bottom set of tanges are suppose to be on the inside of the grill ?
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    series 1 front bagde mounting

    My front badge has always been a bit loose on the grill. Took a look at an original old TC body the other day and it had the badge mounted as per the attached photo. Mine does not seem to want to fit like that. How should the mount?
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    Fitting an in line fuel filter

    Thanks forthe feedback all. I have found a supplier of Fuel compatible nylon hose here in Aus. They supply fittings as well so it looks like I'm in business. Found this reference useful however I'm not sure if it goes down far enough Fitting Size Chart - Aeroflow Performance
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    Fitting an in line fuel filter

    Thinking about installing an in line fuel filter between the reserve tap and the mechanical fuel pump on my SC. Was wondering if anyone knows the male thread on the reserve tap? I'm planning to put a barb on it
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    Strip Speedo failure, where to start?

    I recently noticed a 'whering/spinning' noise that seemed to be coming from behind the dash at low speed /when changing from D2 to N (Series 1 SC Auto) and now, the strip speedo has now stopped working. Am I just best off checking both angle drives and the cable or should I go straight for the...
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    SC Exhaust note

    Hi all, I've finally got down to where the tinkling noise on acceleration was priority. Although it looked fine from the outside, I changed the resonator and its made a huge change to the driving experience. Not only has the tinkling gone but the car is wisper quiete at speed (except for the...
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    Head gaskets where to buy etc

    I've found Mark Gray (MGBD Parts), Wins or Wadhams all know what they are doing and give sound advice. Make sure you specify your engine number as there are two different gaskets (depending on age). How's your passenger side, side plate? If its corroded it might be a good time to consider...
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    Replacing Plastic Fuel Lines with Rubber

    Yesterday's drive was disrupted by fuel issues. TWith over 1/2 tank of fuel the level in the bowl on my mechanical pump was barely covering the screen and dropping low causing the car to splutter and cut out a few times. Would restart straight away but do it a few minutes later. Also seemed...
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    Ignition timing scatter

    I currently have the distributor for my SC Auto away getting checked out and regraphed. It has an accuspark electronic ignition that I installed a little while back that tey say is working fine. Although I have got it back yet (next week) they indicated that the main problems were (in order)...
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    Valve Clearance Criticality

    I guess taking one of the middle bolts out to measure and then reinstalling it (slightly under tensioned) is low risk, in terms of damaging the head and/or gasket
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    Valve Clearance Criticality

    Thanks for all the advice. Does anyone have an old head stud they could measure up (or know the shaft diameter off hand) so I can make up a set of spacers?
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    Valve Clearance Criticality

    Also looks like I'll need to work out how to set the cam timing!!
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    Valve Clearance Criticality

    Thanks Harvey, I think I will do them myself to ensure they are done correctly. I will lean on the shop to make up the spacers and sort out the shims but will do all the work myself. Do you know what the diameter of the head stud is. If I can find this out I can measure the required length/s...