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    Lt77 conversion requirements

    none, you doing the same thing two different ways
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    Electric fan: any recommendations?

    we have fitted numerous uprated rads to P5B and P6, we usually find if the OE fan is still fitted we have a problem getting the coolant hot enough to test to see if an electric fan is working
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    LT77 prefix 'CL' fitment

    cant think of any, you will need to change the clutch fork pivot as v8's have a different length
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    penguins p6 3500

    yes, infact was was what endeared the car to me in the first place i liked the power steering, which is slightly odd as generally i dont, and the first thing i remove from race cars!
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    penguins p6 3500

    i actually liked the original leather bound steering wheel in my car, but i didnt like using it! my everyday road car has a nice thick well padded very tactile steering wheel, by comparison it felt like i was steering the P6 with a hula hoop! so ive been searching for something aftermarket in a...
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    Valve lift after cylinder head rebuild

    if the cam is the same, then you cant of done anything to increase valve lift over standard, so it should be ok now
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    Removing 1974 Starter Motor from V8

    colin is correct, although theres a chance the fault is a bad connection where the main power cable comes through the floor under the drivers feet
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    Here's one for the experts.....inconsistent oil readings?

    sadly just because an engine has only done 30K doesnt mean its not dirty internally
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    Here's one for the experts.....inconsistent oil readings?

    if the engine is very dirty internally a considerable amount of oil could be trapped in the heads and valley area which eventually finds its way back to the sump
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    Wanted: Minilite, Vitesse or Rostyle alloys

    maybe, i know of unmodifed cars with them that have no clearance issues
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    Are there any reasons you wouldn't install an oil catch can on a carburettor'd 3.5?

    the worst thats going to happen is it wont breath well enough through the rockers and will be more prone to leaking oil, but seeing as that breather is pretty small by the time its got its filter and pipework attached i dont think it will much much if any difference
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    borg warner 35 weak reverse and no top gear.

    im no auto gearbox expert, but m my experience the sumps nearly always look like that, even on gearboxes that are functioning just fine!
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    penguins p6 3500

    i had noticed a fair bit more drive train "shunt" under throttle on/off off/on conditions since we swapped the gearbox, not surprising i suppose! to day i found the cause(s) the front diff mount was pretty shot, i replaced that with a much better one, and took a leaf out of something we used to...
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    penguins p6 3500

    time for an update, its pretty much back together, my DIY paintwork is ok, it looks good until you look hard, there are too many small dinks and imperfections to call it really good, but its clean and shiny and there are no rusty panels on the car, i ended up fitting a new front and rear wing...
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    rover 2000 tc

    the second one i have has had a repair, but its in much better shape, for that i would need £120 plus whatever the postage costs