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    Future of the forum

    Sorry to hear about your Heath problems and wish you all the best mate .... I don’t comment on here much but has been an invaluable source of information in my restoration..... and long may it continue ... I’m not to savvy with website maintenance and stuff sadly ... I hope between the members...
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    V8 power steering idler

    Hi all require a steering idler for my ol P6 .... interested in good second hand unit or refurbed what ever really Thanks
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    Lt77 conversion requirements

    No just the standard flywheel fitted ..... definitely prefer the drive with the 5 speed over the 4
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    Lt77 conversion requirements

    Ok so it goes further down ... good idea ... il do that I think I’ve a few spare cables to try it on .... any idea how much a recal on the speed is as I’ve read on here you had yours done Thanks again Harvey
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    Lt77 conversion requirements

    I have put a thick washer between the cable and the gearbox and used the original 4 speed clamp at the moment ....but wanted a more permanent solution , which flange did you enlarge? Thanks
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    Lt77 conversion requirements

    Finally went for a drive in the 5 speed today very impressed with how it’s transformed the drive , very smooth .... I need to get a speedo cable made up from speedy cables and then get my speedo head recalibrated.... does anyone know what fixings are used on the cable ends ..... is the head...
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    Lt77 conversion requirements

    Bringing this thread back from the dead ..... I have fitted the rebuilt box to my car this weekend ,does anyone know what oil is best to run in it ? The sd1 manual says 75/90 I see on most websites people run atf... Thanks
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    Lt77 suffix d rear mainshaft bearing

    hi all I’ve bought a rebuild kit from Ashcroft transmissions and they can supply the rear mainshaft bearing as it’s 2wd and they do 4wd , does anyone know the bearing number , or have a part number so I can get one from my local supplier , I was hoping to do it all in one hit so didn’t wanna...
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    Front pipe for v8s

    hi I’m after a good second hand y front pipe from a 3500s if anyone had one Many thanks
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    Brake caliper seals

    Stolen from another thread
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    Brake caliper seals

    hi does anyone know how the two parts of the girling front caliper seals ? I’ve looked in my old book but it doesn’t list a seal for the caliper body , it looks like I have a very small leak from the joint. Wanted to buy a comprehensive rebuild kit before I completely strip them down
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    Alternator alternatives

    hi all my alternator is noisey I’ve replaced the bearings it’s an 11ac unit the track that the brushes contact is dented an I believe that’s the source of the noise , what’s involved in swapping for a more modern unit , I’ve seen a few for sale but I’ve heard that it needs to be re wired ? Any...
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    Clutch master location for conversion

    Sorry it’s now fitted to the car I’m afraid , I called wins in the end I had two pedal boxes one complete but rotten then I managed to get and incomplete but solid one from jeff at wins , give them a call , I just kept pinging him an email once every few weeks until he had one , he will know...
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    Potential P6 Owner

    Welcome , this is the best car forum I’ve ever been on , with lots of priceless expirence and knolage it’s the best place to come to when your at you wits end and a gallon of petrol and a match seem the only answer !
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    Lt77 conversion requirements

    I’ve got a suffix c box and a suffix d box which one would be best suited to rebuild? Are the parts interchangeable ? Thanks